CJ, Jena, Spencer, Bria and Kristen were all vying for a spot, but the judges could only pick three. The judges only had moments to announce their decisions and quickly settled on Jena Irene, Kristen O'Connor and CJ Harris. In an instant Spencer Lloyd's and Bria Anai's dreams were dashed.

Jasper, AL native, CJ Harris was the first contestant asked to perform for a wildcard spot. CJ reprised his Hollywood Week solo performance of Sam Cooke's “Bring It On Home To Me,” but CJ failed to bring it home. “That wasn't your best performance, “ said Harry.

Would Bria Anai give the judges something more to be excited about? Our next wildcard hopeful performed James Brown's "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" promising to give the audience a real "show." While Bria's performance was passionate, Harry pointed out that she was "all over the place."

Kristen O'Connor was the final contestant to perform, chosen because the judges felt that she had “something special.” Kristen's performance of “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry wasn't her best showing, but Keith thought her performance was still “really good.”

Keith Urban announced 17-year-old Jena Irene as the next contestant with the opportunity to earn a wildcard spot. Jena performed her original song, “Unbreakable Me” alone at the piano with no other accompaniment. Keith was thrilled with her effort and praised her “raw” and "vulnerable” performance.

Your Season XIII Top 13: Malaya Watson, Ben Briley, Emily Piriz, Alex Preston, Jessica Meuse, Dexter Roberts, Caleb Johnson, Majesty Rose, MK Nobilette, Sam Woolf, CJ Harris, Jena Irene and Kristen O'Connor! Tune in Wednesday 8/7c to see the finalists face off live!

"The next person to sing for their life, not to make it dramatic or anything, is Spencer Lloyd," Jennifer announced. How could it be any less dramatic? Spencer took the stage performing his original song "Ordinary Girl," which wasn't a huge hit with the judges back during Hollywood Week. It wasn't a big hit with them this time around, either. Jennifer said that while she wanted to give him a chance, she wasn't "sure that's what we wanted America to see in this moment."

After the Top 10 were announced, Jennifer Lopez gave the audience a rundown of how the wildcard picks would proceed. The judges would pick five of the remaining ten contestants to sing in a do-or-die moment live on the stage. Harry urged the contestants to take it seriously saying, "They have to really compete."

Majesty Rose from Goldsboro, North Carolina

Malaya Watson from Southfield, Michigian

Sam Woolf from Bradenton, Florida

Ben Briley from Gallatin, Tennessee

Emily Piriz from Orlando, Florida

MK Nobilette from San Francisco, California

Alex Preston from Mount Vernon, New Hampshire

Dexter Roberts from Fayette, Alabama

Jessica Meuse from Slapout, Alabama

Caleb Johnson from Asheville, North Carolina

This was the night we met our Season XIII Top 13 Finalists! After a brutal Rush Week, 20 contestants remained in the competition. Each was hungry for the title, but only 13 would make it through. Ten contestants were voted into the finals and the final three spots went to the judges' wildcard picks. The Top 10 contestants based on America's vote were announced first.

The Top 10 guys will find out if they earned a spot in the finals on Thursday night, but it was the end of the road for Ethan Harris, Maurice Townsend, Casey Thrasher, Jordan Brisbane and Briston Maroney. Tune in Thursday 8/7c when the finalists are revealed!

Keith criticized Spencer's song choice and thought this showing wasn't his best vocal. Jennifer praised Spencer's stage presence and thought he was a “star.” Harsh Harry struck again. “Stick to what you know. This was not good.” This earned Harry another strong set of boos from the enamored audience. This might be a trend for the season.

Keith announced that the final spot of the night would go to Spencer Lloyd who impressed the judges during Hollywood Week. Spencer wanted to move away from performing with his guitar, but Randy urged him to “stick with it” and “ride the horse that brought you here.” Adam Lambert felt differently, saying that Spencer came alive without it. In the end Spencer chose to perform "Love Don't Die" by The Fray sans guitar. His performance was solid, but his guitar couldn't have made the ladies in the audience love him any more.

Ben was glowing after his live performance. "You thought you nailed that," Harry noticed. We're not sure exactly what Harry thought, but he did say his favorite thing about the performance was "the size of the knot" in Ben's tie. "The entire Windsor family lives in that knot." Jennifer had more straight forward advice telling Ben that he "came alive" on stage and that was the mark of a "true performer."

Ben Briley already survived one elimination this season and now he's survived two! Ben chose the song “Soul Shine” and managed to convince Chris Daughtry that he could successfully play his electric guitar during the performance! Ben rocked his live performance and as Keith said, he may have given America their first “shredded solo” on IDOL™.

The very consistent Dexter Roberts was the sixth guy to grab a spot. This Alabama farm hand and dog trainer is the authentic country performer. Dexter wasn't too concerned about his ability to perform "This Old Boy" by Craig Williams at Randy's workshop. He was more concerned with having the stylist take a crack at his hair, which he'd hidden under a hat for all his previous performances. Dexter promised Chris Daughtry that he'd make sure his performance was "Dexter-fied" and this country boy did just that. His hair looked great live, too!

Jennifer praised Malcolm's great voice, but said that the words of the song hit her more emotionally than his performance did. “I should have gotten goosies on that one!” Harsh Harry was back again when he said that Malcolm sang the same runs over and over again! He went on to say that Malcolm sang “way too sharp.”

Malcolm Allen grabbed the eighth spot and used his time in Randy's workshop to work on his stage presence. The king of stage presence himself, Adam Lambert urged Malcolm to “commit to what you're doing” so that the audience can believe the performance. Based on his live performance maybe Malcolm over committed to his rendition of “Comin' From Where I'm From” by Anthony Hamilton!

