In the two years since Phillip Phillips was crowned the Season 11 winner, his career has skyrocketed. Everyone knows Phillip Phillips' songs including our judges who were singing along to the hits!

Sam Woolf started a performance of Phillip Phillips' "Home" only to joined by the star himself in the middle of the song.

Alex Preston, Jena Irene and Sam Woolf.

The Top 5!

Ryan revealed three yeses immediately! Maybe these close friends had chosen to stay together! However, it was not meant to be because the final two votes were no. Someone would be going home tonight.

The contestants were each given one vote. If the Top 5 decided to stay together for another week then no one would be eliminated. However, the save meant TWO contestants would be sent home next week and the votes had to be unanimous.

The votes would be anonymous, but the contestants chatted with each other about their likely decisions before they cast their official votes.

Ryan revealed that for the first time in IDOL™ history the contestants had all the power. The Top 5 themselves would decide if the person with the lowest amount of votes would go home.

The contestants huddled around Sam Woolf after his elimination. They may be consoling their friend this week, but come next week, another of them will be on the chopping block. Tune in Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX!

Sam Woolf performed Imagine Dragons' hit "It's Time" for his final IDOL™ performance.

Sam took his elimination in stride giving a solid performance to an emotional IDOL audience.

The final five discussed how much they loved America's song choices for them. The consensus was that this week was going to be a really tight competition.

After the vote was revealed, Ryan wasted no time in revealing that Sam Woolf had received the lowest number of votes and would be leaving the competition.

Sam Woolf was thoughtful at the Top 6 results show.

The Top 6 were ready to go and hear the results of America's vote!

The Top 5 performance show came to a close with the knowledge that another one of these supremely talented artists will be leaving the show Thursday. Tune in at 9/8c on FOX to see how it all goes down!

Sam Woolf performed "How To Save A Life" by The Fray for his second performance of the night.

Jennifer Lopez thought Sam's performance was shaky in the beginning, but "became perfect for you." Harry thought it was a "perfect song choice," but noticed there were pitch issues.

"How To Save Life" was a great song choice for Sam and he really hit his stride during the performance delivering a solid second performance.

Keith thought that Sam "did as good of a job" as he could with a "really tough song." Jennifer praised his performance saying, "I liked seeing you really relaxed and moving around." Harry thought it was really cool to see a different side to Sam!

Sam's goal after his mentor session with Jason Mraz was to "get funky with it" on stage and rock with America. Misson accomplished! He did a great job really connecting with the music and message.

Sam hit the stage next performing "Sing" by Ed Sheeran.

Jena Irene, Alex Preston and Sam Woolf teamed up to perform "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors.

The crowd went absolutely wild for this upbeat performance from the trio.

The Top 6 were in great spirits before the results show.

Best buddies Caleb Johnson and Sam Woolf share a hug backstage.

The Top 6 pose with Grumpy Cat!

The makeup artists work hard to make sure the contestants look their best!

The Top 6 hung out before Wednesday's show.

Sam Woolf and Alex Preston jam backstage.

Your Top 5!

Sam Woolf

Sam Woolf

Sam, Caleb and C.J. were called to the stage first to hear the results of America's vote.

Sam Woolf was the first contestant named safe.

In the blink of an eye IDOL™ went down to only five contestants. Each week we'll be forced to say goodbye to a talented performer until we reach the finale! Tune in Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX to watch them square off for a shot at the title!

That does it for the Top 6 performance show. How would America's votes fall? Only time will tell, but you can find out Thursday at 9/8c on FOX!

Sam took on Shania Twain's hit "You're Still The One" for his country song.

The young ladies in the audience were swaying with emotion all dreaming that Sam was singing to them and he was! Sam definitely was making eyes at several ladies in the audience. Way to take Harry's advice, Sam!

Keith thought Sam had a good performance, but urged the singer to "relax more." "You're so cute it's crazy," said Jennifer Lopez adding that she thought it was a good song choice. Harry praised Sam's growth during the season, but urged him to not sing so perfectly.

Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, C.J. Harris, Jena Irene, Jessica Meuse, and Sam Woolf. Only one will walk away with an INSANE recording contract and a jump-start on a huge career.

Sam Woolf took on the hot band Imagine Dragon's hit, "It's Time."

Sam performed with his guitar and looked completely at home on stage. He even got the crowd going with a steady hand clap!

Sam, who just celebrated his 18th birthday, got great feedback from the judges after his performance of "It's Time." "I got the goosies on that one," exclaimed Jennifer after the performance. She went on to say that she felt that Sam came into his own during that performance. Harry that it was a perfect song choice for Sam and Keith urged Sam to tap into his emotions more.

Sam, Alex, C.J. and Jessica walked the press line after the show.

Sam Woolf wore a huge smile on his face after the show.

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf wore big smiles on their faces while rehearsing their duet.

The Top 7 took a moment for thought before the Top 7 performance show.

The Top 7 showed off their silly sides backstage at AMERICAN IDOL®.

Sam Woolf and Alex Preston hang out backstage.

Even guys like Sam Woolf need a little makeup before nationally televised shows!

The Top 6!

