The Top 13 girls joined Demi on stage for a performance of "Neon Lights"

Jessica's vocals blended perfectly with Jennifer Nettles' creating a unique rendition of the famous pop song.

Alabama girl Jessica Meuse joined Jennifer Nettles on stage to give a country twist to Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."

Jessica Meuse and Majesty Rose.

Jessica was visibly moved by her elimination.

That meant that Slapout, AL native Jessica Meuse was eliminated from the competition.

She chose to perform her original song, "Blue Eyed Lie" for her farewell performance.

All the contestants want to make it to the next round to secure their hometown visits, but only three will make the cut.

Jessica Meuse and Jena Irene.

Jessica Meuse.

Jessica Meuse.

Jessica Meuse.

Thursday night the Top 4 will become the Top 3 putting them one week closer to the finale and the IDOL™ crown. The three surviving contestants revealed tomorrow will leave on hometown visits where they'll be greeted as conquering heroes in their hometowns. Don't miss the show at 9/8c on FOX!

Jessica dedicated "You And I" by Lady Gaga to an unknown person. With a voice like that we hope he knows who he is!

Keith thought it was a "perfect song" for Jessica and Jennifer Lopez heartedly agreed. Harry loved that Jessica came out "swinging'" and said that she "killed" the performance. Nice job, Jess!

The judges all agreed that Jessica has an amazing talent, but the song wasn't the best choice for her. "Those two songs weren't the best for you," said Harry. "I'm hoping on the third song," said Jennifer Lopez.

Jessica dedicated Pink's classic "So What" to all the haters in her life who told her she'd never make it in the music industry. She even sported a hat emblazoned with Meuse's Mafia, the name of her fan club.

The judges gave mixed feedback to Jessica's performance. Jennifer thought the song wasn't an "easy song to sing," but it also wasn't the best song choice for Jessica's voice. Harry agreed that it was not her best performance and Keith wants to she her "pull out all the stops" during her performances.

Jessica performed Kelly Clarkson's hit "Since U Been Gone" as her breakup song.

The Top 4 performed three songs each this week all in dedication to love! Round one was a break-up song, round two was a dedication song and round three was a make-up song. With only two weeks until the finale the contestants would have to pull out all of the stops!

Jessica Meuse.

The Top 5!

Your Top 4!

Jessica Meuse

Jessica Meuse

Jessica Meuse: Top 6

Jessica Meuse: Top 8 Redux

Jessica Meuse: Top 6

Jessica Meuse: Top 5

Jessica Meuse: Top 7

Jessica Meuse: Top 5

Jessica Meuse: Top 9

Jessica Meuse: Top 11

Jessica Meuse: Top 8

Jessica Meuse: Top 10

Jessica Meuse: Top 13

Jessica Meuse: Hollywood Week

Jessica Meuse: Audition

Jessica Meuse: Rush Week

Jessica Meuse: Top 12

Jessica Meuse: Top 30

Ryan revealed three yeses immediately! Maybe these close friends had chosen to stay together! However, it was not meant to be because the final two votes were no. Someone would be going home tonight.

The contestants were each given one vote. If the Top 5 decided to stay together for another week then no one would be eliminated. However, the save meant TWO contestants would be sent home next week and the votes had to be unanimous.

The votes would be anonymous, but the contestants chatted with each other about their likely decisions before they cast their official votes.

Ryan revealed that for the first time in IDOL™ history the contestants had all the power. The Top 5 themselves would decide if the person with the lowest amount of votes would go home.

The final five discussed how much they loved America's song choices for them. The consensus was that this week was going to be a really tight competition.

Jessica and Caleb shared a smile during a commercial break.

Jessica Meuse was easy and confident at the results show.

The Top 6 were ready to go and hear the results of America's vote!

The Top 5 performance show came to a close with the knowledge that another one of these supremely talented artists will be leaving the show Thursday. Tune in at 9/8c on FOX to see how it all goes down!

Jessica started the sultry performance sitting and moved slowly through the dream like song. The performance definitely set a very specific tone, but what would the judges think?

Harry thought "Summertime Sadness" was a perfect song choice for Jessica. Keith wanted Jessica to "emotionally and dramatically lean into the song" more. Jennifer thought it was a good performance, but left her "a tiny bit cold," adding that she wanted Jessica to "lean in more."

Jessica Meuse took on Lana Del Rey's hit "Summertime Sadness" as her final performance of the night.

America chose "Human" by Christina Perri for Jessica Meuse to perform.

Jessica really connected with the lyrics of "Human" by Christina Perri and with a little help with theatricality from Jason Mraz delivered an emotional and strong performance.

The duo really flirted with each other during their performance giving it an extra edge and a great round of applause from the judges and the audience.