Harry thought his performance was solid, but urged Dexter to think about what would distinguish him from the crop of other country performers like him on the market right now. Keith was very impressed exclaiming, "You're the real deal!" Jen thought Dexter would find time to figure out his musical place, noting that he didn't seem nervous at all while he was on the stage.

The 7th spot of the evening went to the true musician, Alex Preston. Alex began playing the violin at the age of 5 and now can play an impressive 11 instruments. Alex was sure about his musical ability, but wanted to work on his stage prescene! As he put it, "I'm so freaking awkward." He worked with Randy and Chris Daughtry on maintaining eye contact. Practice definitely made perfect for Alex when he nailed his performance of "Volcano" by Damien Rice.

17-year-old Sam Woolf was the next contestant to grab a coveted performance spot. The young heartthrob, who was recently accepted into the prestigious Berkley College of Music, certainly has the musical chops, but he struggled with his stage presence during Randy's workshop. Randy urged Sam to work hard on opening up and vocal coach Michael Orland advised him to not close his eyes while he performs. Sam took the stage a bit nervously, but soon hit his musical stride. The tweens in the audience were certainly eating up this young cutie's performance.

Keith was impressed with Alex, telling him that he had “the best song choice of the night.” Jennifer told Alex he was really in his “own lane” artistically and thought he could go far in the competition. Harry was more impressed with Alex's guitar playing, noting that he ended the song on an uncommon note.

While Jennifer thought the performance was “really good,” she advised George to control the vocal runs he used more in the future. Harry went further with his critique saying, “You were so passionate that it spun out of control. I've heard you sing better.” Harry earned quite a few boos with that statement! A trend that would continue for the rest of the evening. Keith thought the song choice was all wrong for a voice such as George's.

Harry praised Emmanuel's happy, infectious energy, but thought the performance got "out of control." Keith echoed Harry's sentiments, but Jennifer took a different line saying, "Emmanuel, I Z'adore you, I do." She went on to say that she thought it wasn't the best song choice for him. With a little prodding from Ryan, Emmanuel confessed that he chose the song to pay homage to one of his favorite all time Idols, Vonzell Solomon, who performed the hit to much acclaim during Season 4.

Jennifer Lopez announced that George Lovett, who flew under the radar for most of the season, was the next fellow to grab a spot in the Guys' Top 10. George chose to perform Bruno Mars' “Grenade.” Randy suggested that George find a unique way to perform the hit since it's been a favorite song in this competition for a few years. George paired with Adam Lambert during the workshop to perfect his staging and it definitely paid off during his live performance.

Keith noted the audience's overwhelming support of Sam saying, "The people like you, Sam and with good reason." Keith went on to say that Sam's voice was like pure "money." Jennifer praised his "perfect pitch," while Harry hoped that "tiny little tweaks" might help build Sam's confidence throughout the competition.

Harry Connick Jr. announced that "big entertainer" Emmmanuel Zidor was the next guy getting a chance to sing for a spot in the finals. Emmanuel had a strict plan when he hit the Terranea Resort for Randy's workshop, but not everything went smoothly. Emmanuel had vocal and staging issues while rehearsing, but he pulled through in his performance. Emmanuel shook and danced his body around that stage like a pro during his rendition of "Best Of My Love" by The Emotions.

The Top 15 guys nervously lined up Wednesday all hoping they would get a shot to perform for America's vote. Only 10 would get that chance and over the course of the next two hours, the lucky contestants were revealed one by one.

CJ Harris was the next performer chosen by our judges. This simple Alabama boy insisted on sticking with his own personal style during Randy's workshop, even though Adam Lambert tried his best to get CJ into a Fedora. Although Chris Daughtry urged CJ to ditch his guitar, the Tuscaloosa native took to the stage with guitar in hand, but he did rock a rather stylin' hat! His soul-stirring performance of Ray LaMontagne's "Shelter" had the audience and our judges enthralled.

Keith was all praise for the rocker's performance. “That was killer dude!” He went on to say that Caleb was a natural and “just born with it.” Jennifer mentioned that she remembered Caleb from the previous times he's auditioned for the show, but believes that he is “so ready right now.” Harry was all praise as well saying, “It's going to be tough for the guys following you.”

Keith announced the first guy to get a shot: Caleb Johnson. The Asheville, NC native wanted to bring some Rock and Roll to the show. During Randy's workshop Caleb professed that he needed to work on his stage presence and wanted to learn how to keep his eyes open while on stage. During one attempt at doing just that, Caleb managed to scare Chris Daughtry a bit, who urged him not to scare the audience with his "intense face." Caleb was going for a "subtle over-the-topness," and that might just be a perfect description on his IDOL™ performance. He rocked that stage in a totally believable and authentic way.

"There's so many things that happen to me when you're singing. You're awesome,” said Jennifer Lopez of CJ's performance. Harry told CJ to watch his intonation and said he had a tendency to sing sharp. Even though Harry gave CJ musical direction he praised the emotionality of his performance. "I felt like you were singing to me. I felt like you were going to shelter me.” Keith had a soft spot for the authentic Southerner, saying "I love where you're coming from. You're just a great Alabama boy." Ryan revealed that CJ had had a root canal the day before his performance! That's dedication.

CJ, Jena, Spencer, Bria and Kristen were all vying for a spot, but the judges could only pick three. The judges only had moments to announce their decisions and quickly settled on Jena Irene, Kristen O'Connor and CJ Harris. In an instant Spencer Lloyd's and Bria Anai's dreams were dashed.