Caleb closed the show performing "Still Of The Night" by Whitesnake.

The Top 5 performance show came to a close with the knowledge that another one of these supremely talented artists will be leaving the show Thursday. Tune in at 9/8c on FOX to see how it all goes down!

Jena took "Valerie" and really made the popular song her own by slowing it down, magically transporting the IDOL™ audience to a jazzy nightclub!

"Still Of The Night" by Whitesnake had the judges as well as the crowd on their feet well song ended. It was, perhaps, the loudest the audience has been all season!

Sam Woolf performed "How To Save A Life" by The Fray for his second performance of the night.

Jessica started the sultry performance sitting and moved slowly through the dream like song. The performance definitely set a very specific tone, but what would the judges think?

Jennifer Lopez thought Sam's performance was shaky in the beginning, but "became perfect for you." Harry thought it was a "perfect song choice," but noticed there were pitch issues.

"How To Save Life" was a great song choice for Sam and he really hit his stride during the performance delivering a solid second performance.

Harry thought "Summertime Sadness" was a perfect song choice for Jessica. Keith wanted Jessica to "emotionally and dramatically lean into the song" more. Jennifer thought it was a good performance, but left her "a tiny bit cold," adding that she wanted Jessica to "lean in more."

Jena's second effort of the night was "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse.

Jessica Meuse took on Lana Del Rey's hit "Summertime Sadness" as her final performance of the night.

Keith thought that Jena's vocals were "killer," but he preferred a different version of the song. Jennifer said it "wasn't your best one," and Harry thought it was a "nice job."

Keith called the performance "Absolutely awesome," and Jennifer Lopez said, "That's what you call bringing down the house." Harry gave Caleb praise as well saying, "You just can't sing that song any better than that."

The judges had nothing but praise for Alex's strong performance. Harry said, "For me, that was the best performance of the night." Keith thought it was the "perfect marriage of song and artist," while Jennifer praised the staging and Alex's superior vocals.

America chose "Human" by Christina Perri for Jessica Meuse to perform.

America chose "My Body" by Young the Giant for Jena Irene.

Jennifer said that Jena sounded "really good" and praised the way the young artist is developing her own unique performance style that's evolving from week to week. Harry loved the way Jena moved so well around the stage and Keith called her effort, "Killer!"

Jessica really connected with the lyrics of "Human" by Christina Perri and with a little help with theatricality from Jason Mraz delivered an emotional and strong performance.

The duo really flirted with each other during their performance giving it an extra edge and a great round of applause from the judges and the audience.

In the mentoring session Jason Mraz urged Caleb to tell the story of the song and really try to connect with the audience. His tender performance of the iconic song was definitely a high moment in the night and showed a different side of our Rock 'N' Roller.

Keith thought that Sam "did as good of a job" as he could with a "really tough song." Jennifer praised his performance saying, "I liked seeing you really relaxed and moving around." Harry thought it was really cool to see a different side to Sam!

Sam's goal after his mentor session with Jason Mraz was to "get funky with it" on stage and rock with America. Misson accomplished! He did a great job really connecting with the music and message.

Jason Mraz urged Jena to focus on her diction and the lyrics when performing. Jena wanted to show she feels really comfortable on stage did just that by moving around the stage like an old pro even though she's only 17 years old.

"Say Something" was right in Alex's singer/songwriter wheelhouse. He gave an emotionally charged performance that held every member of the audience captive.

IDOL's resident cool kids, Jessica Meuse and Caleb Johnson teamed up to perform "Beast Of Burden" by The Rolling Stones.

Jennifer acknowledged that "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" was a challenging song for Caleb, but said that he "sang it beautifully." Harry gave Caleb the advice of not playing to the camera too much and urging him to sing for the audience that is in the room and not the fans at home. Keith liked the song choice, but wanted Caleb to put the feelings behind the song first as opposed to his technicality of the performance.

Alex's second performance of the night was "Say Something" by A Great Big World.

Sam hit the stage next performing "Sing" by Ed Sheeran.

Caleb Johnson hit the stage performing "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith.

Harry was proud of Jessica's growth from week to week even though he admitted that her performance wasn't his all-time favorite. Keith thought it was a "really good song" for our Country cool artist and Jennifer loved that Jessica allowed herself to get lost in the emotionality of the song.

Jena Irene, Alex Preston and Sam Woolf teamed up to perform "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors.

First, the contestants revealed their celebrity crushes and Alex's crush, Zooey Deschanel, surprised him with a visit to open the show. We also learned that Jason Mraz was the guest mentor this week and helped the contestants mould their America's Request performances.

The crowd went absolutely wild for this upbeat performance from the trio.

Jason Mraz helped Alex with his movement and you could tell that our eclectic star was loose, relaxed and fluid on stage.

Keith opened up the comments saying that he thought Alex did a good job, but wanted a little more vocally from the contestant. Jennifer praised America's song choice and thought that Alex "really pulled it off." Harry praised the song choice as well saying "I can hear you doing a song like this on your record," then adding that he thought it was a "strong opening to the show."

Singer Jason Mraz was the guest mentor this week and helped the contestants mould their America's Request performances.

Alex Preston opened the show with "Sweater Weather" by The Neighborhood.

It's America's Request night on IDOL™ with fans around the country picking out songs for our talented Top 5. Song choice is a tricky business here at AMERICAN IDOL® especially at this stage in the competition. Would America pick the best songs for our budding stars?

Caleb closed the show performing "Still Of The Night" by Whitesnake.