This will be Ryan's 14th season hosting AMERICAN IDOL. Time flies when you're having fun!

Jennifer and Ryan hug it out.

Ryan always helps to comfort friends and family who anxiously wait for the news.

The Kansas City crowd hangs out with Ryan.

Ryan gets to know an auditioner's story.

Ryan celebrates with Jermaine's friends and family because he got the golden ticket! All the action starts on JAN 7 at 8/7c on FOX!

Some hopefuls patiently wait with Ryan for their turn to shine in front of the judges.

Ryan shares an emotional moment with this hopeful.

Ryan likes to get involved in all aspects of the show.

Ryan gets a little "carried away" sometimes.

The race was too close to call between Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson! Who would take the IDOL crown?

Ryan performed "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx for his big IDOL finale performance. Ryan's first concert ever was Richard Marx bringing things full circle when star joined him for the performance.

Towards the end of the show the audience got a special treat when Ryan Seacrest took the stage for his first performance!

While we can't say Ryan's one of the greatest singers ever heard on the IDOL stage, we can say that his performance was fun! "I apologize" said Ryan of his performance.

After the energetic performance Ryan officially opened the show promising an "insane super-star roster" for the night's show!

With the ending of Caleb's performance the fate of our final two was firmly put into America's hands. The winner will be revealed Wednesday in a special finale show featuring performances from Demi Lovato, Darius Rucker, Phillip Phillips, John Legend, Paramore and KISS to name just a few!

"That's what you got to do!" Jennifer Lopez said, adding that Caleb should thank Mr. Simon Fuller for such a perfect song choice. Harry thought the performance was "phenomenal," and Keith said Caleb had him from the "opening phrase" of the song.

Before the second round Caleb and Jena poked fun by doing impressions of each other!

Before the battle commenced Caleb and Jena took a moment to reflect on the gravity of the moment. "This is absolutely incredible," said Caleb. "I never thought I would be at this stage in the competition," exclaimed Jena.

Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene faced off for the final time on Tuesday in an epic battle spanning three impressive rounds. The contestants faced the biggest stakes of the season. How would they measure up?

Ryan, Randy and our judges celebrate IDOL's 500th episode.

IDOL celebrates the 500th episode.

Finally at the end of the show we got down to the nitty gritty as Ryan Seacrest prepared to announce the Top 2!

Tune in to the AMERICAN IDOL® finale next week as Jena and Caleb duke it out in the finale on TUE and WED 8/7c on FOX!

With Caleb and Jena moving on to the finale that means we were forced to say goodbye to the talented Alex Preston.

Jena Irene was announced as the first contestant to compete in the finale!

Caleb Johnson got the other spot in the finale! He'll be competing with Jena for the IDOL™ crown!

Caleb, with his big little brother on stage next to him, got the rather incredible news that he'll be performing with the legendary band KISS at the finale! While Caleb looked thrilled at the news, his little brother was even more excited!

Caleb was the last contestant Ryan brought up. Caleb rocked his hometown visit just like he rocks the IDOL™ stage each week.

Alex got the best news when Ryan revealed that he'll sing with his own Idol and mentor from earlier this season, Jason Mraz, at the finale!

Ryan brought Jena on stage to watch the playback from her hometown visit the weekend before.

Ryan brought Alex up on stage to to watch the emotional footage from his hometown visit.

IDOL™ alumni Elliott Yamin and Danny Gokey were in the audience for the big Top 2 reveal!

Ryan opened the show with his new love, the puppy Georgia! Georgia was calm as a puppy can be looking out into the large IDOL™ audience.

This is it! Tonight is the night we learned who will be performing in the Season XIII finale! Alex, Caleb and Jena left it all out on the stage Wednesday night, but only two people would be moving on to the finale and a shot at the IDOL™ crown.

Ryan gave Jena a bit of a shock when he announced she'll be joining the band Paramore live on stage at the finale!

