MK Nobilette and Emmanuel Zidor split from their group and joined Terrica Curry and Carmen Delgina, but MK and Terrica each disappeared, leaving Emmanuel to roll and cross his eyes while wondering if two people could be a group.

The members of team Loud & Fierce were fiercly loud as a member from their group got mad that the group was having trouble with the lyrics during their limited time with Vocal Coach Michael Orland.

We'll see how all of the group night drama plays out on the next episode of American Idol. Will Sikenya get her voice back? Will Loud & Fierce remember the lyrics? Will Jessica get along with her group? And will Backstreet Cowboys be anything other than awesome? Tune in to FOX at 8/7c to find out!

The singers who made it passed the initial Hollywood solos found out they made it to the wild ride we call Group Night. The contestants scrambled to form groups of three or four on stage. An Austin foursome decided on this group back during hometown auditions. Way to think ahead! Good thing they all made it through. Their speedy formation allowed them to see the vocal coaches first. This year there is even more drama, because the contestants aren't assigned a time with the vocal coaches - they have to wait in line for it.

After some hilarious speeches from the contestants and quips from the judges, we reunited with Harry's cradle buddy, Munfarid Zaidi. He gave a jazzy version of "Proud Mary" that had Jennifer cracking up. Ethan Thompson, the handsome Phillip Phillips look-a-like, went with an original song. Austin Precario was without his stage mom in Hollywood, but still found success with a Michael Buble cover. All three guys are going through, and Munfarid exited the theater in the arms of his fellow contestants.

We got more modern songs from Ben Briley with "Stars," Briston Maroney with "Royals," and Dexter Roberts with "Barton Hollow." Dexter asked Keith Urban to play his guitar for him. After Keith shredded, all three of these guitar-slingers moved forward.

Over 200 contestants made it to California...but they didn't necessarily make it to Hollywood. The contestants arrived at an airplane hangar, where the judges announced that some of the contestants will sing right now for a spot at Hollywood Week. In other judge news, who knew a 44-year-old mother of twins could look so good in a midriff?!

Atlanta only sent one person to the semi-finals during Season 9, and no one to the Top 13, so it was a nice surprise to get 44 Hollywood-bound singers from Atlanta this season, making the current count 163 going to Hollywood. Next, we pack our bags and head to Salt Lake City.

Wake up, Atlanta! The episode kicked off with footage of parents waking up their auditioners, and Georgia's own Connie Seacrest waking up her boy, Ryan. #thisisntreal...Ryan Seacrest doesn't sleep! Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban switched spots at the judges' table in Atlanta. How long until Keith and Harry request to sit next to each other to kindle their bromance?

An impressive 40 contestants from Detroit are off to Hollywood, for a total of 117 Hollywood-bound contestants so far. Next, we turn up in Atlanta and discover some hot talent!

Harry Connick, Jr. gave us a look at the Detroit set and headed to "Confessional," where he admitted to his Idol sins, including stealing Ryan Seacrest's hair products. And this is why we love him and Season XIII!

When Ethan Harris entered the audition room, his idol, Keith Urban, called him "The lost Osmond Brother," which Harry coined, "Ronnie Osmond." Ethan drew a great picture of Keith and asked him to autograph it. After singing Keith Urban's "You'll Think Of Me," Harry observed that Ethan's speaking and singing voice sound the same. Jennifer likes his tone, and Ethan said he felt like he was crazy talking to the TV. Now, Ethan will get to feel crazy as he sings for the judges in Hollywood.

Maurice Townsend is a 26-year-old student and Minister of Music with four children. As he auditioned with John Legend's "So High," Keith sat back and enjoyed the show. When the judges learned about Maurice's family, they had him bring them in to the audition room. Harry gave high fives to the "most stylish family he's ever seen in his life," while Jennifer held Maurice's baby girl. The judges had Maurice's oldest son say, "Dad, you're going to Hollywood!" How is his wife going to wrangle three boys and a baby girl while he's in Hollywood?!

We got just a little taste of Jared White, who sang John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change" (with a gold ticket already in his hand), while Keith Urban accompanied Jared on his guitar.

When Jennifer Lopez stepped out of the room for a minute, Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban killed some time with a hilarious "nervous contestant" bit. Harry did a spot on impression of a starstruck Keith Urban fan. He auditioned with "The Star-Spangled Banner," and the producers listed his on-screen age as "29*." Although Harry flattered Keith by calling him beautiful, it was a no for Harry. The piano player didn't leave empty-handed...he received a Keith Urban autograph on his calf!

