The competitors made their choices! Who will remain in the competition? That would be decided by YOU! Tune in Thursday at 9/8c for a jam-packed results show!

Although Jessica, Dexter and C.J. seemed to be enjoying themselves during their performance, Harry was not amused saying the performance "just wasn't good." He added that the singers were "out of tune." Keith and Demi Lovato agreed with Harry's assessment, panning the performance.

Jessica, Dexter and C.J. then hit the stage performing "Compass" by Lady Antebellum. The trio nicknamed their group Alabama Power because they all hail from the state.

Sam Woolf picked "Gunpowder And Lead" by Miranda Lambert for Jessica to perform. Jessica chose Sam's pick because it showed off her "bad-ass" nature. Would "Gunpowder And Lead" show off Jessica's voice as well?

The judges were critical of Jessica's performance. Jennifer said that Jessica was "off a little bit vocally in the verses," while Harry urged herself to work on her rhythm. "There's a lack of rhythmic delivery," Harry said. Keith said his attention for the performance "dissipated" and urged Jessica to "get centered, get serious, and commit to the lyric."

Caleb, Sam and Jessica walk the press line after the show.

Jessica Meuse posed with a fan after the show.

Caleb and the ladies.

The Top 8 pose for a photo before the performance show.

Jessica Meuse

Jessica Meuse

The Top 7!

The contestants rallied around Malaya to support her after the elimination.

Ryan got down to business and called Dexter, Caleb, Jessica and C.J. to the stage to hear the results of America's vote. He revealed the safe contestants one by one.

Jessica Meuse's "Call Me" earned her the third safe spot of the evening.

Jessica and Dexter got to review their own performance from the judges' table since Harry and Keith both went to watch to the show from the audience. Obviously they both thought they did an amazing job!

Alabama natives Jessica Meuse and Dexter Roberts teamed up to perform "Islands In The Stream" by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. The song was a perfect choice for the country pair.

"I will say this, you have a great voice," said Harry, but he urged her to feel the groove more. "You need to feel that groove. You need to sing that groove." Keith noticed that Jessica's performances are still a bit stiff. "I'm still waiting for the rest of the release," he said. "You're almost there, just go right in." Jennifer conveyed to Jessica that in order to pull off a song like "Call Me" that she needed to tap into her sexiness more. If Jessica can't do that then this wasn't the right song for her.

Jessica Meuse chose "Call Me" by Blondie as her song selection for 1980s week. When she hit the mentoring session with David Cook he noted that "technically" she was "spot on," but added that he wasn't enjoying her performance at all. He urged her to enjoy herself, smile and work the stage during her performance. Would she be up to the task?

The Top 8 celebrated after the save.

The IDOL™ ladies hung out backstage.

Jessica Meuse looked great on stage during Top 8 performances.

Jessica Meuse goofed around backstage.

Jessica Meuse

Your Top 8 is Back!

Jessica Meuse was the fourth person announced as safe for the the evening. All of Randy Jackson's predictions were correct!

With strong performances from everyone, some will be safe, but others will be singing for the save! Chris Daughtry also returns for a special performance. It all starts THU 8/7c on FOX!

The pairing of Jessica and Caleb was perfect. They really played off each other during their duet and seemed to have a real connection on stage. When asked how he'd rate the performance, Caleb responded, "An 11!"

Jessica Meuse and Caleb Johnson then teamed up to sing a rockin' rendition of "Stop Dragging My Heart Around."

Before Jessica got to perform we got a look at her childhood. Apparently Ms. Meuse was a particularly "evil baby" that screamed all the time. Jessica credits her early vocal efforts as the reason why she has such a powerful voice. She took the top spot of the evening performing her original song "Blue Eyed Lie." Jessica debuted the song during her initial audition and before her performance we flashed back to that moment. Harry remembered that Jessica was "staring holes" into them during her audition and Keith remembered her impressive shoulder pop!

It was back to the start as the Top 8 contestants took on their original audition songs live in front of America. We got a first hand look at how far all these talented performers have grown this season.

