The Top 7 will definitely become 6 tonight and it's any one's guess after a great performance show from our Idols on Wednesday night.

This week IDOL™ results show moved to a new 30 minute, jam-packed format that included a performance from rising star Janelle Monáe.

Ryan announced early in the show that over 6 BILLION votes have been cast since season 1. AMERICAN IDOL® is a powerhouse that has been the platform for numerous artists over the years from the very first Idol Kelly Clarkson to Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, and Phillip Phillips. Not all or these contestants won the ultimate prize during their seasons, but the one thing they did have in common? They all made the Top 10 and participated in the IDOL™ summer tour.

The show opened with a special performance by the Top 12 performing Phillip Phillip's "Home." This wasn't your ordinary results show opener, however, as the performance we saw was a pre-recorded rendition that the contestants filmed themselves. What a perfect pick! After all, the theme of the week was "Home" and Phillip Phillips was on hand to perform his latest song, "Raging Fire," live. The night also afforded a great performance from the up and coming Irish band, Kodaline.

After the Top 10 were announced, Jennifer Lopez gave the audience a rundown of how the wildcard picks would proceed. The judges would pick five of the remaining ten contestants to sing in a do-or-die moment live on the stage. Harry urged the contestants to take it seriously saying, "They have to really compete."

The first live show of the season aired on a special Tuesday night and 15 semi-finalist girls were ready to perform for America's votes. Not all would get that chance though, as Ryan announced that only 10 ladies would be taking the stage. Throughout the show our three superstar judges would go on to reveal, one by one, the contestants who would get a chance to perform live. The five girls not chosen at the end of the night were instantly eliminated.

The rest of the Top 30 will be formed on Thursday at 8/7c. Will Casey or CJ be one of the Top 15 boys? What will become of the other early stand-outs? Tune in to find out!

Yo, dawg! Randy Jackson was on set, and Harry Connick Jr. auditioned for him with "Fire Water" and Keith Urban stood by his side. These dudes are in it to win it!

Next week, the 77 remaining contestants perform their final solos in Hollywood. Who from this talented group of auditioners will rise to the top? Watch FOX on WED & THU at 8/7c to find out!

We got more modern songs from Ben Briley with "Stars," Briston Maroney with "Royals," and Dexter Roberts with "Barton Hollow." Dexter asked Keith Urban to play his guitar for him. After Keith shredded, all three of these guitar-slingers moved forward.

Wake up, Atlanta! The episode kicked off with footage of parents waking up their auditioners, and Georgia's own Connie Seacrest waking up her boy, Ryan. #thisisntreal...Ryan Seacrest doesn't sleep! Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban switched spots at the judges' table in Atlanta. How long until Keith and Harry request to sit next to each other to kindle their bromance?

When Ethan Harris entered the audition room, his idol, Keith Urban, called him "The lost Osmond Brother," which Harry coined, "Ronnie Osmond." Ethan drew a great picture of Keith and asked him to autograph it. After singing Keith Urban's "You'll Think Of Me," Harry observed that Ethan's speaking and singing voice sound the same. Jennifer likes his tone, and Ethan said he felt like he was crazy talking to the TV. Now, Ethan will get to feel crazy as he sings for the judges in Hollywood.

We got just a little taste of Jared White, who sang John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change" (with a gold ticket already in his hand), while Keith Urban accompanied Jared on his guitar.

When Jennifer Lopez stepped out of the room for a minute, Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban killed some time with a hilarious "nervous contestant" bit. Harry did a spot on impression of a starstruck Keith Urban fan. He auditioned with "The Star-Spangled Banner," and the producers listed his on-screen age as "29*." Although Harry flattered Keith by calling him beautiful, it was a no for Harry. The piano player didn't leave empty-handed...he received a Keith Urban autograph on his calf!

Detroit, Michigan is known for its hit songs, Motown music, and cars. But would it become the home of the next American Idol? We won't know until May, but we do know that Harry Connick, Jr. thinks chewing gum is hot...on Jennifer Lopez, at least! We think the flannel and tousled bed head is working for her too.

The IDOL™ XIII judges sat down to the judges' table for the first time together.

The cameras captured Keith at audition in Boston.

The press was all over Keith Urban at auditions in Austin.

The judges showed off their silly sides at auditions in Boston.

The chemistry between Harry, Jennifer and Keith is amazing.

There were smiles all around from the judges and Ryan at IDOL™ auditions in Austin.

The Top 7 will definitely become 6 tonight and it's any one's guess after a great performance show from our Idols on Wednesday night.