"Even better than the last time you sang it," exclaimed Harry after Jena's performance of "Creep." Keith remarked on Jena's "mind blowing" progress throughout the season and Jennifer called the performance "brilliant."

Keith commented on Caleb's superior vocals amidst vocal problems. "If ever there was a complete moment of miraculous healing that would've been it." Jennifer called the performance and "Idol moment," and Harry called the performance "absolutely fantastic."

Fresh off a whirlwind weekend of hometown visits, each contestant returned triumphant heroes. Now they're back and are ready to impress America. Caleb lost his voice over the weekend to bronchitis so he spoke little during the episode.

It's IDOL's 500th episode! We are also 1 week away from the Season XIII finale. The Top 3 contestants would step to the mic for the last time to try and earn their spot in the final show down.

Season 10 brought about a huge change to the judging panel! Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez joined the only remaining veteran judge, Randy Jackson.

Ellen DeGeneres joined the IDOL™ judging panel in Season 9.

Season 8 brought a new face to the judging panel: Kara DioGuardi.

Ryan Seacrest got the crowds going at hometown auditions during Season 5.

Ryan Seacrest greeted hopefuls during Season 3 hometown auditions.

Ryan Seacrest and contestant Kimberley Locke on stage during Season 2!

Ryan Seacrest asked the hard hitting questions before the performances.

Ryan Seacrest had a co-host Season 1. Remember Brian Dunkleman?

That meant that Slapout, AL native Jessica Meuse was eliminated from the competition.

This is it! Tonight the Top 3 were announced. Three lucky contestants would return home for a hero's welcome.

The judges gave mixed feedback to Jessica's performance. Jennifer thought the song wasn't an "easy song to sing," but it also wasn't the best song choice for Jessica's voice. Harry agreed that it was not her best performance and Keith wants to she her "pull out all the stops" during her performances.

Ryan opened the show sporting a little bit of a unique look. The normally clean-shaven host showed off his stubble and donned an opened collared shirt! It's a new era in AMERICAN IDOL® history.

Ryan revealed three yeses immediately! Maybe these close friends had chosen to stay together! However, it was not meant to be because the final two votes were no. Someone would be going home tonight.

Ryan revealed that for the first time in IDOL™ history the contestants had all the power. The Top 5 themselves would decide if the person with the lowest amount of votes would go home.

The Top 5 Results show started with a shocker when Ryan Seacrest introduced a new IDOL™ twist never seen on the show before! He promised an event that would knock the Top 5 off their feet!

The Top 5 performance show came to a close with the knowledge that another one of these supremely talented artists will be leaving the show Thursday. Tune in at 9/8c on FOX to see how it all goes down!

The duo really flirted with each other during their performance giving it an extra edge and a great round of applause from the judges and the audience.

First, the contestants revealed their celebrity crushes and Alex's crush, Zooey Deschanel, surprised him with a visit to open the show. We also learned that Jason Mraz was the guest mentor this week and helped the contestants mould their America's Request performances.

America's vote decided who was in the Top 5! The six remaining contestants all battled it out on Wednesday in the hope to earn one of the coveted spots, but someone didn't make it through!

In the blink of an eye IDOL™ went down to only five contestants. Each week we'll be forced to say goodbye to a talented performer until we reach the finale! Tune in Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX to watch them square off for a shot at the title!

Ryan quickly revealed that C.J. Harris received the lowest number of votes and was eliminated from the competition.

Jennifer thought that Caleb did "a great job" with the song, but thought it wasn't as strong as his first performance of the night. Harry echoed Jennifer's critique saying that the performance felt a "little bit forced," even though it was still extremely strong. Keith got in a cheeky comment with, "I thought it was great. I can't wait to hear what country song you'll sing later."

Keith got a fair amount of boos from the crowd with his criticism of Alex's performance saying, "I just wanted you to release a bit more." While Jennifer liked Alex's effort, she did say she thought there was "a little bit something missing." Harry thought it wasn't Alex's best performance, but was pleased to hear the him perform a song that was more upbeat.