Jessica was excited to perform her original song, written about an ex, again and this time with a huge band behind her. Jessica really got the shoulder going again during her performance. "That was a great way to start the show," said Keith. "I love the ferocity that you sing with." Jennifer thought the performance was "really perfect," and Harry said "It was a really cool presentation."

The IDOL™ girls show off their personalities behind the scenes.

The Top 8 posed for a photo together on stage after Majesty Rose's elimination.

Malaya, Jessica and Dexter were interviewed after the show.

Jessica Meuse looked every part the star during IDOL™ rehearsals.

Jessica Meuse got ready for her big performance with a little help from the makeup artists.

Jessica Meuse

Your Top 8!

The next contestant destined to remain another week on AMERICAN IDOL®? Jessica Meuse

In her first audition, the judges compared Jessica to Stevie Nicks and Wednesday she chose to take on "Rhiannon" by the legendary songstress. Harry thought Jessica's performance was "nice" and went on to say it was his "favorite performance" from the singer. Keith had some constructive criticism for the self-described redneck saying that she needed to work on being comfortable on stage without an instrument. Jennifer noticed that Jessica's "confidence" was growing and said that she could see her "connecting with the audience more."

Jessica Meuse is her own one woman show back in Alabama. She does her own graphics, social media and bookings. When she's not performing or practising on her many instruments, you can find Jessica hunting. Jessica believes everyone should be able to hunt because as she says, "When the end of the world comes you're going to want the redneck on your team."

Jessica Meuse hung out backstage.

The Top 10 were pumped up and ready to go backstage before the show.

The makeup artist makes sure Jessica Meuse's eyes will pop on stage for her performance!

Your Top 9!

Jessica Meuse

Malaya, Jessica and Dexter were called to the stage for results. Randy Jackson weighed in before the results were revealed. Randy was happy that Malaya chose not to play the piano during her performance saying that the freedom from the instrument allowed her to give a "tender" and "emotional" performance. Randy thought Dexter was "a little lost on the stage," and said that Jessica "gave a great performance." Would America's votes line up?

Jessica Meuse chose "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People to perform for Top 10 week. Jessica picked the song because of the interesting dichotomy between the uptempo music and more serious lyrics. Jessica added her signature twang and got the crowd up on their feet.

Jennifer was "really happy" with Jessica's performance and said it "felt really good." Harry disagreed and noted that Jessica had a "complacent smile" on her face during the entirety of the performance. Keith thought it was "good" and loved the 60's country pop vibe that Jessica brought to the song.

Majesty and Jessica chatted with the press after the show.

Jessica Meuse relaxed backstage.

The Top 10!

Jessica Meuse

Jessica Meuse, Alex Preston, Jena Irene and Sam Woolf were the final contestants to receive their results. Randy thought that Sam did a "good job" of trying to crack his shell, but thought that Jessica Meuse didn't have a "standout performance." Randy had the ultimate praise for Alex saying, "He's everything an artist should really be." Randy was also really "proud" of Jena's performance. What would America think?

While Jen praised Jessica's song choice, she felt Jessica "never" got into the "groove" during the performance. Harry was impressed that Jessica was able to keep her focus even though the band was off at times during her performance. Keith had some practical advice for the young artist urging her to use the dynamics of the microphone and the stage.

Drawing inspiration from the movie "The Graduate," Jessica Meuse chose to perform "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. Jessica kept the performance low key and simple. The song was right in her wheelhouse and is one she has performed often while gigging.

Cameras caught Jessica Meuse backstage after the show.

Jessica Meuse showed off her serious side while getting her makeup done.

Jessica Meuse

Your Top 11!

Ryan called Emily, Sam, Jessica and Ben to the stage for their results. Randy coached each of the Top 12 before their performances and we got to see a little bit of their sessions before the results were revealed. Ryan called Emily's name first and wasted no time in sending her into the bottom three. Sam, Jessica and Ben were safe!

