Jessica was visibly moved by her elimination.

Ryan revealed that Caleb made it to the Top 3.

It was hard to say goodbye to Jessica, but that also means we're only 2 weeks away from the Season XIII finale! Tune in next week to find out how the Top 3 were greeted on their hometown visits and to watch them battle it out for the IDOL™ crown!

Alex will be returning home to Mont Vernon, NH a celebrity!

That meant that Slapout, AL native Jessica Meuse was eliminated from the competition.

She chose to perform her original song, "Blue Eyed Lie" for her farewell performance.

Alex was the third and final member of the Top 3.

Caleb be visiting his hometown of Asheville, NC.

Jena Irene made it to the Top 3!

This is it! Tonight the Top 3 were announced. Three lucky contestants would return home for a hero's welcome.

Before we got down to the more serious business of eliminations, Ryan surprised Harry with beignets from his home city of New Orleans.

Randy Jackson weighed in on the performances from the night before.

The judges took the time to weigh in on the gravity of Thursday's cut. Keith was nervous and Jennifer realized this point is a major turning point in the competition.

All the contestants want to make it to the next round to secure their hometown visits, but only three will make the cut.

Jena will be returning a hero to her hometown of Farmington Hills, MI!

Jessica was visibly moved by her elimination.