Sam Woolf

Sam Woolf

Caleb, Sam, Jessica and C.J. were then called to the stage to hear their results. Randy thought that C.J. did a "good job," but "wanted more" from his performance. He said it'd be interesting to see how the results panned out for Jessica and praised Sam's growth over the season. Caleb got the most praise from Randy who gave him a solid "A" for his performance.

Sam survived another week as well. His performance of "Sail Away" by David Gray easily earned him a spot in the next round.

The competitors made their choices! Who will remain in the competition? That would be decided by YOU! Tune in Thursday at 9/8c for a jam-packed results show!

Harry liked Sam's performance, but wasn't crazy about the song. "Familiarity is your friend," said Harry urging Sam to pick a well known song next time. Keith had simple feedback saying, "Keep doing what you're doing," and Jennifer thought he did "a great job."

Jessica Meuse chose "Sail Away" by David Gray for fan-favorite Sam Woolf. Jessica says she picked the song because she thought it suited Sam's voice and he agreed.

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf teamed up to perform a duet they'd worked out on the couch during down time. They updated the arrangement of Passenger's "Let Her Go" and tested it online to great success so they thought they'd do it for the show.

The two guys staged the performance in a faux living room to give the performance some authenticity. The crowd was really jamming with the duo, but Harry thought it was a little "saccharine." Keith thought it was cute, but did say it was hard to critique the duets. Jennifer put the conversation to an end saying, "I think the girls loved it." Demi Lovato thought it had "good energy," but would have liked to see more!

Caleb, Sam and Jessica walk the press line after the show.

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf took their places on stage during rehearsals.

Sam Woolf gives one lucky fan a photo outside the stage.

The Top 8 pose for a photo before the performance show.

Sam Woolf

The Top 7!

Sam Woolf

The contestants rallied around Malaya to support her after the elimination.

Sam Woolf may have been saved by the judges the previous week, but he earned a spot in the Top 7 with his unique rendition of "Time After Time."

Sam, Malaya, Alex and Jena were called to the stage next for their results.

Sam Woolf had everything to prove this week after being saved by the judges. He chose to put his own spin on "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper. In rehearsals David Cook thought Sam's vocals were "money," but he urged the artist to "own the stage" and get out of his own way. Turns out Sam Woolf didn't even step foot on the stage until his performance was over. He sang the entire hit from the audience surrounded by his fans.

Keith loved that Sam "did that with the acoustic guitar, solo," adding that all Sam needs now is to loosen up more. Jennifer thought Sam did a great job and noted that she "felt" Sam trying to feel the performance. Harry praised Sam's progress week to week, but gave him permission to sing to the girls around him in the future.

Harry put Sam on the spot by asking him how he felt after last week's save. Sam took the opportunity to thank the judges and said he'd been practicing and focusing a lot more. Keith reached out to Alex saying he liked the way the contestants' voices blended together.

Alex and Sam then hit the stage in what can only be described as a smooth and jazzy vocal battle for a girl with a cover of Michael Jackson's "The Girl Is Mine." These two fellas sure had all the ladies in the audience wishing they were singing about them.

The Top 8 celebrated after the save.

The IDOL™ guys celebrated surviving another week.

Sam Woolf answered questions after the show.

Sam Woolf laughed easily during rehearsals.

Jena, Alex and Sam hang out backstage.

Your Top 8 is Back!

Sam Woolf

The judges looked stern during Sam's performance, but in the end decided to use their one save of the season on the teen heart-throb from Florida.

Malaya Watson, Sam Woolf and C.J. Harris were in the bottom three!

After the nationwide vote, Sam Woolf was revealed to have received the lowest number of votes and was in danger in elimination. He chose to perform "Babylon" by David Grey. He put his heart and soul into the performance, but would it be enough?

With strong performances from everyone, some will be safe, but others will be singing for the save! Chris Daughtry also returns for a special performance. It all starts THU 8/7c on FOX!

The duo's voices blended really well and the crowd really got into the performance! Malaya and Sam connected well during their performance and really played off each other.

Malaya and Sam teamed up to perform "Lucky" by Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz.

Sam Woolf was a "beautiful baby" with a "huge head" according to his grandparents. Their neighbors always knew when Sam was visiting because they'd hear him singing up and down the canals in Florida. Looking back at Sam's original audition of "Lego House" by Ed Sheeran the judges really responded to his amazing pitch. Sam sang the hit really quickly during his initial audition, but Wednesday he chose to slow the performance down. It was perhaps the most confident Sam Woolf has looked in the whole competition.

While Harry nothed that Sam's rendition of "Lego House" was the "best performance" he's done so far, he also gave Sam some practical advice. "When you hear all these young people scream acknowledge them. Pick someone and smile at them," he said.

It was back to the start as the Top 8 contestants took on their original audition songs live in front of America. We got a first hand look at how far all these talented performers have grown this season.

The Top 8 posed for a photo together on stage after Majesty Rose's elimination.

The IDOL™ guys rock out behind the scenes.

Alex and Sam had a little fun backstage before the show.

Sam, Majesty and Alex answered questions from reporters after the show.

Sam Woolf enjoyed a laugh on stage during rehearsals.

Your Top 8!

Sam Woolf

In the two years since Phillip Phillips was crowned the Season 11 winner, his career has skyrocketed. Everyone knows Phillip Phillips' songs including our judges who were singing along to the hits!