While contestants practiced, their family members perfected their support signs.

The crowd went wild as the first auditioners were called in to see the judges.

While some hopefuls sang in the holding room, others danced.

Music was everywhere at auditions in San Francisco.

Contestants and family members got in the groove in the holding room in Austin.

Ready to audition? The first thing you need to do is get a number!

Auditioners were glad to have their loved ones with them at auditions in San Francisco.

Contestants were interviewed about their hopes and fears while they waited to see the judges in Austin.

Some guitarists got together in the holding room for an impromptu sing-along.

Some contestants stood out in the crowd wearing bright sequins!

It's important to bring friends and family to support you at IDOL™ auditions.

A cameraman captures contestants waiting in line at austin auditions.

He's ready for his shot at stardom.

Austin is known for its music scene so it's not surprising that there were a fair amount of guitarists auditioning.

Gaddy Basil Foster is RIPPED...and not wearing much clothing (and it's cold in San Francisco during the summer!). Jennifer tried to hide her giggles and Harry stayed pretty quiet for Harry, so Keith delivered the bad news.

After a beastly celebration from Harry Connick Jr., we learned that 19 singers from San Francisco and 14 from Austin are headed to Hollywood. In total, we have 79 Hollywood-bound singers from 3 cities. Now rev up your engine, because we're going to Detroit on Wednesday for auditions from the home of Motown.

Twins Selena and Sierra Moreno look like they have the best time together. They entered the audition room together but sang separately. The girls took on completely different artists - Selena performed a Janis Joplin song, and Sierra performed a Beyonce song. Keith mentioned that Selena's voice and Sierra's stage presence hooked him. Ultimately, Selena went through to Hollywood and Sierra went home.

Adam Roth is like a human digeridoo. The 28-year-old "Sound Healer" doesn't wear shoes and walks on public streets and American Idol stages. Although he has a booming deep voice that radiates through the body, when he sang "Hallelujah" for his audition, it was much higher and sounded pretty and sweet. It touched a different chakra than his booming sounds. Keith said his voice is beautiful but he uses it schizophrenically. Adam explained that he's just trying really hard because this is so important to him. Dr. No turned him down, Jennifer said yes, and Adam's sound therapy caused Keith to hand him the final ticket of the day.

Rico Perkins and Aranesa Turner infused two Willy Wonka songs with their unique vocal stylings, and they were both awarded with a "golden ticket." Sweet! We're hoping to hear more from them and learn more about them in Hollywood.

David Luning looks like an artist who'd perform at Coachella. The 26-year-old produced an original song on his acoustic guitar. The judges all thought David is interesting and is a great singer-songwriter, but they're wondering how he'd hold up with all the big vocalists in Hollywood. They decided he's good enough for Hollywood! Let's hope his family continues to follow him in their matching "David Luning" shirts.

Briana Oakley is back for another try. She got sent home during Hollywood Week last year, and although she was crushed, she's back and confident. Briana is very young but very mature, and her Sara Bareilles song showed range and control. Jennifer compared Briana to Jordin Sparks (whose middle name is Brianna). With "six yeses," Briana is going back to Hollywood!

Caitlin Johnson is 15, but she definitely doesn't look it. She lives on a 46-acre ranch! Her performance of "Something's Got A Hold On Me" made the judges hesitate on whether or not to send her though. Keith was a for sure yes, Harry was a no, and Jennifer thought it over and gave her a yes. We'll see you in Hollywood, Caitlin! Just don't expect property in L.A. to reside on 46-acres of open land.

Ronald Reed has big dreams and visions for world peace, but his energy is anything but peaceful. This enthusiastic singer is all hyped up about this experience and meeting Jennifer Lopez, but then he slowed it down and sat on a stool as he performed an original song - "For You" - on his guitar. His voice was so soft and his guitar was so loud, you could barely hear him. He shrieked and cried when Jennifer Lopez called him a sweetie, but his eyes bugged out when Jennifer started to deliver bad news. He was devastated and collapsed on the floor, but his family lifted him up. Ryan consoled Ronald by hanging onto his hand (which had very torn cuticles).

The next stop on the American Idol XIII auditions tour brought us to San Francisco, where we met Rachel Rolleri. This high school student from Danville is getting some playful pressure from her mom to make it far so that momma can meet Keith Urban. Rachel played the guitar as she sang Sugarland's "Stay." She seemed to connect to the song and convey the right emotion even though she's young. The judges loved her, but also offered her good advice. She received three yeses, getting mom one step closer to her crush.

Emmanuel Zidor entered the room on his hands and knees singing. That's one way to make an entrance! He can actually sing, and gave renditions of a Beyonce song and a Whitney Houston song, which impressed the three divas on our panel. After some positive feedback, Emmanuel executed a bald hair-flip. His school music teacher may have doubted he'd ever end up on Idol, but our three smart and talented judges sent Emmanuel on to the next round in the competition.

Athena Williford, Remi Wolf, and MK Nobilette are very different singers and showed the kind of diversity we have this season. All three were talented enough to make it to Hollywood.

We circle back to John Fox's performance. Remember him from an hour ago? His delivery of the Bob Dylan song was so pretty because he didn't overdo it. It was just an honest delivery without any vocal gymnastics. The suspense is over...John received a ticket to Hollywood. Hopefully he brings his adorable parents with him.

Samuel Ramsey gave a "jazzy" version of "I Want You Back." Harry schooled Samuel on what the word jazzy actually means. Samuel wasn't that bad, but he's not going to Hollywood.

Taylor Stearn, like Taylor Swift, has curly blond hair and plays the guitar while singing with just a slight hint of a country twang. She, and several other contestants, were shown getting a ticket to Hollywood. The Live Music Capital is putting out talent!

