The fate of the Top 11 contestants is now in the hands of America! Who will make it to the Top 10 and go on to the IDOL tour this summer and who will be sent packing? Tune in the Thursday's show at 9/8c to find out, plus catch a special performance from our very own judge, Harry Connick Jr.

Jennifer started off the critique saying, "Good girl, Malaya! That's a perfect song for you. A perfect way to end the show." Harry kept his notes to Malaya simple saying, "nice job," while Keith praised Malaya's superior song choice.

Malaya Watson chose "I Am Changing" by vocal powerhouse and former Idol Jennifer Hudson! Jennifer gave an iconic performance of the song during the movie "Dreamgirls," for which she won an Oscar. Those were quite the shoes to fill for young Malaya Watson, but she did just that!

Alex Preston put on a sexy white jacket and took to the stage to perform the "Falling Slowly" from the movie "Once" by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova. Alex delivered a romantic performance that the audience loved, but what would the judges think?

Twilight fan Jena Irene chose "Decode" by Paramore as her song from the cinema. Jena returned to her trusty piano and belted out a strong performance for the IDOL audience. Keith and Jennifer even gave Jena a standing ovation!

Harry was definitely on board with Alex's performance saying, “It's really nice to see something simply stated and elegantly done. Really proud of you." Keith noted that he loved Alex's "authenticity," and thought the performance was “very raw and very fragile.” Jennifer thought "Falling Slowly" was a perfect song choice that Alex sang "beautifully."

Jennifer loved how MK's performance put everyone in a "romantic mood," and noticed that MK was trying to connect more with the audience. Harry thought the performance was "nice," but wanted MK to cut the runs in the performance by over half. Keith thought her performance was "really, really good," and added that she looked "like a star."

Keith was exhilarated by Jena's performance saying, "I love the way you perform!" "I don't know what you were doing in the bottom three last week," said Jennifer adding that America needs to "get on board" with the young performer. While Harry noted that the performance was different from what Jena usually delivers, he said the effort was "very, very strong."

MK Nobilette chose the song "To Make You Feel My Love" by Garth Brooks featured in the movie Hope Floats not because Harry Connick Jr. stars in the film, but because she loves every version of the song. MK had the crowd engaged, but what would the judges think of her understated rendition?

Rocker Caleb Johnson surprised everyone and chose to perform the theme from "Skyfall" by Adele. This was a different type of restrained performance than we've seen in the past from the talented performer.

Harry noted that Majesty spreads herself "stylistically thin" with all the different types of songs she pulls from, but thought her performance was "strong." Keith urged Majesty to "ease into" the song a little more, while Jennifer noted that Majesty "can do anything!"

Keith started off the critique saying, "That was not predictable at all. You have such a great vocal gift." Jennifer said that Caleb's performance was what she's been "waiting for," adding that it was the "perfect song choice." Harry perhaps had the most praise saying, "The competition as far as I'm concerned started tonight. That was fantastic. You're going to be very hard to beat."

It was make it or break it week at AMERICAN IDOL®. The contestants are all vying for a spot in the Top 10! If they make it through this week they'll earn a spot in the IDOL™ summer tour. What better way to prepare for stardom than singing "Songs from the Cinema?” The task was for the Top 11 to pick songs written for a movie or a song that is prominently featured in a film. Jennifer Lopez gave all the contestants some words of wisdom before the show. "No. 1 is what counts. You've got to win. You have to have that fighting spirit." Let the battle begin!

Harry thought Dexter's performance of "Sweet Home Alabama" was "solid," but urged the singer that when doing an iconic song you have to "be bigger than the song." Jennifer had similar sentiments saying that performing is "all about the personality you put into the song." Keith enjoyed Dexter's rendition and told him he needs to keep finding ways to make his performances individual.

C.J. Harris took the stage at the Top 11 performance show with a brand new guitar to christen! Perhaps that helped him deliver a truly stellar rendition of "Don't You See" by the Marshall Tucker Band from the movie, "Blow."

Jen praised Ben's vocal on "Benny And The Jets," but said that the performance confused her because Ben was "so country" last week. Harry felt that it was a "lackadaisical walk through a song," and Keith noted that the performance didn't feel "authentic." Tough luck, Ben.

Sam's performance of "Come Together" impressed the judges. While Keith urged Sam to loosen up even more he did say it was "great to see a different side" of him. Both Jen and Harry noticed Sam's improvement, but pushed for more. Jen said Sam was a "Baby rock star," but needs to be a big rock star. Harry echoed those sentiments saying, "I really think you're on your way to where you need to be."

Majesty rose chose the current hit, "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen" as her song from the cinema. Would Majesty be able to overcome the specter of the great Idina Menzel and put her own stamp on the song?

Sam Woolf hit the stage first, taking a bit of a risk performing the classic "Come Together" from The Beatles. This was a side of young Sam Woolf we haven't seen before. He moved and sashayed around the stage like a young Harry Connick Jr.

Ben Briley took a real risk performing "Benny And The Jets" by Elton John featured in the film "27 Dresses." Don't judge Ben for the movie though, he just really loves the song! Ben certainly looked the part of soulful piano man dressed in a green velvet jacket and seated behind the piano onstage. Ben showed the judges and the audience a side of himself we haven't seen before with his performance.

Dexter Roberts has a lot of love for his home state of Alabama so it should come as no surprise that he chose to perform "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynryd during Songs From The Cinema week. "Sweet Home Alabama" is heavily featured in the film Forrest Gump, which is set for the most part in Alabama. Dexter sure got the crowd going during his performance, but would the judges be impressed?

While Jen praised Jessica's song choice, she felt Jessica "never" got into the "groove" during the performance. Harry was impressed that Jessica was able to keep her focus even though the band was off at times during her performance. Keith had some practical advice for the young artist urging her to use the dynamics of the microphone and the stage.

Drawing inspiration from the movie "The Graduate," Jessica Meuse chose to perform "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. Jessica kept the performance low key and simple. The song was right in her wheelhouse and is one she has performed often while gigging.

It was praise all around for C.J. from the judges. "I think you just picked and sang your way back to the forefront of this competition," Harry exclaimed. "C.J. it was killer, man," said Keith. Jennifer noted that she was "celebrating the whole time" during C.J.'s effort because he was totally killing the song!

The fate of the Top 11 contestants is now in the hands of America! Who will make it to the Top 10 and go on to the IDOL tour this summer and who will be sent packing? Tune in the Thursday's show at 9/8c to find out, plus catch a special performance from our very own judge, Harry Connick Jr.