Sam, Caleb and C.J. were called to the stage first to hear the results of America's vote.

The judges looked fierce and ready to face yet another contestant elimination on Thursday.

Sam Woolf was the first contestant named safe.

America's vote decided who was in the Top 5! The six remaining contestants all battled it out on Wednesday in the hope to earn one of the coveted spots, but someone didn't make it through!

We got a peek at what hunky judge Harry Connick, Jr. would look like with blonde hair!

That put C.J. Harris in the bottom two for yet another week. What would the final results reveal?

Jena Irene's solid performances easily earned her a spot in the next round of the competition.

Caleb Johnson sailed into the next round of the competition.

America has spoken and now Alex, Caleb, C.J. Jena, Jessica and Sam have to face the music!

In the blink of an eye IDOL™ went down to only five contestants. Each week we'll be forced to say goodbye to a talented performer until we reach the finale! Tune in Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX to watch them square off for a shot at the title!

Alex Preston's superior artistry earned him a spot in the next round.

Jessica Meuse joined her fellow Alabama native in the bottom two for the night. One person would definitely be returning to the Southern state after Thursday's show.

C.J. performed "Can't You See" by the Marshall Tucker band for his final performance.

Though visibly shaken from his elimination, C.J. Harris still delivered the emotionally charged performance that America has come to expect from him week after week.

Ryan quickly revealed that C.J. Harris received the lowest number of votes and was eliminated from the competition.

Keith started out Jena's criticism saying, "You're everything that Idol has always been about," adding that it's been a pleasure watching her journey. Jennifer said she lost herself in the song and thought the performance was "very, very beautiful." Harry had the only criticism saying, "It didn't work for me," but adding that he didn't think that it mattered tonight.

C.J. looked easy and comfortable on stage during his performance of "Whatever It Is," but will that be enough to earn him a spot in the next round?

That does it for the Top 6 performance show. How would America's votes fall? Only time will tell, but you can find out Thursday at 9/8c on FOX!

Harry gave Alex some unique praise after his performance saying, "I feel very lucky to have heard that," adding that Alex had performed the song "beautifully." Keith stated that while he likes Alex's "strong style," that he wanted to feel more heartbreak during the performance. Jennifer said that his rendition was "very beautiful," and that the performance as the "perfect balance" of Alex and the original.

C.J. Harris performed "Whatever It Is" by the Zac Brown Band for his country effort.

The judges were a little harsh with C.J. after his performance of "Whatever It Is." Jennifer said she "expected a tiny bit more." Harry added that it "wasn't your best performance" and urged C.J. to make better song choices. Keith said it perfectly with "I think you have more to offer than that, C.J." When given a chance to respond C.J. dedicated the song to a young girl who had recently passed away in his hometown.

Harry thought Jessica's performance of "Jolene" was "strong." While Keith thought that Jessica sounded great he added that he "hated the arrangement," preferring Dolly's original. Jennifer thought that Jessica did a "good job."

Jessica's rendition of "Jolene" was slightly edgier than the original, but the crowd seemed to really love it and Jessica was definitely delivering the goods during the performance.

Country gal Jessica Meuse took on Dolly Parton's classic, "Jolene."

Jena Irene also took on a Carrie Underwood hit for her country song performing "So Small."

Jena took a quieter tack to the hit by the Season 4 IDOL™ winner, performing it mostly stationary and just delivering the goods, vocally.

Alex gave a unique and heartbreaking performance that completely quieted the crowd during his performance.

Alex Preston took on Willie Nelson's heartbreaking song "Always On My Mind" for his second song of the night.

Sam took on Shania Twain's hit "You're Still The One" for his country song.

Jessica Meuse closed out round one with "Somebody To Love" by Jefferson Airplane.

The judges were generally pleased with Jessica's performance. Harry called the effort "really strong," and said she did a "nice job." Keith said the performance was "vocally strong," but he'd like to see a little more release from her. Jennifer echoed Keith's criticism saying that when someone has such a powerful voice as Jessica does that the audience wants the energy of the performer's body to match!

The young ladies in the audience were swaying with emotion all dreaming that Sam was singing to them and he was! Sam definitely was making eyes at several ladies in the audience. Way to take Harry's advice, Sam!

