America has spoken. Malaya Watson received the lowest amount of votes and would be leaving the competition.

Malaya and C.J. were on edge while waiting to hear if they would be leaving the competition, but Ryan wasted no time in delivering the results of America's vote.

Unfortunately for C.J. Harris, he was one of the bottom two for the night.

The spotlight faded tonight on one contestant's dream, but for seven others the fire is still alive. There were no more second chances.

Jennifer was all praise for C.J. exclaiming that the singer really has "the ability to touch people's hearts." Harry also praised C.J.'s ability to connect with the audience, but said he also needed to work on singing the low notes correctly. Keith thought C.J.'s effort was a "great rendition" of the song and added that he loved "the survivor's tone" in C.J.'s voice.

Harry really liked that Alex put his "own touch" on the track, but added that there is a difference between being a performer and being an entertainer. Harry went on to urge Alex to find ways to make his performances "stage worthy." Keith agreed with Harry while adding that Alex's voice grabbed his attention right from the start. Jennifer disagreed with both the guys saying "I love your voice and I love what you do," even though she missed the melody of the iconic song.

"I will say this, you have a great voice," said Harry, but he urged her to feel the groove more. "You need to feel that groove. You need to sing that groove." Keith noticed that Jessica's performances are still a bit stiff. "I'm still waiting for the rest of the release," he said. "You're almost there, just go right in." Jennifer conveyed to Jessica that in order to pull off a song like "Call Me" that she needed to tap into her sexiness more. If Jessica can't do that then this wasn't the right song for her.

Harry put Sam on the spot by asking him how he felt after last week's save. Sam took the opportunity to thank the judges and said he'd been practicing and focusing a lot more. Keith reached out to Alex saying he liked the way the contestants' voices blended together.

The judges had mixed reactions to Jena's performance. Keith said that it was a great way to "start the show," but Jennifer had harsher criticism. "For me it languished a little bit in the middle." While Harry "wasn't really a fan of the arrangement," he did note that he loves that Jena always takes risks with her performances.

Randy Jackson opened the Top 8 Results show by giving his take on how the performers did on Wednesday night. While Randy thought all eight contestants had "solid" performances, he predicted that Caleb, Jessica, Dexter and Jena would definitely be safe! How would the results pan out? The save is still in play tonight. Will the judges use their one lifeboat to pull a talented contestant out of the water?

Jena definitely put her own spin on Adele's "Rolling In The Deep." Harry was impressed with the performance saying that Jena did a "great job," but also noted that the competition has really gotten tough. Keith thought Jena's performance was "incredibly bold," while Jennifer urged the young singer to try and "destroy" the competition each week. "Come out here every week and blow everyone away and really try to win," said the international star.

What a perfect song choice for two country boys from Alabama. They melded their voices well and sang side by side on stage in nearly matching outfits. Talk about country cuteness!

The duo's voices blended really well and the crowd really got into the performance! Malaya and Sam connected well during their performance and really played off each other.

Malaya's reprisal of Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way" blew the crowd and the judges away. Keith responded to her performance first saying, "Malaya on fire!" He went on to say, "You were in such good control." Jennifer noted how Malaya was "blossoming into a star right before our eyes." Harry praised Malaya as well, but also gave her the practical advice of working on her runs to make them all in tune.

While Harry nothed that Sam's rendition of "Lego House" was the "best performance" he's done so far, he also gave Sam some practical advice. "When you hear all these young people scream acknowledge them. Pick someone and smile at them," he said.

Jena and Alex gave an understated performance of "Give Me A Reason" by P!nk and Nate Ruess. The duo really seemed to connect to the emotionality of the song as they sang while seated and staring into each others eyes.

C.J.'s soulful performance of the Allman Brothers' "Soul Shine" moved the judges just like it did in his inital audition, but his delivery was much improved. "You know it was better than the first time you did it," said Jennifer Lopez. "There's something that comes from you that touches my heart." Harry praised C.J. for really working on his pitch and said that he was "really coming close" to completely fixing those issues. Keith gave C.J. a simple critique saying, "Good job tonight."

The contestants also got an additional chance to impress the judges and America as they teamed up to perform the first duets of the season this week.

Ryan wasted no time in revealing the contestant who received the lowest number of America's votes. It was Majesty Rose who had been in the bottom three for three weeks in a row! "I knew it!" she exclaimed after the announcement.

The contestants hit the stage Wednesday singing hits from super-star bands. Now the results of their efforts were revealed. The show gave us glimpses of the contestants after their performances and all of them seemed to think they gave an "awesome show" for the judges and the audience. It would all come down to America's vote.

Top 9 week arrived at AMERICAN IDOL® and the theme was "I'm With The Band." The goal was simple: to act as front man for a real band live onstage. The contestants chose songs from their favorite bands for the occasion and artists from No Doubt to Led Zeppelin were represented.

The Top 10 contestants were on top of the world last week knowing that they had, at the very least, made it to the IDOL™ live tour this summer. That feeling was not destined to last, however, as someone would have to fall to the bottom this week.

Just as soon as Sam was added to the bottom three, he was removed when Ryan Seacrest declared him safe! That put Ben Briley and Majesty Rose in danger of elimination.

In an instant Malaya and MK were declared safe. It came down to Ben and Majesty. Who would be in the bottom three and in danger of elimination? It turns out both performers were in the bottom three!

