The final 13 performers have proven they are seriously talented, but who knows how the cards will fall on Thursday's results show. One talented performer will definitely be leaving our ranks. Don't miss the dramatic results plus performances from Season 12 winner Candice Glover and upcoming rocker Jake Bugg Thursday 8/7c on FOX!

The judges were mostly on board with Sam's performance. Harry noted that because the song lyrics were imperfect and very important to the meaning of the song, he wished “the vocal had matched it.” Keith thought the tempo was a “bit slow,” while Jennifer noted that Sam was like a “quiet storm” who needed to learn to “come alive on stage.”

Closing out the show was Southern rocker Caleb Johnson. Caleb picked Rival Son's “Pressure And Time” for his artist defining performance. It's been quite a long time since we've had a pure rocker on the show. Randy thought Caleb would have no problem impressing the judges and the masses if he stayed “on the melody.” Oh boy did Caleb get the crowd going! Keith and Jennifer even gave the performer a standing ovation after his performance.

Keith was seriously impressed with Caleb's showing. “You just have serious pipes, man,” he said while urging Caleb to figure out how to “put a twist” on his performances. Jennifer said Caleb is “so ready for the rock star life,” while Harry said it was good to hear Rock and Roll on IDOL™.

The judges were impressed with Jessica's performance. Keith thought her choice was a “very bold, but cool song choice” and praised the “dark, haunting” quality of her voice. Jennifer said that the performance gave her "goosies" and exclaimed that it was her “favorite vocal performance” of the night. Harry was impressed with the “strong performance” as well.

Harry thought “A Beautiful Mess” was a good choice for Alex, but urged him to “sing in tune.” Harry added that the he didn't feel the performance because it was too “introspective.” Keith had the opposite reaction saying that Alex's introspection pulled him into the emotion of the performance. Jennifer agreed with Keith noting that she got “caught up in the mood” that Alex created.

Slapout, AL native Jessica Meuse took a risk performing Shinedown's “The Crow & The Butterfly.” Randy thought Jessica would have to commit to the “meaning of that song” to have a successful performance. Would her risk pay off?

Teenage cutie Sam Woolf picked Matchbox Twenty's “Unwell” for his artist defining performance. Randy thought the song was “a perfect fit for his voice,” but Sam would need to “sell it.” Sam looked right at home on stage singing with his trusty guitar by his side.

Barely legal Emily Piriz chose P!nk's international hit “Glitter In The Air” as her “this is me” song. Randy noted that Emily chose a “big song” and that it'd be important for the young artist to “put her own spin” on the song. Emily's performance was understated, but powerful.

Jennifer was all praise for the young artist. “That's a tough song to take on, but you did it so beautifully.” Harry added that Emily did exactly what she was supposed to do and that he was “proud” of her. While Keith liked Emily's performance he noted that she lacks the “edge” that P!nk brings to her performances.

Majesty Rose took the stage next. The pre-school teacher picked Janelle Monae's “Tightrope” as her “this is me” song. Randy maintained that if Majesty could enunciate the words in the first verse she'd “ace it.”

Edgy teenage performer Jena Irene was up next performing the first song she'd ever learned on the piano for the IDOL™ audience, “The Scientist” by Coldplay. Randy thought if Jena didn't rush the performance she'd be fine and she earned high praise from our judges.

Jennifer was all praise for Jena's “powerhouse” voice and noted that “The Scientist” was a “tough song” to perform. Harry was impressed with Jena's ability to “make an interesting choice on a pre-existing melody.” Keith noted that while Jena's voice was pitchy at the start of her performance, she pulled it out in the end.

Keith was wowed saying, “that was a killer song choice.” Jennifer loved Majesty's “individuality” and thought the song choice was “perfect” for the young artist. Harry was all praise as well saying, “That was terrific, Majesty.”

Alex Preston, the self-described “hopeless romantic,” took the stage next with a hauntingly romantic rendition of Jason Mraz's “A Beautiful Mess.” Randy hoped the performance wouldn't turn out “sleepy” and if the audience's reaction is any indication, it certainly did not.

