And in one short hour the Top 10 became 9! Tune in WED 8/7c as the contestants get closer and closer to the IDOL™ crown!

The final contestants were then called to the stage for their results. Randy thought Sam "gave a great performance," and that Jena "showed her artistry." While Randy noted that the first half of MK's performance was great, he did say that the second half was a "train wreck." C.J. received the harshest criticism from Randy who said the young singer "just fell apart."

MK had the crowd rallying behind her during her performance of "All Of Me," screaming to save the talented performer from San Francisco.The judges seemed to be having a rather serious deliberation about whether or not to save MK, but in the end they couldn't come to a unanimous decision and she was eliminated.

Who would join Dexter and Majesty in the bottom three? Based on America's votes Sam, C.J. and Jena were safe. That put MK Nobilette in the bottom three and in danger of elimination.

Dexter was declared safe and MK would have to sing for the save. She reprised her performance of "All Of Me" by John Legend to a very supportive crowd.

What a talented bunch to have in the bottom three! Majesty Rose was declared safe first. It was between MK and Dexter.

The young performers really got the crowd going and on their feet with their enthusiastic performance!

Royal Teeth is a talented up and coming band out of Louisiana that Harry wanted to share with America.

JLo got down to business dancing and singing her hit with the girls supporting in the background. The upbeat performance was all what fans have come to expect from Jennifer Lopez and featured great singing and excellent dancing.

Royal Teeth performed their song, "Wild" off their debut album, "Glow" for the audience.

The crowd, contestants and judges were so into Jennifer's performance that they were dancing along. When Jennifer came back to the judges' table after her performance Harry informed her that he picked up some of her iconic dance moves.

America differed from Randy's feedback this time. Caleb and Alex were named safe, but Majesty Rose was sent to the bottom three again this week. Would be she in danger of elimination?

Fans and contestants alike were shunted back into reality as Caleb, Majesty and Alex were called the the stage for their results. Randy thought Caleb's performance had been "a little lackluster," but thought that Majesty's effort would "bring her back to the front" of the competition. Alex got the most praise from Randy when he said that his performance was "amazing."

Next up Harry Connick, Jr. presented his pick for the IDOL™ taste-makers series with the band Royal Teeth.

Malaya, Jessica and Dexter were called to the stage for results. Randy Jackson weighed in before the results were revealed. Randy was happy that Malaya chose not to play the piano during her performance saying that the freedom from the instrument allowed her to give a "tender" and "emotional" performance. Randy thought Dexter was "a little lost on the stage," and said that Jessica "gave a great performance." Would America's votes line up?

Jennifer started the performance with a few IDOL™ alumni joining her on stage. Fan favorites Pia Toscano, Jessica Sanchez and Allison Iraheta sang backup for the talented diva.

America's votes fell right in line with Randy's criticism. Malaya Watson and Jessica Meuse were declared safe and Dexter Roberts headed to the bottom three.

The Top 10 contestants were on top of the world last week knowing that they had, at the very least, made it to the IDOL™ live tour this summer. That feeling was not destined to last, however, as someone would have to fall to the bottom this week.

Before the singing got started, Jennifer, Jessica, Pia and Allison dished on their favorite guys in the competition. They even gave a little live vocal warm-up!

Our very own Jennifer Lopez hit the stage next for a special performance of her new hit, "I Luh Ya Papi." Her gracious fellow judges chose to give her introduction in the best JLo voices they could conjure.

And in one short hour the Top 10 became 9! Tune in WED 8/7c as the contestants get closer and closer to the IDOL™ crown!