John remained seated a the piano while Malaya's powerful voice rang out from in front.

IDOL finalist Malaya Watson then joined John Legend for a performance of his ever popular, "All Of Me."

The Top 13 girls joined Demi on stage for a performance of "Neon Lights"

C.J. and Malaya backstage.

Malaya, Alex and Jena talked the press after the show.

The Top 8 pose for a photo before the performance show.

That put Malaya Watson in the bottom two with C.J. Harris.

America has spoken. Malaya Watson received the lowest amount of votes and would be leaving the competition.

The contestants rallied around Malaya to support her after the elimination.

Malaya and C.J. were on edge while waiting to hear if they would be leaving the competition, but Ryan wasted no time in delivering the results of America's vote.

Ever positive, Malaya took her elimination in stride and delivered an emotional performance of "I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls.

Sam, Malaya, Alex and Jena were called to the stage next for their results.

The judges aren't supposed to give feedback on duets, but sometimes they just can't help themselves! Jennifer thought the duo looked really cute together. Harry chimed in with some harsh words saying, "I thought it was a little more regional theater" than impressive entertainment.

C.J. Harris and Malaya Watson teamed up dressed in white for their duet performance of "I Knew You Were Waiting" by Aretha Franklin and George Michael. The duo really looked like they were having fun out there!

The judges all had no qualms with the superiority of Malaya's voice, but both Keith and Jennifer urged the young singer to "relax" more during her performances. Harry was impressed with Malaya's ability to hit the high note, but thought she sacrificed the beginning of the performance for the sake of that note.

Malaya chose to perform "Through The Fire" by Chaka Khan. David Cook was impressed with Malaya's voice during the mentoring session, but urged her to "focus" more. Malaya's performance was high-energy and full of impressive vocal stylings, but now that the stakes have been raised in the competition it may not be enough.

The Top 8 celebrated after the save.

The IDOL™ ladies hung out backstage.

Malaya Watson showed off her funny side behind the scenes.

Jena and Malaya goofed off after the show.

Malaya was performance ready during rehearsals.

Malaya Watson

Your Top 8 is Back!

Malaya Watson, Sam Woolf and C.J. Harris were in the bottom three!

With strong performances from everyone, some will be safe, but others will be singing for the save! Chris Daughtry also returns for a special performance. It all starts THU 8/7c on FOX!

The duo's voices blended really well and the crowd really got into the performance! Malaya and Sam connected well during their performance and really played off each other.

Malaya's reprisal of Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way" blew the crowd and the judges away. Keith responded to her performance first saying, "Malaya on fire!" He went on to say, "You were in such good control." Jennifer noted how Malaya was "blossoming into a star right before our eyes." Harry praised Malaya as well, but also gave her the practical advice of working on her runs to make them all in tune.

Malaya and Sam teamed up to perform "Lucky" by Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz.

Malaya Watson was the next performer to take the stage. Before the music began we learned, from Malaya's father, that she was hesitant to audition for IDOL™ at first because she was only 15 years old. Malaya started singing with her Dad at an early age and has been performing ever since. Harry noted that when he first saw Malaya audition he thought she was "gold mine" of talent.

It was back to the start as the Top 8 contestants took on their original audition songs live in front of America. We got a first hand look at how far all these talented performers have grown this season.

The IDOL™ girls show off their personalities behind the scenes.

The Top 8 posed for a photo together on stage after Majesty Rose's elimination.

Malaya, Jessica and Dexter were interviewed after the show.

Malaya Watson was easy and confident on stage.

Malaya Watson nearly always has a smile on her face!

Malaya Watson

Your Top 8!

Malaya Watson's performance of "The Long And Winding Road" earned her the second safe spot of the night.

Malaya Watson was a High School tuba player who dreamed of being on AMERICAN IDOL®. The biggest performance for the young singer before IDOL™ was a night where she split her pants in front of the audience. This energetic young lady has come a long way since then. Being in the Top 9 has placed Malaya firmly on the road to stardom, but she knows she's the "same old Malaya!"

Malaya chose to perform The Beatles classic, "The Long and Winding Road" with a bit of a Gospel twist. The audience was entranced, but were the judges? Keith started off the criticism saying "Gosh that was beautiful, baby." He added that the performance showed him her "spirit." Jennifer thought her voice stands out and added that it sounds like a "young Michael Jackson." Harry gave Malaya the award for "most consistently approving" and praised Malaya for listening to their critiques.

Malaya Watson was happy with her performance.

Malaya Watson takes a rare serious moment at the makeup table before heading out on stage.

The Top 10 were pumped up and ready to go backstage before the show.

Your Top 9!

Malaya Watson

Malaya, Jessica and Dexter were called to the stage for results. Randy Jackson weighed in before the results were revealed. Randy was happy that Malaya chose not to play the piano during her performance saying that the freedom from the instrument allowed her to give a "tender" and "emotional" performance. Randy thought Dexter was "a little lost on the stage," and said that Jessica "gave a great performance." Would America's votes line up?

Harry praised how "sincere" Malaya was about the lyrics and Jennifer noted that she had the infamous "goosies" while listening to Malaya's performance. Keith noticed that Malaya has gained more control of her voice as the weeks have passed.