C.J. Harris hates people with bad attitudes and no personality, but we can safely say he doesn't suffer from either issue. The affable Alabama boy chose to perform a song by his idol, Darius Rucker.Randy thought he'd be “pushing a bit” during his performance of “Radio,” but added that the song was right in C.J.'s vocal “sweet spot.”

Harry started off the critique noting how beautiful MK was both with makeup and without. He wished she'd worked the stage more instead of “waiting for the next line to come” during her performance. Keith said that while MK's vocals “never fail,” her “ability to connect is inconsistent.” Jennifer thought MK's performance was “smart” and showed a different side of the budding artist.

Fourth up was well-rounded performer, Ben Briley. Ben chose Johnny Cash's “Folsom Prison Blues” saying the song “set the tone” for every gig he's ever had and he hopes it would set the tone for his IDOL™ tenure. Randy thought Ben would be “fine” if he was able to slow the performance down a bit. Ben appeared totally in his element while on stage and if he was nervous you wouldn't have known it.

MK Nobilette was up next choosing to perform Allen Stone's “Satisfaction” as the song that defined her as a person and an artist. Randy urged that she'd have to “believe” her performance and “sell that to the judges.” While the song choice was unusual for our MK, she certainly pulled it off.

Keith praised Ben's performance, but urged him to be careful not to “sacrifice artistry” for entertainment's sake. Jennifer didn't have a negative note saying that she liked that Ben “picked up the tempo,” and “loved” the performance. Harry gave the most praise to Ben, saying that his effort was “unquestionably the best performance of the night.”

Harry noted that Kristen is “a really strong pop singer,” but added that she was singing out of tune. This was a note he would echo to almost all the performers throughout the night. Jennifer urged Kristen to “stop thinking” about her performance so much, while Keith praised her range.

Jennifer thought C.J.'s performance of “Radio” was “really good” and “a lot of fun.” Harry thought the song choice was “okay” for C.J., but would have liked him to pick a song that showcased the cry in his voice more. Keith disagreed stating that he “liked the song choice” and added that it was “a side to you we haven't seen.”

While Jennifer praised Malaya's stage presence, she also said “it wasn't your best vocal performance.” Harry noticed Malaya's nerves were on high alert for the first finalist performance, while Keith noted Malaya's contagious energy.

5'2” Malaya Watson from Detroit was up next performing Bruno Mars' upbeat hit, “Runaway Baby.” Randy thought Malay would ace her performance if she was able to “over enunciate” her words during the fast-paced song. Malaya certainly commanded the stage, but would the judges think it was enough?

It all went down live on the AMERICAN IDOL® stage Wednesday night as the Top 13 contestants battled it out to remain in the competition. In three short months one lucky contestant will be showered with confetti and crowned, but for know it's anyone's game.The contestants were tasked with performing songs that convey the theme “This is me.” The idea was to pick a song that would define each singer as an artist and a person. Randy Jackson was on hand to give his take on the performers before they hit the stage.

Keith sang Dexter's praises saying the only thing Dexter needed to figure out was how to put his own stamp on the song and make it “Dexter Roberts perfect.” Jennifer Lopez agreed with Keith. “How do you give it a WOW performance?” Harry went the technical route with his criticism saying that Dexter had a “pitch issue” and suggesting that maybe the mix was off.

The third spot went to bubbly Kristen O'Connor singing Kelly Clarkson's “Beautiful Disaster.” Kelly may have penned the song about a relationship, but Kristen's performance was all about her own struggles. Randy thought Kristen's task would be to sell the emotion of the song “to the judges and the public.”

Dexter Roberts was up first. This ‘real deal' country artist, as Randy called him, chose Chris Young's “Aw Naw” and played the electric guitar during his performance. The country hit was an excellent song choice for Dexter and defined everything about him as an artist.

The final 13 performers have proven they are seriously talented, but who knows how the cards will fall on Thursday's results show. One talented performer will definitely be leaving our ranks. Don't miss the dramatic results plus performances from Season 12 winner Candice Glover and upcoming rocker Jake Bugg Thursday 8/7c on FOX!