Jena Irene and Alex Preston.

Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson.

Jena Irene.

Alex and Caleb.

Alex Preston.

Caleb Johnson.

Jena Irene.

Caleb Johnson.

Caleb Johnson.

Jena Irene.

Alex Preston.

The Top 3.

Alex Preston.

Caleb Johnson.

Jena Irene.

Alex Preston.

Jessica was visibly moved by her elimination.

Ryan revealed that Caleb made it to the Top 3.

It was hard to say goodbye to Jessica, but that also means we're only 2 weeks away from the Season XIII finale! Tune in next week to find out how the Top 3 were greeted on their hometown visits and to watch them battle it out for the IDOL™ crown!

Alex will be returning home to Mont Vernon, NH a celebrity!

That meant that Slapout, AL native Jessica Meuse was eliminated from the competition.

She chose to perform her original song, "Blue Eyed Lie" for her farewell performance.

Alex was the third and final member of the Top 3.

Caleb be visiting his hometown of Asheville, NC.

Jena Irene made it to the Top 3!

This is it! Tonight the Top 3 were announced. Three lucky contestants would return home for a hero's welcome.

Before we got down to the more serious business of eliminations, Ryan surprised Harry with beignets from his home city of New Orleans.

Randy Jackson weighed in on the performances from the night before.

The judges took the time to weigh in on the gravity of Thursday's cut. Keith was nervous and Jennifer realized this point is a major turning point in the competition.

All the contestants want to make it to the next round to secure their hometown visits, but only three will make the cut.

Jena will be returning a hero to her hometown of Farmington Hills, MI!

Thursday night the Top 4 will become the Top 3 putting them one week closer to the finale and the IDOL™ crown. The three surviving contestants revealed tomorrow will leave on hometown visits where they'll be greeted as conquering heroes in their hometowns. Don't miss the show at 9/8c on FOX!

"You needed that tonight," said Harry of Alex's performance. Keith praised Alex's "poetic vulnerability" and said the song choice was perfect. Jennifer summed it up quickly saying, "Perfect song, you sang it beautifully."

Caleb lead the charge again for the Makeup song portion of the night performing "Baby I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney. He's single, ladies. Go get him!

Jessica dedicated "You And I" by Lady Gaga to an unknown person. With a voice like that we hope he knows who he is!

Alex Preston closed the show performing Coldplay's hit, "Yellow."

Keith thought it was a "perfect song" for Jessica and Jennifer Lopez heartedly agreed. Harry loved that Jessica came out "swinging'" and said that she "killed" the performance. Nice job, Jess!

Jena chose "I Can't Hope Falling In Love" by Elvis Presley for her makeup song. She gave a chilling performance that she dedicated to her Mother in honor of Mother's Day.

Jennifer Lopez was so moved by Jena's performance that she got up and kissed Jena after the performance. "Honestly, I could cry right now," said the superstar judge. "That took such courage," said Harry Connick, Jr. "to perform that song in that way. It was incredible." Keith had the most interesting response saying "You're like a musical platypus. That was spell-binding."

"It was so nice to hear you sing softly," said Harry. "That was absolutely phenomenal." Keith thought his performance was "killer." Jennifer gave Caleb the most praise saying, "You singing that was probably your best performance since the beginning."

Alex dedicated "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz to his girlfriend back home. He went on to add that Jason Mraz has been very supportive of him. We're glad he gave the girlfriend top billing.

Jennifer said while she loves Alex, she's worried about him in the competition. She urged him to "surprise us in some way," with his next performance. Harry lamented that Alex's performance wasn't the original we've come to expect from him, while Keith praised his effort in the last eight bars of the song.

The judges all agreed that Jessica has an amazing talent, but the song wasn't the best choice for her. "Those two songs weren't the best for you," said Harry. "I'm hoping on the third song," said Jennifer Lopez.

"I liked that you changed the melody for the chorus," said Keith Urban after her performance. While Jennifer disagreed with Keith she said "You're such a force to be reckoned with in this competition." Harry kept the critique simple saying, "Nice job. Really, really strong."

Jessica dedicated Pink's classic "So What" to all the haters in her life who told her she'd never make it in the music industry. She even sported a hat emblazoned with Meuse's Mafia, the name of her fan club.

Jena Irene was "fixing to rage" she said before her dedication performance of "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. Would her performance live up to that claim?

The judges gave mixed feedback to Jessica's performance. Jennifer thought the song wasn't an "easy song to sing," but it also wasn't the best song choice for Jessica's voice. Harry agreed that it was not her best performance and Keith wants to she her "pull out all the stops" during her performances.

Jessica performed Kelly Clarkson's hit "Since U Been Gone" as her breakup song.

Harry "liked the performance very much," but Keith wanted Alex to take more "command" of the phrasing during his performances. "You're so unique," said Jennifer Lopez, adding she would like to see him try to create a moment each time he performs.

Alex performed what he called a "more broken down version" of the breakup song "Too Close" by Alex Clare.

While Keith thought Jena was vocally amazing, he said her "moves weren't rooted in the music." Jennifer disagreed saying, "I actually really loved it." Harry praised Jena's vocals as well, but wished the emotion of her performance was "fueled by the feeling" behind the song.

The Top 4 performed three songs each this week all in dedication to love! Round one was a break-up song, round two was a dedication song and round three was a make-up song. With only two weeks until the finale the contestants would have to pull out all of the stops!

Jennifer demonstrated the catwalk to Jena Irene showing her how to make her stage moves even more powerful!

Jena performed Pat Benatar's classic "Heartbreaker" as her breakup song giving heartbreak some major edge!

We moved to the dedication song portion of the night. Caleb took to the stage to perform "Travelin' Band" by Creedence Clearwater Revival which he dedicated to his original band now in Nashville, TN.

"Caleb, What can we say," said Jennifer Lopez. "That's so in your wheelhouse." "Great job, it was fantastic," said Harry. Keith echoed his fellow judges' sentiments saying, "It was cool man, excellent."

Ryan opened the show sporting a little bit of a unique look. The normally clean-shaven host showed off his stubble and donned an opened collared shirt! It's a new era in AMERICAN IDOL® history.

Caleb performed "You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi for his breakup song performance.

Keith thought Caleb's performance was "Killer, man." Jennifer said she always feels like she's at "a rock concert" when she listens to his performances. Harry said the performance was "fantastic" and a great way to start the show.

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