Jena chose to perform the piece from her trusty piano and the decision really paid off. The crowd went completely bonkers after her performance. Keith loved the performance and praised Jena's "fearlessness." Jennifer thought it was "beautiful," and Harry thought it was the "best performance of the night."

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Harry liked Sam's performance, but wasn't crazy about the song. "Familiarity is your friend," said Harry urging Sam to pick a well known song next time. Keith had simple feedback saying, "Keep doing what you're doing," and Jennifer thought he did "a great job."

Although Jessica, Dexter and C.J. seemed to be enjoying themselves during their performance, Harry was not amused saying the performance "just wasn't good." He added that the singers were "out of tune." Keith and Demi Lovato agreed with Harry's assessment, panning the performance.

Jessica, Dexter and C.J. then hit the stage performing "Compass" by Lady Antebellum. The trio nicknamed their group Alabama Power because they all hail from the state.

Alex Preston picked Dexter's choice of "A Team" by Ed Sheeran to perform. Dexter picked the song because he felt the song was a perfect fit for Alex who had already performed it during his online audition.

Jessica Meuse chose "Sail Away" by David Gray for fan-favorite Sam Woolf. Jessica says she picked the song because she thought it suited Sam's voice and he agreed.

Jena Irene was the last performer of the night and she picked Caleb's song choice for her of "Creep" by Radiohead. Caleb chose the song because he thought Jena had the powerhouse vocals needed to nail the performance.

Alex hit the ball out of the park with his rendition of "A Team" by Ed Sheeran. The crowd went absolutely wild for his performance. Jennifer thought it was a "perfect song" and Harry said it was his "favorite performance of the night." Keith praised how Alex is able to take a song and make it completely his own.

Caleb and Jena both have powerhouse vocals so "Gimme Shelter" was a natural fit for the two rising stars. "That was a moment," said Jennifer Lopez after they concluded their performance.

Sam Woolf picked "Gunpowder And Lead" by Miranda Lambert for Jessica to perform. Jessica chose Sam's pick because it showed off her "bad-ass" nature. Would "Gunpowder And Lead" show off Jessica's voice as well?

The IDOL™ audience then got a little surprise when Demi Lovato showed up for a surprise appearance.

Keith liked the song choice for Dexter, but urged him to not let the "adrenaline pull you out of the key." Jennifer liked the "darker quality" and "edge" that the song brought out of Dexter, but urged him to up his game because at this point in the competition the performances need to be "spectacular." Harry wanted to see Dexter do something other than just "sing along with the record."

C.J. Harris chose Caleb's pick for his song which was "Gravity" by John Mayer. Caleb chose the song because he believed that C.J. would take the audience to "church" with his performance.

The judges loved Caleb's performance of "Family Tree" by Kings of Leon. Keith thought the song was a "good choice, man." "I love you Caleb," said Jennifer Lopez."You did it again." Harry was all praise as well saying, "great song choice," and "I liked the way you changed the melody up."

The judges were critical of Jessica's performance. Jennifer said that Jessica was "off a little bit vocally in the verses," while Harry urged herself to work on her rhythm. "There's a lack of rhythmic delivery," Harry said. Keith said his attention for the performance "dissipated" and urged Jessica to "get centered, get serious, and commit to the lyric."

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf teamed up to perform a duet they'd worked out on the couch during down time. They updated the arrangement of Passenger's "Let Her Go" and tested it online to great success so they thought they'd do it for the show.

The two guys staged the performance in a faux living room to give the performance some authenticity. The crowd was really jamming with the duo, but Harry thought it was a little "saccharine." Keith thought it was cute, but did say it was hard to critique the duets. Jennifer put the conversation to an end saying, "I think the girls loved it." Demi Lovato thought it had "good energy," but would have liked to see more!

Dexter chose C.J.'s song for him, "Muckalee Creek Water." C.J. thought the "deep, bluesy tone" would go well with Dexter's voice.

Keith thought "Gravity" was a really good song choice for C.J.saying that it was a "good performance," but wanted more of an "emotional arc." Jennifer said that C.J. is getting "more and more confident" every week. Harry gave the ultimate praise saying, "Personally, I think that was your best performance of to date."

Demi, who just wrapped her North American tour, teased that she might be adding more tour dates!

Caleb picked Alex's choice for him this week which was "Family Tree" by the Kings of Leon. Alex and Caleb got to see the band live together and Alex thought the song would be a perfect fit for the rocker. He was right. Caleb opened the show with a solidly impressive performance.

Jena and Caleb teamed up to perform "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones. Before they got started the duo took time to answer a fan question. When asked who they'd want to duet with the most in the whole world Jena answered Hayley Williams from Paramore. Caleb answered "Ryan Seacrest" which prompted the two to deliver a little mini duet.

It's Top 7 night at AMERICAN IDOL® and the theme this week is Competitor's Picks. With only a limited time to prove themselves to America, the contestants were forced to pick their songs this week from a list compiled by the competition.

Jena chose to perform the piece from her trusty piano and the decision really paid off. The crowd went completely bonkers after her performance. Keith loved the performance and praised Jena's "fearlessness." Jennifer thought it was "beautiful," and Harry thought it was the "best performance of the night."