Omaha sent 21 folks farther west to Hollywood, making the grand Hollywood Week total 214 contestants. Pack your bags and grab your golden ticket - we're off to Hollywood! Watch FOX at 8/7c this WED & THU to see a twist on Hollywood Week that you've never experienced before.

Casey McQuillen gave an honest delivery of "Skyscraper," and the judges used every positive adjective to describe her performance. It was an easy three yeses from the judges, and after Casey left the room, they used their mental thesaurus and pulled out even more glowing words.

Tessa Kate wrapped up the Season XIII hometown auditions by performing Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues." Harsh Harry loved her "classic, timeless sound" and seemed to be the judge who liked Tessa the best, but all three judges ended up giving Tessa a yessa!

Paula Hunt sings for the troops. She's performed overseas and is ready to bring her voice to American Idol. She gave it her all with a performance of Etta James' "All I Could Do Was Cry." We love how Keith snickers when he's feeling a performance. He's just tickled by music! Harry said, "The reason why we have the best military in the world is because they get to listen to people like you sing." He added that Paula's runs were tasteful and she has an elegance about her. The judges loved Paula and gave her three yeses. Her mother - who is battling Multiple Sclerosis and can no longer sing - was emotional when Paula revealed the good news, and we reached for the tissues!

Fargo's Andrina Brogden is ready to be North Dakota's first American Idol. Her delivery of "Halo" had Jennifer questioning if fear is holding Andrina's singing back, and Harry doesn't think she is ready for American Idol. Keith, believing that she'll rise to the occasion in Hollywood, gave Andrina a yes. And Jennifer ended up giving her a second yes, sending Andrina from ND to CA!

Christian Scholl is a Square Dance Caller who sang Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again." His vocals are sending him on the road...but not to Hollywood.

Keith couldn't contain himself during Tyler Marshall's "Proud Mary" performance. You could hear him gasp and clap when Tyler's voice moved him. Harry was so into the performance that he told Tyler he made it to Hollywood - completely forgetting to vote!

When C.J. Jones revealed that he would be singing "Stand By Me," Harry did just that. C.J. delivered the Ben E. King classic as Harry snapped and "danced like a white guy" next to C.J., who never got flustered during all of that commotion. Without any deliberation, C.J. received a ticket to Hollywood.

Dajontae Lenear and Jennifer Lopez were smitten with each other. The only thing questionable about this audition was his wearing pink from head-to-toe. Dylan Becker's "Queen of California" cover showed just how confident and comfortable he is in front of celebrities, cameras, and bright lights. Both boys are off to Hollywood!

Tyler Gurwicz gave a strong delivery of Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain" that made Harry question how to categorize Tyler as a singer in the American Idol space. Keith did not like Tyler's facial contortions, but Jennifer and Harry found that intriguing about Tyler. The 25-year-old begged for a second chance, so Harry encouraged him to sing something completely different. Tyler's second performance changed the judges' minds and had Harry admitting to his first slip in judgement.

"Selfie" afficionado Alyssa Siebken is from this fine state of Nebraska. In what must be an American Idol first, Alyssa performed an acoustic performance of Waka Flocka Flame's "No Hands." Alyssa's creative performance isn't what impressed Jennifer, but she appreciated the vocals in the second half of the song. Harry didn't think her vocals were strong enough, but Keith wants to see more of Alyssa. Victory selfie!

Madisen Walker is a helpful daughter and big sis that took on Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats." Keith called it a beautiful karaoke version of the Carrie hit. Even though Madisen didn't bring anything unique to her performance, Jennifer and Keith want to see if Madisen can grow in Hollywood.

The Ryan Seacrest tackle/fall count on the road with Season XIII is now up to 4. Who knew such a smooth guy could be so clumsy!?

Simon Hauck is a student who wasn't quite sure what he's studying in school, but he did know all the lyrics to John Michael Montgomery's "Sold" (as did Keith Urban, who mouthed along with Simon). Unfortunately, just knowing the lyrics wasn't enough to send Simon forward in the competition.