Detroit, Michigan is known for its hit songs, Motown music, and cars. But would it become the home of the next American Idol? We won't know until May, but we do know that Harry Connick, Jr. thinks chewing gum is hot...on Jennifer Lopez, at least! We think the flannel and tousled bed head is working for her too.

Gaddy Basil Foster is RIPPED...and not wearing much clothing (and it's cold in San Francisco during the summer!). Jennifer tried to hide her giggles and Harry stayed pretty quiet for Harry, so Keith delivered the bad news.

Twins Selena and Sierra Moreno look like they have the best time together. They entered the audition room together but sang separately. The girls took on completely different artists - Selena performed a Janis Joplin song, and Sierra performed a Beyonce song. Keith mentioned that Selena's voice and Sierra's stage presence hooked him. Ultimately, Selena went through to Hollywood and Sierra went home.

Adam Roth is like a human digeridoo. The 28-year-old "Sound Healer" doesn't wear shoes and walks on public streets and American Idol stages. Although he has a booming deep voice that radiates through the body, when he sang "Hallelujah" for his audition, it was much higher and sounded pretty and sweet. It touched a different chakra than his booming sounds. Keith said his voice is beautiful but he uses it schizophrenically. Adam explained that he's just trying really hard because this is so important to him. Dr. No turned him down, Jennifer said yes, and Adam's sound therapy caused Keith to hand him the final ticket of the day.

Samuel Ramsey gave a "jazzy" version of "I Want You Back." Harry schooled Samuel on what the word jazzy actually means. Samuel wasn't that bad, but he's not going to Hollywood.

LJ Hernandez is a farmer who held an impressively long and loud note during his delivery of Edwin McCain's "I'll Be," but that was the only thing impressive about his performance. He seems really nice and hopefully the kind words from the judges quiets his ex-fiance.

Jennifer Lopez observed as quickly as we did how attractive Spencer Lloyd is. The Worship Leader performed "Never Gone" by Idol's own Colton Dixon, but he played it on the guitar instead of the piano. The judges thought he was good, but maybe not the best they've ever heard. His whole package was enough to give him three yeses, and women (and men) across America rejoiced! Spencer's family sure knows how to rejoice -- one guy picked up Ryan Seacrest, and the ladies' screams made Harry wonder if it was shrieks of horror or delight.

Grace Anne Field is a bubbly professional pianist who spoke enthusiastically with the judges. We had a good feeling about her...but then she sang. The judges observed that she was a little all over the place, nervous, and didn't have the whole package. We wish we got to hear her tickle the ivories!

It was September 25, 2013 in Austin, TX...and "one more life is about to change." We heard John Fox sing a snippet of "To Make You Feel My Love," but we don't get the results. Instead, we get a quick glimpse of Idol hopefuls across the nation.

A lot of auditioners don't know who Harry Connick Jr. is. Really?! He's pretty darn famous. Also, that means you didn't watch the Season 9 or Season 12 episodes of Idol when Harry was a judge. Your loss! Munfarid Zaidi is a big HCJ fan. He's from Sugarland by way of Pakistan. Harry got up from his chair and picked up Munfarid who dangled in the air. Harry said if Munfarid blows him away on the first song, he'll hold him like a baby for his second song. Thank goodness Munfarid's first performance - of Adele's "Crazy For You" - was good, which led to the best moment of the episode. Harry got up on stage and cradled Munfarid, who geniously belted out, "I just want you close..." from Alicia Keys' "No One." Jennifer and Keith were dying of laughter, and a new internet craze was sparked - Cradling! While you wait for the next episode of the awesomely revamped Idol, submit a photo of you cradling someone with #Cradling.

Madelyn Patterson sang "Up To The Mountain" which makes us think of Crystal Bowersox, Jen Hirsh, and Kree Harrison. Although Madelyn's performance might not have been as memorable as those three, she easily got a yes from Keith and a double yes from Jennifer. Harry said, "Some people are easily impressed by runs," and he would have said no. But it's a ticket to Hollywood for Madelyn, who will hear the rest of Harry's advice in Hollywood.