Jennifer thought that Caleb did "a great job" with the song, but thought it wasn't as strong as his first performance of the night. Harry echoed Jennifer's critique saying that the performance felt a "little bit forced," even though it was still extremely strong. Keith got in a cheeky comment with, "I thought it was great. I can't wait to hear what country song you'll sing later."

Keith got a fair amount of boos from the crowd with his criticism of Alex's performance saying, "I just wanted you to release a bit more." While Jennifer liked Alex's effort, she did say she thought there was "a little bit something missing." Harry thought it wasn't Alex's best performance, but was pleased to hear the him perform a song that was more upbeat.

Caleb definitely added some rock to the Season 4 winner's country hit, "Undo It." He added so much rock, in fact that the song didn't sound one bit country at all!

They say in showbiz to never work with children or animals. But how can you say no to the most famous celebrity cat ever? Grumpy Cat paid a visit the IDOL™ stage, but didn't look too impressed with the Top 6.

The crowd was maybe the loudest they've been all season after Caleb's rockin' performance. "That was some real Rock 'N' Roll stuff right there," said Jennifer Lopez. Harry said that when you pair "perfect song choice" with an "incredible performance," that you're "virtually impossible to beat." Keith praised Caleb's poise during the performance.

Alex's rendition of "Animal" was a little more upbeat that what we've seen from him in weeks past.

The judges and the crowd went wild during Caleb's performance when he slipped on stage and was forced to catch the microphone while singing in key and perfectly on beat. That's Rock N' Roll baby!

Keith thought Sam had a good performance, but urged the singer to "relax more." "You're so cute it's crazy," said Jennifer Lopez adding that she thought it was a good song choice. Harry praised Sam's growth during the season, but urged him to not sing so perfectly.

Jessica got the crowd going with a vocally strong performance and even a few well-placed dance moves.

Caleb Johnson sent hearts a flutter everywhere when he performed "Sting Me" by the Black Crowes.

It would be hard for Caleb to top his rock performance or the appearance of Grumpy Cat, but he definitely gave it shot with his rendition of Carrie Underwood's "Undo It."

Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, C.J. Harris, Jena Irene, Jessica Meuse, and Sam Woolf. Only one will walk away with an INSANE recording contract and a jump-start on a huge career.

Sam Woolf took on the hot band Imagine Dragon's hit, "It's Time."

The young star got the crowd going and certainly rocked out with the band on stage.

The crowd was going wild before the show even began at the Top 6 performance show. Would the Idols give them the show they were clamoring for? Each contestant had two opportunities to prove their worth the the viewing public.

With Rickey Minor and the band on stage for the night's performances, Ryan Seacrest had a little trouble reaching the front of the stage which prompted a little jam session. Let's just say Ryan should not audition for AMERICAN IDOL®.

C.J. definitely looked the part of rock star with his gold leather jacket, but did he pull off the iconic song?

Keith said it was "a great way to start the show" and that Jena set the bar "high." Jennifer said she has "a real chance" at getting to the finale. "I was so happy" said Harry "to hear you sing that song." All three judges gave her the advice to "release" more in her performances.

Sam performed with his guitar and looked completely at home on stage. He even got the crowd going with a steady hand clap!

Alabama native C.J. Harris then took to the stage to perform the sing-along classic "American Woman" by The Guess Who.

Sam, who just celebrated his 18th birthday, got great feedback from the judges after his performance of "It's Time." "I got the goosies on that one," exclaimed Jennifer after the performance. She went on to say that she felt that Sam came into his own during that performance. Harry that it was a perfect song choice for Sam and Keith urged Sam to tap into his emotions more.

Jena Irene opened the show performing Heart's iconic "Barracuda."

Harry thought C.J.'s effort was "a good performance," but urged him to work on his intonation. Keith told C.J. that in order to sing that song he needed to tap into some anger even if he's not the kind of guy who would sing a song like that. Jennifer thought that though C.J. was shaky in the beginning, but he eventually pulled it off.

We're down to the wire here at AMERICAN IDOL®. Only six contestants remain and they're pulling out all the stops to make sure they continue on in the competition.

Alex Preston chose to perform "Animal" by Neon Trees for his Rock N' Roll song choice.

Up and coming boy band R5 was in the audience to watch the Top 6 battle it out!

Sam, Caleb and C.J. were called to the stage first to hear the results of America's vote.