IDOL's resident cool kids, Jessica Meuse and Caleb Johnson teamed up to perform "Beast Of Burden" by The Rolling Stones.

Harry was proud of Jessica's growth from week to week even though he admitted that her performance wasn't his all-time favorite. Keith thought it was a "really good song" for our Country cool artist and Jennifer loved that Jessica allowed herself to get lost in the emotionality of the song.

The Top 6 were in great spirits before the results show.

Jessica Meuse made friends with Grumpy Cat! Well, she tried too anyway.

The Top 6 pose with Grumpy Cat!

C.J. Harris and Jessica Meuse pose for a photo.

Jessica Meuse poses for the cameras.

Jena Irene and Jessica Meuse got their makeup done side by side before the show.

The Top 6 hung out before Wednesday's show.

Your Top 5!

Jessica Meuse

Jessica Meuse

America has spoken and now Alex, Caleb, C.J. Jena, Jessica and Sam have to face the music!

In the blink of an eye IDOL™ went down to only five contestants. Each week we'll be forced to say goodbye to a talented performer until we reach the finale! Tune in Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX to watch them square off for a shot at the title!

Jessica Meuse joined her fellow Alabama native in the bottom two for the night. One person would definitely be returning to the Southern state after Thursday's show.

That does it for the Top 6 performance show. How would America's votes fall? Only time will tell, but you can find out Thursday at 9/8c on FOX!

Harry thought Jessica's performance of "Jolene" was "strong." While Keith thought that Jessica sounded great he added that he "hated the arrangement," preferring Dolly's original. Jennifer thought that Jessica did a "good job."

Jessica's rendition of "Jolene" was slightly edgier than the original, but the crowd seemed to really love it and Jessica was definitely delivering the goods during the performance.

Country gal Jessica Meuse took on Dolly Parton's classic, "Jolene."

Jessica Meuse closed out round one with "Somebody To Love" by Jefferson Airplane.

The judges were generally pleased with Jessica's performance. Harry called the effort "really strong," and said she did a "nice job." Keith said the performance was "vocally strong," but he'd like to see a little more release from her. Jennifer echoed Keith's criticism saying that when someone has such a powerful voice as Jessica does that the audience wants the energy of the performer's body to match!

Jessica got the crowd going with a vocally strong performance and even a few well-placed dance moves.

Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, C.J. Harris, Jena Irene, Jessica Meuse, and Sam Woolf. Only one will walk away with an INSANE recording contract and a jump-start on a huge career.

Sam, Alex, C.J. and Jessica walked the press line after the show.

C.J., Jessica and Dexter after their duet.

The press interviewed Jessica Meuse after the show.

The three Alabama natives in the Top 7 posed for a friendly photo.

The Top 7 took a moment for thought before the Top 7 performance show.

The Top 7 showed off their silly sides backstage at AMERICAN IDOL®.

Jessica Meuse got her daily supply of blue eyeshadow before the Top 7 performance show.

The Top 6!

Jessica Meuse

Jessica Meuse

Caleb, Sam, Jessica and C.J. were then called to the stage to hear their results. Randy thought that C.J. did a "good job," but "wanted more" from his performance. He said it'd be interesting to see how the results panned out for Jessica and praised Sam's growth over the season. Caleb got the most praise from Randy who gave him a solid "A" for his performance.

That put Jessica Meuse in the bottom two and in danger of elimination.

Two out of the three "Alabama Power" contestants were in the bottom 2 this week. Who would survive?

The competitors made their choices! Who will remain in the competition? That would be decided by YOU! Tune in Thursday at 9/8c for a jam-packed results show!

Although Jessica, Dexter and C.J. seemed to be enjoying themselves during their performance, Harry was not amused saying the performance "just wasn't good." He added that the singers were "out of tune." Keith and Demi Lovato agreed with Harry's assessment, panning the performance.

Jessica, Dexter and C.J. then hit the stage performing "Compass" by Lady Antebellum. The trio nicknamed their group Alabama Power because they all hail from the state.

Sam Woolf picked "Gunpowder And Lead" by Miranda Lambert for Jessica to perform. Jessica chose Sam's pick because it showed off her "bad-ass" nature. Would "Gunpowder And Lead" show off Jessica's voice as well?

The judges were critical of Jessica's performance. Jennifer said that Jessica was "off a little bit vocally in the verses," while Harry urged herself to work on her rhythm. "There's a lack of rhythmic delivery," Harry said. Keith said his attention for the performance "dissipated" and urged Jessica to "get centered, get serious, and commit to the lyric."

Caleb, Sam and Jessica walk the press line after the show.

Caleb and the ladies.

The Top 13 girls joined Demi on stage for a performance of "Neon Lights"