They say in showbiz to never work with children or animals. But how can you say no to the most famous celebrity cat ever? Grumpy Cat paid a visit the IDOL™ stage, but didn't look too impressed with the Top 6.

The crowd was going wild before the show even began at the Top 6 performance show. Would the Idols give them the show they were clamoring for? Each contestant had two opportunities to prove their worth the the viewing public.

With Rickey Minor and the band on stage for the night's performances, Ryan Seacrest had a little trouble reaching the front of the stage which prompted a little jam session. Let's just say Ryan should not audition for AMERICAN IDOL®.

Keith said it was "a great way to start the show" and that Jena set the bar "high." Jennifer said she has "a real chance" at getting to the finale. "I was so happy" said Harry "to hear you sing that song." All three judges gave her the advice to "release" more in her performances.

Sam, who just celebrated his 18th birthday, got great feedback from the judges after his performance of "It's Time." "I got the goosies on that one," exclaimed Jennifer after the performance. She went on to say that she felt that Sam came into his own during that performance. Harry that it was a perfect song choice for Sam and Keith urged Sam to tap into his emotions more.

Harry thought C.J.'s effort was "a good performance," but urged him to work on his intonation. Keith told C.J. that in order to sing that song he needed to tap into some anger even if he's not the kind of guy who would sing a song like that. Jennifer thought that though C.J. was shaky in the beginning, but he eventually pulled it off.

We're down to the wire here at AMERICAN IDOL®. Only six contestants remain and they're pulling out all the stops to make sure they continue on in the competition.

Alex Preston chose to perform "Animal" by Neon Trees for his Rock N' Roll song choice.

Up and coming boy band R5 was in the audience to watch the Top 6 battle it out!

Two out of the three "Alabama Power" contestants were in the bottom 2 this week. Who would survive?

Ryan got right to the results naming Jessica Meuse safe for another week and announcing Dexter Roberts as the eliminated contestant.

This is AMERICAN IDOL® with your host, Kevin Bacon! Wait, what? Looks like The Following star stole Ryan's thunder and opened the Top 7 results show.

Jena chose to perform the piece from her trusty piano and the decision really paid off. The crowd went completely bonkers after her performance. Keith loved the performance and praised Jena's "fearlessness." Jennifer thought it was "beautiful," and Harry thought it was the "best performance of the night."

Harry liked Sam's performance, but wasn't crazy about the song. "Familiarity is your friend," said Harry urging Sam to pick a well known song next time. Keith had simple feedback saying, "Keep doing what you're doing," and Jennifer thought he did "a great job."

Keith liked the song choice for Dexter, but urged him to not let the "adrenaline pull you out of the key." Jennifer liked the "darker quality" and "edge" that the song brought out of Dexter, but urged him to up his game because at this point in the competition the performances need to be "spectacular." Harry wanted to see Dexter do something other than just "sing along with the record."

The judges were critical of Jessica's performance. Jennifer said that Jessica was "off a little bit vocally in the verses," while Harry urged herself to work on her rhythm. "There's a lack of rhythmic delivery," Harry said. Keith said his attention for the performance "dissipated" and urged Jessica to "get centered, get serious, and commit to the lyric."

Keith thought "Gravity" was a really good song choice for C.J.saying that it was a "good performance," but wanted more of an "emotional arc." Jennifer said that C.J. is getting "more and more confident" every week. Harry gave the ultimate praise saying, "Personally, I think that was your best performance of to date."

Demi, who just wrapped her North American tour, teased that she might be adding more tour dates!

It's Top 7 night at AMERICAN IDOL® and the theme this week is Competitor's Picks. With only a limited time to prove themselves to America, the contestants were forced to pick their songs this week from a list compiled by the competition.

America has spoken. Malaya Watson received the lowest amount of votes and would be leaving the competition.

Malaya and C.J. were on edge while waiting to hear if they would be leaving the competition, but Ryan wasted no time in delivering the results of America's vote.