Malaya made a difficult decision when she chose not to play the piano during her performance of "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars. Malaya picked the song because it related to something in her personal life. During rehearsals Randy urged Malaya to take her time during the performance and not rush the song.

Malaya Watson checked out her performance outfit in the makeup mirror.

Jena Irene and Malaya Watson chatted with the press after the show.

The Top 10!

Malaya Watson

Quickly things were called back to the dramatic when MK Nobilette, Ben Briley, Majesty Rose and Malaya Watson were called to the stage for results. Randy took a moment to share his thoughts on the previous night's performances. Randy thought Majesty's performance was just "OK," but praised Malaya's effort. Randy also thought that MK "delivered," but noted that Ben strayed from who he is as a performer.

Jennifer started off the critique saying, "Good girl, Malaya! That's a perfect song for you. A perfect way to end the show." Harry kept his notes to Malaya simple saying, "nice job," while Keith praised Malaya's superior song choice.

Malaya Watson chose "I Am Changing" by vocal powerhouse and former Idol Jennifer Hudson! Jennifer gave an iconic performance of the song during the movie "Dreamgirls," for which she won an Oscar. Those were quite the shoes to fill for young Malaya Watson, but she did just that!

Malaya Watson was interviewed on the press line after the show.

Malaya Watson took time to reflect backstage after her performance.

Your Top 11!

Malaya Watson

Caleb, MK, C.J., and Malaya were called down to the stage for the results of America's vote. After looking back at their Top 12 performances, Ryan swiftly announced that Caleb, C.J. and Malaya were safe. That put MK in the bottom three and in danger of elimination.

Jennifer praised Malaya saying she was with the performance from the very beginning. Keith thought it was a “beautiful” performance and said the song “encompassed the vulnerability” in Malaya's voice. Harry added that the song felt “very focused.”

Malaya Watson returned to her roots and chose to perform “Take Me To The King” by Tamela Mann. The song took Malaya back to the days when she'd perform the song in the basement of her family home. Malaya hit the ball out of the park with the Gospel favorite!

The finalist ladies were looking lovely backstage.

The contestants stuck together on the press line after the show.

Malaya Watson shined backstage in her interview.

Malaya Watson

Ryan immediately announced that Kristen was the third contestant in the bottom three. Who was in danger of elimination, though? When Harry asked his opinion on the bottom three he noted that the results were both "surprising and not surprising." Ryan then revealed MK Nobilette was safe. It came down to Malaya and Kristen. Kristen said if she got another chance she'd "try and be more myself," while Malaya noted that she would "calm down" a little if given the shot.

Ryan called Malaya, Jena, Ben and Alex to the stage for the first round of results. Randy gave us a rundown of their live performances before the placements were revealed. Randy thought Malaya's performance "got the best of her," and said that Jena did "a very good job." Randy thought Ben's performance was a "little too fast," but still thought he was able to put his own spin on the song. Randy had the most praise for Alex saying, "I loved the subtleness of this performance." America agreed with Randy. Alex, Ben and Jena were sent to safety and Malaya was revealed to be in the bottom three. Jennifer was "not happy" with the results.

While Jennifer praised Malaya's stage presence, she also said “it wasn't your best vocal performance.” Harry noticed Malaya's nerves were on high alert for the first finalist performance, while Keith noted Malaya's contagious energy.

5'2” Malaya Watson from Detroit was up next performing Bruno Mars' upbeat hit, “Runaway Baby.” Randy thought Malay would ace her performance if she was able to “over enunciate” her words during the fast-paced song. Malaya certainly commanded the stage, but would the judges think it was enough?

Malaya Watson

Your Season XIII Top 13 Finalists!

Malaya Watson from Southfield, Michigian

Malaya Watson loves being different by taking an old funk sound and adding it to new music. She chose to perform "Hard Times" by Ray Charles. Chris Daughtry thought her voice was "stupid" good. She was urged at the workshop to let her personality show in the song, but Malaya argued a bit saying, "I'm kind of weird." We don't know about weird, but she knocked it out of the park! The judges were enthralled and her fellow contestants were bopping along the whole way through.

Before the critique could get started Malaya shouted that she was "feeling" Jennifer's sexy outfit. Jennifer was all praise for Malaya as well saying, "There is no doubt that you are one of the big powerhouse singers of the competition." Harry said he looks "forward to watching you settle into a space." Keith noted Malaya's unique style, "You make glasses and braces look so cool, Malaya. You've got confidence."

Malaya Watson

Malaya Watson has been a strong competitor throughout the audition process...until her final solo. Harry stopped her mid-performance to regroup with the band and get the key correct for Fantasia's "I Believe." She pulled it together and got Keith and Jennifer on their feet. Malaya, pronounced Muh-LYE-uh, means freedom and her celebration dance embodies just that! Everybody do the Malaya.

Group "Loud & Fierce" - comprised of Christina Collins, Olivia Diamond, Queen Bulls, and Malaya Watson - definitely worked on coordinating their outfits and dance moves. The drama we saw them have last night didn't show on stage. Their take on The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" had Jennifer declare to all four of them, "I want YOU back."

Malaya Watson

John remained seated a the piano while Malaya's powerful voice rang out from in front.