Welcome to Austin! The live music capital of the world. Duran Cree is a teen who took on Idol's own Carrie Underwood with "Cupid's Got A Shotgun." "Durann Cree" is a cool, rockstar name! Harry pegged her as earning the "Most Likely To Be A Singer" superlative in her school. What Harry meant by that is that Duran is a big fish in a little pond in her hometown, but American Idol is the biggest platform in the world. We got a "yes" from Jennifer and a "no" from Harry. It must've been a "no" from Keith because the next thing we saw was a sad Durann exiting the judges' room without a ticket.

Shanon Wilson is an R&B singer who played football as a defensive tackle. Ryan Seacrest was an offensive lineman in high school...we're not kidding! Ryan challenged Shanon to go head-to-head in the holding room. There was no need for Shannon to tackle Ryan -- Ryan was taken out in the groin region by a chair. Hopefully he was wearing a cup! Shanon sang Luke James' "I Want You" in a very high voice that you wouldn't expect. You picture a guy of this size with a deep voice. The judges said to Shannon, "I want you!" And he's off to Hollywood.

James Earl is wearing a flashy top but is snoozing in the hallways. Soon after entering the audition room, Harry called James "the coolest guy I've met in a long time." James is inspired by R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, and Luther Vandross, and when he started singing, you could hear him trying to mimic all three. After his original song, James showed off his comedic chops with this joke: "Why did the dog go in the water? Because he didn't want to be a hot dog." James is funnier when he's not telling jokes! The judges encouraged James to go down the joke-telling path, and gave him three nos. James thought that meant the judges didn't like him, but they kept talking about how they loved him and how cool he was after he left. Love these judges!

Stephanie Hanvey is a Jersey girl who is a huge Jennifer Lopez fan. She sang Jessie J's "Pricetag," and the judges were unsure. Keith said yes, and Jennifer couldn't turn down her fan. Harry gave her a yes too, and Stephanie collapsed to the floor in tears and her parents joined her. Just when things were at their emotional peak, Stephanie got a hug from Jennifer! This teen's life has forever been made.

Sam Woolf hasn't had the easiest upbringing, but his "agent" grandfather has supported him. He plays Ed Sheeran songs to retired people in Florida, but after a performance of "Lego House" for the judges, you could tell that Sam will have a lot of appeal with the young crowd too. Keith commented, "Good lord, your pitch is incredible...I've never heard 'Lego House' done so fast, like an auction song." Harry joked about this teen having a treble clef tattoo, but the three judges loved him and he's off to Hollywood. Here comes treble! "My daughters are going to go absolutely crazy for that kid," remarked Harry. Keep that adorable, supportive, crying grandpa around, Sam! That will help garner a lot of votes.

Interior. A cold chamber. "Life can change in a heartbeat." Enter Marrialle Sellers. A Detroit contestant with a cool look and an even cooler attitude. She put her own spin on Bruno Mars' "Grenade" while playing the guitar. Judge Keith Urban ripped up the golden ticket in front of him and handed Marrialle a third of a ticket to Hollywood. Judges Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. gave Marrialle their thirds, sending Marrialle to Hollywood!

Atlanta showed up big to IDOL™ auditions!

Auditioners in Atlanta showed off their IDOL™ excitement.

Sing it out! Can you hit that note?

She's got great style with her blue top and pink guitar.

These two hopefuls brought out their American pride!

AMERICAN IDOL® XIII is bound to be the best yet.

He's showing off some major USA pride at auditions in Atlanta.

How many times have you auditioned? Tell us your IDOL™ story.

The excitement in Atlanta was beyond compare.

This man shows off his best future superstar pose.

This hopeful looks cool and easy as he plays his guitar at IDOL™ auditions in Atlanta.

Get together and show us your best IDOL™ smile!

Look at that crowd in Atlanta!

These two are showing off some serious star style at auditions in Atlanta.

This proud family member shows her support for her IDOL™ hopeful.

Crystal had some major support at auditions in Atlanta.

Season XIII hopefuls waved to the cameras as they swept through the crowds.

These auditioners showed up with hand made shirts.

These two are showing off some serious star style at auditions in Atlanta.

MK Nobilette and Emmanuel Zidor split from their group and joined Terrica Curry and Carmen Delgina, but MK and Terrica each disappeared, leaving Emmanuel to roll and cross his eyes while wondering if two people could be a group.