LJ Hernandez is a farmer who held an impressively long and loud note during his delivery of Edwin McCain's "I'll Be," but that was the only thing impressive about his performance. He seems really nice and hopefully the kind words from the judges quiets his ex-fiance.

Ryan Seacrest hopped into The Chamber with a guy wearing suspenders, sunglasses indoors, and no shirt. This room shall now be known as The Chamber of Seacrest. The suspender-clad contestant got in front of the Season XIII judges and imitated (poorly) Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. He proceeded to tell some jokes, but the only thing that was really a joke is this guy. The contestant, who is going by "Rick Rowling," sang the Rick Astley Rickrolling song "Never Gonna Give You Up." "Harsh Harry" called Rick out for wasting an opportunity that people wait years for. Word!

It's risky to do a Carrie Underwood song on American Idol, because we're obviously going to compare it to the original. Megan Miller covered "Last Name" with her powerful voice. Although the judges were concerned about her voice holding up with such power, she's through to Hollywood with three yeses!

Marlon Lindsay has been in the Army for six years, so he couldn't audition for American Idol. He really connected with "A Change Is Gonna Come," and the "It's been a long time coming" lyrics were relevant to Marlon wanting to audition for Idol for 8 years. Now, Marlon is going from serving America to fighting for the American Idol title on stage.

Harry Connick Jr. thinks T.K. Hash is the spitting image of President Barack Obama. Although we don't really see it, we did appreciate T.K.'s impersonation, which was much more on par with Obama than his appearance. "Let me be clear"...T.K. is very handsome. Fall Out Boy isn't often covered on Idol, but T.K. took on their long song title, "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark." The performance was pretty strong, but the best part was Keith singing back-up with the "ups." Harry said T.K. isn't the greatest singer, but he meets the Idol checklist of qualities. With three "votes," T.K. is elected to receive a ticket to Hollywood.

McKenna Dennis put her own stamp on a Bruno Mars' song, and the judges agreed with America - who voted using #IdolHollywood or #IdolHome - McKenna's off to Hollywood.

It's hard to believe, but American Idol has been on the air so long that there is already a second generation of American Idol auditioners. Nikki McKibbin was Season 1's third place finalist, and her son auditioned for Idol this year! Little Tristen Langley is all grown up at 15 years old. He made his American Idol debut in 2002 when he gave his mom a rose on stage after her performance. Nikki stood in on his audition and mouthed the lyrics of "Santeria" as her son sang and strummed. "Dr. No," aka Harry, said Tristen isn't ready, but Jennifer and Keith want to see more of Tristen in Hollywood. Due to Tristen's age, he'll need his mom to accompany him on this journey, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of first-hand advice he gets along the way.

Austin Alvarez and Eric Wood are very different types of guys, but they share something in common...Hollywood-worthy voices! We're looking forward to seeing more pink spikes from Austin and hearing more about Eric's oil-working family in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez observed as quickly as we did how attractive Spencer Lloyd is. The Worship Leader performed "Never Gone" by Idol's own Colton Dixon, but he played it on the guitar instead of the piano. The judges thought he was good, but maybe not the best they've ever heard. His whole package was enough to give him three yeses, and women (and men) across America rejoiced! Spencer's family sure knows how to rejoice -- one guy picked up Ryan Seacrest, and the ladies' screams made Harry wonder if it was shrieks of horror or delight.

Grace Anne Field is a bubbly professional pianist who spoke enthusiastically with the judges. We had a good feeling about her...but then she sang. The judges observed that she was a little all over the place, nervous, and didn't have the whole package. We wish we got to hear her tickle the ivories!

Jesse Roach is a total rocker chick with a cool matte black guitar. A woman heard her singing in her garage, and that generous lady paid for her trip to Austin. Jennifer loved Jesse and her K.T. Oslin performance, Keith liked her soul, and Harry said her rasp didn't distract him. And just like that, Jesse was headed to Hollywood with three yeses. Hopefully she'll be able to pay her benefactor back after becoming a superstar!

Jamiah Malik is a 15-year-old who performed an original song that was a bit like a rap with a guitar. Quiandra Boston-Pearsall is his good friend who performed "Lay Em Down." Quiandra made it to Hollywood, but creative Jamiah is leaving empty handed. He said he's supporting Quiandra all the way. We have a feeling Jamiah will be back next year.

Steven Curd's music is the kind of stuff you want to hear at a beach bonfire. It's calming, yet sexy. Anna Melvin came in like a "Wrecking Ball" and knocked the judges away. Ryan Clark is a bearded bartender whose tone impressed the judges. We'll see more from Steven, Anna, and Ryan in Hollywood!

It was September 25, 2013 in Austin, TX...and "one more life is about to change." We heard John Fox sing a snippet of "To Make You Feel My Love," but we don't get the results. Instead, we get a quick glimpse of Idol hopefuls across the nation.

Remi Wolf

Caylie Gregorio

Sadie Rose Van

Selena Moreno

Amber-Renee Dundee

Danielle Kalil

David Luning

Rico Perkins

Adam Roth

Aranesa Turner

Briana Oakley

Michelle Dimov

MK Nobilette

Emmanuel Zidor

Caleb Hartsfield

Athena Williford

Rachel Rolleri

Janel Tan

Caitlin Johnson

These young women made sure they were screaming the loudest!

The San Francisco auditioners got to take their IDOL™ shot at the home of the San Francisco Giants.

The IDOL™ team took a moment to hangout in the Giants dugout!

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This girl stood out with that bright red jacket.

She's ready for her shot at becoming the next superstar.

Even the littlest IDOL™ fans got in the groove!

The crowd got into the groove in San Francisco.

What do you look like when you scream at the top of your lungs?

IDOL™ signs! Who will make the best sign this season?

While contestants practiced, their family members perfected their support signs.