What a bittersweet moment for the Top 10! They lost one of their own tonight, but also ensured their spot on the IDOL™ tour this summer. Tune in next week as the Top 10 battle it out to remain in the competition and earn the ultimate prize!

Although the difference between the votes cast for Ben and Majesty was only .07%, Ben came out slightly worse and was declared in danger of elimination. He'd have to sing in an attempt to get the judges to use their save.

After several moments of deliberation, Keith announced that the judges had decided to not use their save on the talented singer from Gallatin, TN.

Quickly things were called back to the dramatic when MK Nobilette, Ben Briley, Majesty Rose and Malaya Watson were called to the stage for results. Randy took a moment to share his thoughts on the previous night's performances. Randy thought Majesty's performance was just "OK," but praised Malaya's effort. Randy also thought that MK "delivered," but noted that Ben strayed from who he is as a performer.

Ben chose to perform Grace Potter and the Nocturnal's "Stars," as his save me song. Ben gave the performance his all, but the judges would have to unanimously agree to use their save if Ben were to remain in the competition.

When Harry moved into "Come By Me" he sat at the piano and turned out a jazzy, upbeat number that got the audience, contestants and judges all on their feet.

Jessica Meuse, Alex Preston, Jena Irene and Sam Woolf were the final contestants to receive their results. Randy thought that Sam did a "good job" of trying to crack his shell, but thought that Jessica Meuse didn't have a "standout performance." Randy had the ultimate praise for Alex saying, "He's everything an artist should really be." Randy was also really "proud" of Jena's performance. What would America think?

Just as soon as Sam was added to the bottom three, he was removed when Ryan Seacrest declared him safe! That put Ben Briley and Majesty Rose in danger of elimination.

Jessica, Alex and Jena were declared safe and in a surprise twist, young hottie Sam Woolf joined Majesty and Ben in the bottom three! Tween girls across America were in tears.

When his performance was over Jennifer declared that she'd "like to keep" Harry in the competition. What a relief! Keith was ready to use their precious save on Harry!

Before the rest of the results were revealed Jennifer Lopez introduced the IDOL™ audience to the talented performer, Mali Music. Mali took the stage to perform his song, "Beautiful."

Jennifer chose Mali Music to highlight because "he sings and raps" beautifully at the same time. Mali Music looked right at home on the IDOL™ stage and even serenaded Jennifer during part of his performance. Mali had the contestants and the crowd going, too!

Ryan had a surprise for Harry when he brought out former Season XIII contestant, Munfarid Zaidi who was made famous when Harry cradled him during hometown auditions. Munfarid has such a love for Harry that he reenacted the moment this time singing Harry's own "Every Man Should Know" while being cradled by our talented judge.

In an instant Malaya and MK were declared safe. It came down to Ben and Majesty. Who would be in the bottom three and in danger of elimination? It turns out both performers were in the bottom three!

Ryan got down to business quickly, calling C.J. Harris, Caleb Johnson, and Dexter Roberts to the stage. Randy gave his critiques of the performance from the previous night. Randy said C.J.'s performance was "the best I've seen him in the whole competition," and also gave Caleb a "10, 10, 10" for his effort. While Randy praised Dexter, he thought he still needed to find ways to make his performances more individual. America agrred and these three talented fellows were declared safe for the evening.

Harry lit up the stage with a jazzy, soulful performance that transported the audience instantly to the French Quarter of New Orleans. Harry's vocal stylings during "One Fine Thing" were smooth and light, teasing the audience to want more.

Ryan announced early in the show that over 6 BILLION votes have been cast since season 1. AMERICAN IDOL® is a powerhouse that has been the platform for numerous artists over the years from the very first Idol Kelly Clarkson to Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, and Phillip Phillips. Not all or these contestants won the ultimate prize during their seasons, but the one thing they did have in common? They all made the Top 10 and participated in the IDOL™ summer tour.

Over 72 million votes were cast on Wednesday and Ryan promised that the outcome "might surprise a few people." First, however, he praised Jennifer Lopez's headband, which she apparently asked for his opinion on before the live show.

Harry Connick Jr. then took the stage performing his hit song, "One Fine Thing." His fellow judges even took to the audience to give Harry a warm IDOL™ welcome.

The theme this week was 'Songs from the Cinema' and now that the votes have been cast, we find out who won't be getting their Hollywood ending. Big stakes were on the line as the remaining 10 contestants will earn a shot on the IDOL™ tour this summer.

What a bittersweet moment for the Top 10! They lost one of their own tonight, but also ensured their spot on the IDOL™ tour this summer. Tune in next week as the Top 10 battle it out to remain in the competition and earn the ultimate prize!