The theme this week was 'Songs from the Cinema' and now that the votes have been cast, we find out who won't be getting their Hollywood ending. Big stakes were on the line as the remaining 10 contestants will earn a shot on the IDOL™ tour this summer.

The judges animatedly discussed Emily's passionate performance, but failed to give her the wild card and the Florida native was sent packing! It's sad to see Emily go, but the competition continues next week WED & THU on FOX!

Emily, Jena and MK nervously waited for Ryan to reveal who received the lowest number of votes. He called Jena and MK safe before revealing that Latina Emily Piriz was the contestant with the least amount of votes and in danger of elimination.

The judges and the audience were cheering Phillip on enthusiastically during his performance of "Raging Fire," which sounds like it is bound to be a hit! The single is available on iTunes now. Check it out.

Ryan called Emily, Sam, Jessica and Ben to the stage for their results. Randy coached each of the Top 12 before their performances and we got to see a little bit of their sessions before the results were revealed. Ryan called Emily's name first and wasted no time in sending her into the bottom three. Sam, Jessica and Ben were safe!

What does home mean to you? No matter what their definition of “home” is, we're sure by this point in the competition that the Top 12 contestants are feeling some level of homesickness. How very fitting that the theme for this week's performance show was “Home.” The contestants took to the stage with songs that put them in that familiar spirit.

Buddies Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson walked the press line together.

Before Ryan got down to business revealing the results of America's vote, we got a chance to see the contestants having dinner. They made a toast to "being friends forever" and wished that no one would have to leave the competition. Too bad, finalists! That's just part of the competition.

Ryan immediately announced that Kristen was the third contestant in the bottom three. Who was in danger of elimination, though? When Harry asked his opinion on the bottom three he noted that the results were both "surprising and not surprising." Ryan then revealed MK Nobilette was safe. It came down to Malaya and Kristen. Kristen said if she got another chance she'd "try and be more myself," while Malaya noted that she would "calm down" a little if given the shot.

Candice was completely at ease on stage commanding the audience with her immense talent. Candice's debut album, "Music Speaks" dropped last week and has already risen to No. 3 on the R&B charts! Congratulations, Candice!

The final 13 performers have proven they are seriously talented, but who knows how the cards will fall on Thursday's results show. One talented performer will definitely be leaving our ranks. Don't miss the dramatic results plus performances from Season 12 winner Candice Glover and upcoming rocker Jake Bugg Thursday 8/7c on FOX!

CJ, Jena, Spencer, Bria and Kristen were all vying for a spot, but the judges could only pick three. The judges only had moments to announce their decisions and quickly settled on Jena Irene, Kristen O'Connor and CJ Harris. In an instant Spencer Lloyd's and Bria Anai's dreams were dashed.

The Top 15 guys nervously lined up Wednesday all hoping they would get a shot to perform for America's vote. Only 10 would get that chance and over the course of the next two hours, the lucky contestants were revealed one by one.

With that we said goodbye to five very talented ladies: Kenz, Brandy, Andrina, Jillian and Austin. Tune in Wednesday 8/7c to watch the semi-finalist boys perform for your vote.

Before the last performance of the night we finally found out the results of last week's vote! Millions of votes came flooding in for Ben Briley and Neco Starr, but only one would make it through to Thursday's live show. Ryan announced that after the nationwide vote the guy who would remain in the competition was Ben Briley!

Former judge Randy Jackson, "Our Dawg Father" as Ryan aptly called him, got the semi-finalists prepared when they spent time at the Randy Jackson Workshop. Randy wanted to give the kids "more insight" and "the best advantage they've ever had" going into live shows. Randy's camp had a simple objective: to focus on all the feedback the contestants had been given so far, giving them a real chance to succeed once they hit live shows. Randy employed the help of musical directors, vocal coaches, stylists, and movement coaches to cover all parts of a successful performance. Randy even sought the expertise of non-denominational "spiritual advisors" to help guide the contestants through the pressure of this high-stakes competition.

Over 200 contestants made it to California...but they didn't necessarily make it to Hollywood. The contestants arrived at an airplane hangar, where the judges announced that some of the contestants will sing right now for a spot at Hollywood Week. In other judge news, who knew a 44-year-old mother of twins could look so good in a midriff?!

Jennifer Lopez gave Ryan Seacrest a huge hug at auditions.

The chemistry between Harry, Jennifer and Keith is amazing.

There were smiles all around from the judges and Ryan at IDOL™ auditions in Austin.

Ryan Seacrest gets the crowd fired up at auditions in Omaha.

Ryan chats with the Season XIII hopefuls at Ford Field.

Ryan waves up to all the hopefuls as the cameras roll at Ford Field.

There Ryan goes again trying to be sneaky and hide in the crowd.

Ryan takes a moment to chat with the press in Detroit.

Ryan and the crew great fans and hopefuls in Motor City.

The ladies circle around our handsome host.

No one can work a crowd like Ryan Seacrest can work a crowd.

Ryan knows who to make friends with to make things go smoothly in San Francisco.

Ryan entertained the crowds by handed out peanuts at AT&T Stadium.

Is Ryan meeting the concessions staff or does he have a hankering for a pretzel?

Ryan is hanging with the cool kids in San Francisco.

America has spoken. Malaya Watson received the lowest amount of votes and would be leaving the competition.