Harry had harsh criticism for Jessica saying that her performance sounded “understated and a bit blaise.” He went on to add that she was “sharp the whole time.” Keith noted that he wouldn't have minded that Jess was out of tune if he felt any passion in the performance. Jennifer was on the same page as Harry noting, “It was so sharp the whole time. It was distracting.”

By now, most people in America now that Jessica Meuse is Slapout, Alabama, but what does home mean to her? Apparently it means her family, boyfriend, cows and chickens! Jessica chose Dido's “White Flag” because it represented a turning point in her life.

The finalist ladies were looking lovely backstage.

Jessica Meuse was the picture of perfection at the press line after the show.

Jessica Meuse was captured by the cameras after her performance.

Jessica Meuse

After Jake's performance C.J., Kristen, Caleb, Jessica and Emily were the last contestants to hear their results. Randy said his piece first noting that C.J. needs to bring his "consistency up so he's great every week," while praising Kristen's "pretty good performance." Randy thought Caleb's Top 13 performance continually shows his authenticity and noted the Emily's effort was good, but failed to show "edge."

The judges were impressed with Jessica's performance. Keith thought her choice was a “very bold, but cool song choice” and praised the “dark, haunting” quality of her voice. Jennifer said that the performance gave her "goosies" and exclaimed that it was her “favorite vocal performance” of the night. Harry was impressed with the “strong performance” as well.

Slapout, AL native Jessica Meuse took a risk performing Shinedown's “The Crow & The Butterfly.” Randy thought Jessica would have to commit to the “meaning of that song” to have a successful performance. Would her risk pay off?

Jessica Meuse

Your Season XIII Top 13 Finalists!

Jessica Meuse from Slapout, Alabama

Slapout, Alabama native Jessica Meuse is IN! The sultry-voiced songstress chose to perform "Drink A Beer" by Luke Bryan because it had strong instrumentation and she wanted to perform a song with her guitar. At the workshop, Chris Daughtry thought her voice was better than her guitar playing and wanted her to challenge herself by not using her instrument as a crutch. Jessica ignored his advice and appeared on stage with her trusty guitar, but her instincts served her right in this case and she delivered a quiet, but strong performance that the audience loved.

Jennifer praised Jessica's "country tone," while Harry urged her to watch her intonation. Harry went on to say that he didn't feel that she connected with the song very well. Harry said there was a disconnect in her performance and the words of the song noting that it throws off the performance to smile while singing about loss.

Jessica Meuse

Drama follows Jessica Meuse wherever she goes, and that sure was the case with her Top 30 results! She was called up to see the judges along with Jesse Roach. There's room for only one rockin' Jess in the Top 15 girls, so the judges asked the girls to perform on the spot. Harry said, "There's a limited number of seats on the bus..." There's a bus again? Jessica took on "Simple Man," while Jesse reprised her hometown audition of "Do Ya." The judges had high praise for both girls and said this is the hardest decision in the competition, but Jessica Meuse made it through.

Jessica Meuse found another group after the previous night's drama, but she was experiencing more hardships as she tried to remember her lyrics, keep on top of choreography, and battle a stage mom. On stage, Nica Nashae, Cara Watson, Jessica Meuse, and Stephanie Hanvey all supported each other before taking on "Single Ladies." Although Stephanie's vocals faltered, her mom was rocking out in the balcony. Jessica Meuse forgot her lyrics. Ultimately, only Stephanie was heading home. She kept quiet as her mom railed into Jessica about how she didn't pull her weight. Stephanie tried to give a polite exit interview, but momma scooped her right off the set.

Jessica Meuse, Matthew Hamel, and Clark King had trouble harmonizing, but their troubles were just beginning. Clark withdrew from the competition due to illness, and Jessica and Matthew decided it would be best to find new groups. The Freedom Breathers group - which includes C.J. Harris and Caleb Johnson - took Matthew in. Jessica joined Sparkles, presenting a new set of problems when Stephanie Hanvey's stage mom tried to direct Jessica.

Jessica Meuse

The competitors made their choices! Who will remain in the competition? That would be decided by YOU! Tune in Thursday at 9/8c for a jam-packed results show!