Finally at the end of the show we got down to the nitty gritty as Ryan Seacrest prepared to announce the Top 2!

Tune in to the AMERICAN IDOL® finale next week as Jena and Caleb duke it out in the finale on TUE and WED 8/7c on FOX!

Alex took to the stage one last time to perform his original song, "Fairytale!"

All three judges got to their feet in support of Alex Preston's last performance and singular IDOL™ journey.

Alex solidly delivered his performance despite the devastating elimination. We know we'll be seeing more of Alex Preston in the future!

With Caleb and Jena moving on to the finale that means we were forced to say goodbye to the talented Alex Preston.

Jena Irene was announced as the first contestant to compete in the finale!

Caleb Johnson got the other spot in the finale! He'll be competing with Jena for the IDOL™ crown!

Scotty definitely wowed the crowed with his classic country voice and boyishly handsome looks.

Caleb, with his big little brother on stage next to him, got the rather incredible news that he'll be performing with the legendary band KISS at the finale! While Caleb looked thrilled at the news, his little brother was even more excited!

Caleb was the last contestant Ryan brought up. Caleb rocked his hometown visit just like he rocks the IDOL™ stage each week.

Alex got the best news when Ryan revealed that he'll sing with his own Idol and mentor from earlier this season, Jason Mraz, at the finale!

Scotty looked right at home on the Season XIII stage!

Ryan brought Jena on stage to watch the playback from her hometown visit the weekend before.

Ryan brought Alex up on stage to to watch the emotional footage from his hometown visit.

Season 10's champ Scotty McCreery returned to perform his new single, "Feelin' It."

IDOL™ alumni Elliott Yamin and Danny Gokey were in the audience for the big Top 2 reveal!

Ryan opened the show with his new love, the puppy Georgia! Georgia was calm as a puppy can be looking out into the large IDOL™ audience.

The judges looked glam as usual as they came out to greet the live audience.

This is it! Tonight is the night we learned who will be performing in the Season XIII finale! Alex, Caleb and Jena left it all out on the stage Wednesday night, but only two people would be moving on to the finale and a shot at the IDOL™ crown.

Ryan gave Jena a bit of a shock when he announced she'll be joining the band Paramore live on stage at the finale!

Finally at the end of the show we got down to the nitty gritty as Ryan Seacrest prepared to announce the Top 2!