Unfortunately for C.J. Harris, he was one of the bottom two for the night.

The spotlight faded tonight on one contestant's dream, but for seven others the fire is still alive. There were no more second chances.

Jennifer was all praise for C.J. exclaiming that the singer really has "the ability to touch people's hearts." Harry also praised C.J.'s ability to connect with the audience, but said he also needed to work on singing the low notes correctly. Keith thought C.J.'s effort was a "great rendition" of the song and added that he loved "the survivor's tone" in C.J.'s voice.

Harry really liked that Alex put his "own touch" on the track, but added that there is a difference between being a performer and being an entertainer. Harry went on to urge Alex to find ways to make his performances "stage worthy." Keith agreed with Harry while adding that Alex's voice grabbed his attention right from the start. Jennifer disagreed with both the guys saying "I love your voice and I love what you do," even though she missed the melody of the iconic song.

"I will say this, you have a great voice," said Harry, but he urged her to feel the groove more. "You need to feel that groove. You need to sing that groove." Keith noticed that Jessica's performances are still a bit stiff. "I'm still waiting for the rest of the release," he said. "You're almost there, just go right in." Jennifer conveyed to Jessica that in order to pull off a song like "Call Me" that she needed to tap into her sexiness more. If Jessica can't do that then this wasn't the right song for her.

Harry put Sam on the spot by asking him how he felt after last week's save. Sam took the opportunity to thank the judges and said he'd been practicing and focusing a lot more. Keith reached out to Alex saying he liked the way the contestants' voices blended together.

The judges had mixed reactions to Jena's performance. Keith said that it was a great way to "start the show," but Jennifer had harsher criticism. "For me it languished a little bit in the middle." While Harry "wasn't really a fan of the arrangement," he did note that he loves that Jena always takes risks with her performances.

Randy Jackson opened the Top 8 Results show by giving his take on how the performers did on Wednesday night. While Randy thought all eight contestants had "solid" performances, he predicted that Caleb, Jessica, Dexter and Jena would definitely be safe! How would the results pan out? The save is still in play tonight. Will the judges use their one lifeboat to pull a talented contestant out of the water?

Jena definitely put her own spin on Adele's "Rolling In The Deep." Harry was impressed with the performance saying that Jena did a "great job," but also noted that the competition has really gotten tough. Keith thought Jena's performance was "incredibly bold," while Jennifer urged the young singer to try and "destroy" the competition each week. "Come out here every week and blow everyone away and really try to win," said the international star.

What a perfect song choice for two country boys from Alabama. They melded their voices well and sang side by side on stage in nearly matching outfits. Talk about country cuteness!

The duo's voices blended really well and the crowd really got into the performance! Malaya and Sam connected well during their performance and really played off each other.

Malaya's reprisal of Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way" blew the crowd and the judges away. Keith responded to her performance first saying, "Malaya on fire!" He went on to say, "You were in such good control." Jennifer noted how Malaya was "blossoming into a star right before our eyes." Harry praised Malaya as well, but also gave her the practical advice of working on her runs to make them all in tune.

While Harry nothed that Sam's rendition of "Lego House" was the "best performance" he's done so far, he also gave Sam some practical advice. "When you hear all these young people scream acknowledge them. Pick someone and smile at them," he said.

Jena and Alex gave an understated performance of "Give Me A Reason" by P!nk and Nate Ruess. The duo really seemed to connect to the emotionality of the song as they sang while seated and staring into each others eyes.

C.J.'s soulful performance of the Allman Brothers' "Soul Shine" moved the judges just like it did in his inital audition, but his delivery was much improved. "You know it was better than the first time you did it," said Jennifer Lopez. "There's something that comes from you that touches my heart." Harry praised C.J. for really working on his pitch and said that he was "really coming close" to completely fixing those issues. Keith gave C.J. a simple critique saying, "Good job tonight."

This will be Ryan's 14th season hosting AMERICAN IDOL. Time flies when you're having fun!