The Top 10 were pumped up and ready to go backstage before the show.

The final contestants were then called to the stage for their results. Randy thought Sam "gave a great performance," and that Jena "showed her artistry." While Randy noted that the first half of MK's performance was great, he did say that the second half was a "train wreck." C.J. received the harshest criticism from Randy who said the young singer "just fell apart."

MK had the crowd rallying behind her during her performance of "All Of Me," screaming to save the talented performer from San Francisco.The judges seemed to be having a rather serious deliberation about whether or not to save MK, but in the end they couldn't come to a unanimous decision and she was eliminated.

Who would join Dexter and Majesty in the bottom three? Based on America's votes Sam, C.J. and Jena were safe. That put MK Nobilette in the bottom three and in danger of elimination.

Dexter was declared safe and MK would have to sing for the save. She reprised her performance of "All Of Me" by John Legend to a very supportive crowd.

What a talented bunch to have in the bottom three! Majesty Rose was declared safe first. It was between MK and Dexter.

The crowd went wild for MK, but our judges had more constructive criticism for the soulful singer. While Keith noted that MK's style is evolving, he thought she still needed to work on loosening up when on stage. Jennifer said that MK's performance showed the most "feeling and emotion" she's ever gotten from MK. Harry praised how MK was able to pick herself back up after a small mistake, but thought the performance was not her strongest.

MK Nobilette was first up performing "Perfect" by P!nk. This uptempo and familiar pop song wasn't familiar territory for our understated performer, but she moved around the stage like a pro. There was a point where she messed up the lyrics, but she pulled herself together admirably.

MK Nobilette and Dexter Roberts were interviewed backstage.

MK Nobilette was the picture of perfection backstage during Top 11 performances.

MK Nobilette

The Top 10!

Quickly things were called back to the dramatic when MK Nobilette, Ben Briley, Majesty Rose and Malaya Watson were called to the stage for results. Randy took a moment to share his thoughts on the previous night's performances. Randy thought Majesty's performance was just "OK," but praised Malaya's effort. Randy also thought that MK "delivered," but noted that Ben strayed from who he is as a performer.

Jennifer loved how MK's performance put everyone in a "romantic mood," and noticed that MK was trying to connect more with the audience. Harry thought the performance was "nice," but wanted MK to cut the runs in the performance by over half. Keith thought her performance was "really, really good," and added that she looked "like a star."

MK Nobilette chose the song "To Make You Feel My Love" by Garth Brooks featured in the movie Hope Floats not because Harry Connick Jr. stars in the film, but because she loves every version of the song. MK had the crowd engaged, but what would the judges think of her understated rendition?

MK and the other contestants were on stage after the show to comfort Emily Piriz after her elimination.

MK was all smiles during her interview backstage.

MK Nobilette

Your Top 11!

Caleb, MK, C.J., and Malaya were called down to the stage for the results of America's vote. After looking back at their Top 12 performances, Ryan swiftly announced that Caleb, C.J. and Malaya were safe. That put MK in the bottom three and in danger of elimination.

Emily, Jena and MK nervously waited for Ryan to reveal who received the lowest number of votes. He called Jena and MK safe before revealing that Latina Emily Piriz was the contestant with the least amount of votes and in danger of elimination.

Keith thought MK chose a good song, but added that she needs to be more connected to the material. Jennifer echoed his sentiments exclaiming that it was a “nice song, but not a breakout performance. Harry gave more practical advice saying that MK needed to “work on the things that make you feel uncomfortable.”

San Francisco native MK Nobilette chose to perform “Drops Of Jupiter” by Train. MK is proud of the openness in her city and honored the metropolis by choosing to perform a hit from a native band.

MK Nobilette found a puppy to play with in the contestants' holding room.

The finalist ladies were looking lovely backstage.

MK Nobilette

Ryan immediately announced that Kristen was the third contestant in the bottom three. Who was in danger of elimination, though? When Harry asked his opinion on the bottom three he noted that the results were both "surprising and not surprising." Ryan then revealed MK Nobilette was safe. It came down to Malaya and Kristen. Kristen said if she got another chance she'd "try and be more myself," while Malaya noted that she would "calm down" a little if given the shot.

MK, Sam, Majesty and Dexter were the next contestants called to the stage to hear the results from the previous night. Randy noted that MK did "well" in her performance, but needs to get moving more. Randy praised Sam's voice, but noted that he needed to get his "performance to match his vocal power." He called Majesty's performance "fantastic," while noting that Dexter's effort wasn't his best performance. America's voted kept Sam, Majesty and Dexter safe. MK headed to the bottom three and was in danger of elimination. Keith noted that if MK was lucky enough to stay in the competition she need to work on her "emotional connection" to the song and the audience.

Harry started off the critique noting how beautiful MK was both with makeup and without. He wished she'd worked the stage more instead of “waiting for the next line to come” during her performance. Keith said that while MK's vocals “never fail,” her “ability to connect is inconsistent.” Jennifer thought MK's performance was “smart” and showed a different side of the budding artist.

MK Nobilette was up next choosing to perform Allen Stone's “Satisfaction” as the song that defined her as a person and an artist. Randy urged that she'd have to “believe” her performance and “sell that to the judges.” While the song choice was unusual for our MK, she certainly pulled it off.

MK Nobilette

Your Season XIII Top 13 Finalists!

MK Nobilette from San Francisco, California

20-year-old MK Nobilette took the 9th spot of the night. The San Francisco native wanted to learn how to stay connected to the song during her time at the Randy Jackson workshop. She chose John Legend's "All Of Me" and promised Randy to give the performance her all as well. MK did just that. Her quiet and stunning performance made the crowd erupt and it took some time for the judges to regain control to give their critiques.

"The crowd loves you," Keith exclaimed after her performance and noted that there was such a "simplicity" that came through in her performance. "It doesn't have to be over the top. It has to be a true feeling and that's what you gave up there," said Jennifer of MK's rendition of "All Of Me." Harry urged MK to believe that she belongs in the competition.

MK Nobilette

MK Nobilette's "A Team" gave Jennifer goosebumps...she didn't say "goosies!" The judges and MK talked about her place in the competition, and she said she's "very obviously gay" and knows that not everyone is accepting of that, but she feels like lately America has changed and is continuing to change, and she's ready for it. The judges are ready for it too...MK is in the Top 30!

MK Nobilette and Emmanuel Zidor split from their group and joined Terrica Curry and Carmen Delgina, but MK and Terrica each disappeared, leaving Emmanuel to roll and cross his eyes while wondering if two people could be a group.

MK Nobilette