"Omaha. Somewhere in Middle America." What kind of talent would we find in the audition city that brought us David Cook?

Quaid Edwards is Mr. All-American. He is handsome, has a supportive family, travels with a brood of fraternity brothers, and is a college senior. His mom was in a band called Jolie & The Wanted that used to tour with our very own Keith Urban. Quaid went with "A Change Is Gonna Come," and gave a nice performance. Jennifer noticed inconsistencies in Quaid's runs, but she likes him - what's not to like?! Keith explained that you do runs because you feel it, not just to show off. Harry accurately observed that the girls are going to love him, but he doesn't think "a change is gonna come" when it comes to Quaid's impact on music. Quaid spoke up and said he wants to learn and grow, which convinced all three judges to send him to Hollywood. The gratitude and family celebration that followed made Jennifer tear up.

A few good cowboys joined in the fun at auditions in Omaha.

This IDOL™ hopeful already has a fan club!

If you can walk the walk you're half way there!

Ready for your IDOL™ number?

The holding room in Omaha never was without a little music provided by the contestants.

Young IDOL™ fans supported their favorite with a little cheer!

Omaha wasn't without its share of guitars.

This auditioner got serious while waiting to see the judges in Omaha.

A little friendly competition is just a part of auditioning for AMERICAN IDOL®.

Sometimes entire families came out to support their IDOL™ hopeful.

How would you show off your personal style at IDOL™ auditions?

Who is the most excited to audition for AMERICAN IDOL®?

This IDOL™ hopeful used his musical prowess to serenade a few lovely ladies.

There was strumming all around at auditions in Salt Lake City.

Playing your guitar is a great time to pass the time while you wait to see the judges.

It can't hurt to practice your posture before you get in front of the judges.

The local news stopped by IDOL™ auditions in Salt Lake City to interview contestants as they waited to audition.

Andrina Brogden

Tyler Gurwicz

Matthew Hamel

Dylan Becker

Casey McQuillen

Simeon Twitty

Jack Janowicz

Caitlin Davis

Dani Heikkila

Paul White

Tessa Kate

Tyler Marshall

Kayla Tingle

Paula Hunt

Alyssa Siebken

Tyler Ahlgren

Dajontae Lenear

Fonna Landrum

Madisen Walker

Quaid Edwards

C.J. Jones

Is the next AMERICAN IDOL® somewhere in this crowd?

Omaha auditioners favored the color blue.

Will the next AMERICAN IDOL® hail from Omaha?

The cameras swooped through the crowd as hopefuls prepared for the start of auditions.

So many different personalities showed up at IDOL™ auditions in Omaha.

How excited are you for IDOL™ XIII Omaha?

It's not IDOL™ XIII auditions if there isn't a dance party in the crowd.

These auditioners got together to perform a song for the crowd in Omaha.

Is Amy from Iowa the next AMERICAN IDOL®?

How much noise can you make Omaha?

Check out the amazing crowd that turned up for IDOL™ XIII auditions in Omaha!

The cameras focused in on this well dressed gentleman in Omaha!

The auditioners in Omaha really brought the cheer!

The hopefuls in Omaha showed us their spirit with colorful signs and clothes.

AMERICAN IDOL® XIII filled up the CenturyLink Center in Omaha.

This auditioner is ready to take his shot! Is this the next AMERICAN IDOL®?

Cameras caught the all the action outside the CenturyLink Center in Omaha!

Singing wasn't the only skill for these two auditioners in Omaha.

Hopefuls file up the escalator as auditions begin in Omaha.

AMERICAN IDOL® searches the country every year for the next superstar.

Omaha sent 21 folks farther west to Hollywood, making the grand Hollywood Week total 214 contestants. Pack your bags and grab your golden ticket - we're off to Hollywood! Watch FOX at 8/7c this WED & THU to see a twist on Hollywood Week that you've never experienced before.