Who ends up on the IDOL™ stage next week really depends on you, America! You'll find out who made the cut Thursday 8/7c on FOX!

Harry liked how Majesty looked like she belongs on stage while Jennifer urged her to realize that she doesn't have to “always” go big. Keith said, not for the first time tonight, that we'd be seeing Majesty next week!

Gallatin, TN native Ben Briley chose to perform “Turning Home” by David Nail. What are the things Ben misses most about his Southern hometown? Deviled eggs and pickled beets! His performance sure brought the country vibe to the IDOL™ stage.

Jennifer noted that Ben had some trouble at the beginning of the song, but by the end she was fully invested. Harry didn't connect with the performance at all adding that it felt “shouted.” Keith urged Ben to not focus on the technicality so much that he loses the story of a song.

Batting cleanup for the night was Majesty Rose with Coldplay's “Fix You.” The preschool teacher really misses her students. She chose “Fix You” because the song really has a hopeful message. Majesty performance sure didn't need any fixing!

Jennifer praised Malaya saying she was with the performance from the very beginning. Keith thought it was a “beautiful” performance and said the song “encompassed the vulnerability” in Malaya's voice. Harry added that the song felt “very focused.”

Jennifer loved C.J.'s performance saying, “That is what music is all about.” Harry pointed out that C.J. was consistently sharp, but he still felt what he was singing about. While Keith praised C.J.'s performance he cautioned him to find a way to make the songs more his own.

Malaya Watson returned to her roots and chose to perform “Take Me To The King” by Tamela Mann. The song took Malaya back to the days when she'd perform the song in the basement of her family home. Malaya hit the ball out of the park with the Gospel favorite!

Harry started off the criticism saying Sam's effort was a “pleasant performance,” but adding that Sam seemed to have only one note emotionally. Keith was impressed saying he'd buy Sam's album now. Jennifer took the middle road urging Sam to push himself.

Baby faced crooner Sam Woolf chose to perform “Just One” by Blind Pilot because it reminded him of his childhood in Michigan. Sam began is performance seated and surrounded by gaggle of young ladies, a theme we're sure will continue throughout the season.

Keith thought MK chose a good song, but added that she needs to be more connected to the material. Jennifer echoed his sentiments exclaiming that it was a “nice song, but not a breakout performance. Harry gave more practical advice saying that MK needed to “work on the things that make you feel uncomfortable.”

C.J. Harris loves his hometown of Jasper, AL because “people are so loving,” but he added that there is still a problem with racism in the South. C.J. believes “Everyone should love each other” and perhaps that why he chose “Waiting On The World To Change” by John Mayer to perform. C.J.'s rendition was particularly moving.

San Francisco native MK Nobilette chose to perform “Drops Of Jupiter” by Train. MK is proud of the openness in her city and honored the metropolis by choosing to perform a hit from a native band.

Jennifer was moving her lips and her body along to the music and lyrics for Emily's whole performance and had nothing but praise saying that Emily did a “really good job.” While Harry noted that it took courage to perform the song he did add that the production was “too big” for her. Keith loved the performance and promised Emily that she'd still be in the competition next week.

Young Latino Emily Piriz chose to perform “Let's Get Loud” by our very own Jennifer Lopez! Emily is originally from Miami, but her heritage is Cuban and Jennifer's hit really reminds her of home and family. “Let's Get Loud” would take a diva to pull off and Emily fell just short, but it was a great effort from the young performer.

Keith was impressed with Dexter's effort saying that it was the “perfect song” adding that he liked how he showed his vulnerability. Jennifer took the time to note that they are being hard on the contestants to make them grow. Harry praised Dexter saying, “It was unquestionably the best performance of the night.” Oh, but the night is long, Harry! Would anyone be able to knock Dexter off the top?

Following Jessica was another Alabama native, Dexter Roberts. Dexter hails from Fayette where they only have “a few stop lights.” Dexter, who really misses his dog, chose to perform Montgomery Gentry's “Lucky Man.” He made the artistic choice to slow the song a bit and boy did it pay off!

Our resident rocker Caleb Johnson jokingly referred to his hometown of Asheville, NC as “Beer City” and noted it's eclectic music scene. Maybe that's where Caleb first heard “Working Man” by Rush, which he chose to perform this week. The Rock gods would have been thrilled with Caleb's effort.

The judges all had praise for Caleb's performance of “Working Man.” “You are unquestionably the most consistent performer on the show,” said Harry. Keith praised Caleb's voice, while Jennifer said “You're what I've been waiting for all night!”

IDOL™'s resident indie musician, Alex Preston, diverged from his normal intimate song choices and picked “I Don't Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw for his Top 12 performance. He also upped his hip factor by sporting a bright blue suit complete with rolled up pants and white kicks. The upbeat performance was a breath of fresh air from the artist.

Jena Irene chose “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall to perform because she and her family would listen to the song during road trips. For Jena, the song took her “back to a special place” with her family. Jena sounded great as per usual, but her intensity was lacking on stage.

Jennifer praised Alex's suit saying, “You look official,” but took issue with his vocal effort. Harry urged Alex to go back to his more intimate roots where he believes Alex's wheelhouse lies. Keith applauded his originality, but thought the performance was a bit unstable.

Harry had harsh criticism for Jessica saying that her performance sounded “understated and a bit blaise.” He went on to add that she was “sharp the whole time.” Keith noted that he wouldn't have minded that Jess was out of tune if he felt any passion in the performance. Jennifer was on the same page as Harry noting, “It was so sharp the whole time. It was distracting.”

By now, most people in America now that Jessica Meuse is Slapout, Alabama, but what does home mean to her? Apparently it means her family, boyfriend, cows and chickens! Jessica chose Dido's “White Flag” because it represented a turning point in her life.

What does home mean to you? No matter what their definition of “home” is, we're sure by this point in the competition that the Top 12 contestants are feeling some level of homesickness. How very fitting that the theme for this week's performance show was “Home.” The contestants took to the stage with songs that put them in that familiar spirit.

Keith was impressed with Jena's stage presence, but wasn't “mad about” her song choice. Jennifer praised Jena's ability to choose the right song. Harry enjoyed how Jena “messed with the melody,” but also stated that he wanted to see more energy from the young performer.

Who ends up on the IDOL™ stage next week really depends on you, America! You'll find out who made the cut Thursday 8/7c on FOX!