The judges were quick with their praise for Sam. Keith said "Great job, Sam," while Jennifer noted that the performance was way better than his effort last week. Harry said he thought Sam was "still holding back."

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Harry "really liked" what Majesty did with the tune and noted that he thinks she's smart and complex. Keith thought that the song didn't work without the dance aspect of the song. Jennifer noted that she saw some fear in Majesty at the beginning of her performance and urged her to be more confident.

Majesty Rose brought a folksy vibe to "Wake Me Up" by Avicii. After being in the bottom three last week Majesty noted that her song choice during Top 10 week was "critical." Majesty ended up performing the song with a simple arrangement accompanied by her guitar.

Jessica Meuse chose "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People to perform for Top 10 week. Jessica picked the song because of the interesting dichotomy between the uptempo music and more serious lyrics. Jessica added her signature twang and got the crowd up on their feet.

Keith said that although he is rooting for C.J., the performance of "Invisible" was "shaky." Jennifer agreed saying, "This wasn't what it should have been." Harry praised C.J.'s emotional performances, but urged him to learn how to not sing so sharp.

Sam Woolf was the last performer of the night. He confidently took the stage performing "We Are Young" by Fun featuring Janelle Monae. Sam was in the bottom three last week and he called the experience a "wake up call." He got the crowd going and ended the show with a bang.

If rocker Caleb Johnson had a tough time picking a Top 10 pop song, he didn't show it. The talented 22-year-old hit the stage and delivered a strong performance of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" despite having an issue with the tempo during rehearsals.

Jennifer was "really happy" with Jessica's performance and said it "felt really good." Harry disagreed and noted that Jessica had a "complacent smile" on her face during the entirety of the performance. Keith thought it was "good" and loved the 60's country pop vibe that Jessica brought to the song.

Harry loved how Caleb took a "straight up pop song" and put his own spin on it. Keith thought it was interesting song choice, but thought there was an inconsistency between Caleb's vocals and the weight of the song.Jennifer gave Caleb the toughest criticism saying, "It was lacking feeling for me."

C.J. Harris knocked the ball out of the park last week and this week he was under pressure to keep the momentum going. Caleb took on Hunter Hayes' "Invisible" as his Top 10 song. Randy loved C.J.'s performance during rehearsals, but would he be able to duplicate the effort during live shows?

Harry thought the song was in Jena's "wheelhouse" and said she is a "really good singer." Keith thought Jena's effort was the "best performance of the night so far" and noticed that Jena was totally comfortable on stage. Jennifer praised Jena's stage presence, but urged her to "hold the middle" more during her performance.

Dexter chose to perform "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line, a solid choice for the country singer. During rehearsal, Randy urged Dexter to be careful with his diction because at times it was hard for him to hear what Dexter was singing. Dexter brought his dependability to the stage, however, and nailed his performance.

Harry praised how "sincere" Malaya was about the lyrics and Jennifer noted that she had the infamous "goosies" while listening to Malaya's performance. Keith noticed that Malaya has gained more control of her voice as the weeks have passed.

Malaya made a difficult decision when she chose not to play the piano during her performance of "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars. Malaya picked the song because it related to something in her personal life. During rehearsals Randy urged Malaya to take her time during the performance and not rush the song.

Alex took a huge risk performing One Direction's hugely popular hit, "Story Of Music." During his session on Ryan's radio show Alex said he was "a little scared of the Directioners (One Direction fans, in case you didn't know...)." However, there was no reason to be nervous,as the fans went wild for Alex's unique take on the song.

Keith praised Alex's ability to make the hit his "own" and said it was "really good, brother." Jennifer noted that the "vocal was beautiful," while Harry thought Alex "hit the bulls-eye on the artistry target!"

Jena Irene's love of electronic music lead her to choose "Clarity" by Zedd during Top 10 week. When in rehearsals Jena declared that she picked the song because she wanted to "entertain," Randy took issue. Judging by the crowd's reaction, Jena did indeed entertain during her passionate performance.

The crowd went wild for MK, but our judges had more constructive criticism for the soulful singer. While Keith noted that MK's style is evolving, he thought she still needed to work on loosening up when on stage. Jennifer said that MK's performance showed the most "feeling and emotion" she's ever gotten from MK. Harry praised how MK was able to pick herself back up after a small mistake, but thought the performance was not her strongest.

Jennifer thought the performance was "really good," but also added that Dexter needed to rally the audience more. Harry fervently disagreed claiming that Dexter "didn't do anything different," and that his performance was "bereft of joy." Keith loved what Dexter did in the beginning of the song and thought that "Cruise" was a good song choice.

The Top 10 hit the stage on Wednesday performing songs that have made it in the Top 10 of the billboard charts. During this past week, the Idols met up with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, "On Air," to discuss what it means to be in the Top 10.

MK Nobilette was first up performing "Perfect" by P!nk. This uptempo and familiar pop song wasn't familiar territory for our understated performer, but she moved around the stage like a pro. There was a point where she messed up the lyrics, but she pulled herself together admirably.

The judges were quick with their praise for Sam. Keith said "Great job, Sam," while Jennifer noted that the performance was way better than his effort last week. Harry said he thought Sam was "still holding back."