With that we said goodbye to five very talented ladies: Kenz, Brandy, Andrina, Jillian and Austin. Tune in Wednesday 8/7c to watch the semi-finalist boys perform for your vote.

Malaya Watson loves being different by taking an old funk sound and adding it to new music. She chose to perform "Hard Times" by Ray Charles. Chris Daughtry thought her voice was "stupid" good. She was urged at the workshop to let her personality show in the song, but Malaya argued a bit saying, "I'm kind of weird." We don't know about weird, but she knocked it out of the park! The judges were enthralled and her fellow contestants were bopping along the whole way through.

Before the critique could get started Malaya shouted that she was "feeling" Jennifer's sexy outfit. Jennifer was all praise for Malaya as well saying, "There is no doubt that you are one of the big powerhouse singers of the competition." Harry said he looks "forward to watching you settle into a space." Keith noted Malaya's unique style, "You make glasses and braces look so cool, Malaya. You've got confidence."

20-year-old MK Nobilette took the 9th spot of the night. The San Francisco native wanted to learn how to stay connected to the song during her time at the Randy Jackson workshop. She chose John Legend's "All Of Me" and promised Randy to give the performance her all as well. MK did just that. Her quiet and stunning performance made the crowd erupt and it took some time for the judges to regain control to give their critiques.

Before the last performance of the night we finally found out the results of last week's vote! Millions of votes came flooding in for Ben Briley and Neco Starr, but only one would make it through to Thursday's live show. Ryan announced that after the nationwide vote the guy who would remain in the competition was Ben Briley!

"The crowd loves you," Keith exclaimed after her performance and noted that there was such a "simplicity" that came through in her performance. "It doesn't have to be over the top. It has to be a true feeling and that's what you gave up there," said Jennifer of MK's rendition of "All Of Me." Harry urged MK to believe that she belongs in the competition.

Slapout, Alabama native Jessica Meuse is IN! The sultry-voiced songstress chose to perform "Drink A Beer" by Luke Bryan because it had strong instrumentation and she wanted to perform a song with her guitar. At the workshop, Chris Daughtry thought her voice was better than her guitar playing and wanted her to challenge herself by not using her instrument as a crutch. Jessica ignored his advice and appeared on stage with her trusty guitar, but her instincts served her right in this case and she delivered a quiet, but strong performance that the audience loved.

Keith praised Marrialle's poise, but thought it wasn't the best song choice for her or in the best tempo. He went off to say the song came off "too Karaoke." Jennifer Lopez agreed and said she'd love to have seen Marrialle perform the song on her guitar. "You're supposed to knock us off OUR feet," exclaimed Harry.

Barely legal Emily Piriz was the next contestant chosen to perform. The Orlando native took a risk and chose to perform "Paris (Oh La La)" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals even though Harry has had concerns with racy nature of the song in the past. Emily insisted, however, that she wanted to play into the emotion of the song instead of the exact story line. Emily planned to practice her inner rock chick in the mirror before her performance and it definitely paid off when she rocked that stage like an IDOL™ pro.

Jennifer praised Jessica's "country tone," while Harry urged her to watch her intonation. Harry went on to say that he didn't feel that she connected with the song very well. Harry said there was a disconnect in her performance and the words of the song noting that it throws off the performance to smile while singing about loss.

Harry opened the critique noting that now that Emily is 18 she can choose whatever song she wants, but urged her to think about if that is really subject matter she wanted to sing about. Keith tried to point out to Emily that artistry is "expression" and it's not about practicing certain moves in front of a mirror. He noted that she has the ability to bare her soul and doesn't have to hide behind acting. Jennifer Lopez took issue with Keith's words saying she loved Emily's performance and the confidence she showed on stage.

Bria Anai wants to be remembered as "the girl with the lips," but now we know that she'll at the very least be remembered for making it to Top 10 Girls this season. Bria's mom says she dresses like an "appropriate Rihanna," and Bria wanted to use the workshop as an opportunity to define her personal style. Bria took the stage looking great, but her performance of "Wrong Side of a Love Song" by Melanie Fiona was a tad bit too enthusiastic.

First time judge Harry Connick Jr. got his first boos of the season when he announced that Bria was shouting instead of singing some of the lyrics during her performance. Keith thought she "overshot the runway," but noted that she at least still has those lips. Ouch. Jennifer noticed that Bria had control of the song in the beginning, but lost it when the crowd got too excited.

Marrialle Sellars does a lot of street performance back home and now she'll have live television experience to add to her resume! Marrialle chose to sing "Roar" by Katy Perry. Back at the workshop, Adam Lambert said she has "all the goods," but that urged her to take her time during the performance. Marrialle gave the the world her best Katy Perry impression and showed tremendous poise when her shoe flew off during the performance.

Jennifer Lopez announced Majesty Rose, whom we first met in Atlanta, as the first contestant to sing for America. This 21-year-old preschool teacher grew up singing in church, but gospel wasn't her genre. Now she's ready to break free and Randy's workshop helped her get there. She chose Pharrell Williams' "Happy" to perform and as she told vocal coach Michael Orland, she showed she can play the guitar and move on stage at the same time! Majesty brought a lot of energy to her performance and even had Jennifer Lopez clapping along.

Jennifer thought Jena's performance had a "sultry quality" that she liked. Harry put Jena to the test, however, when he asked her what the song was about. She responded that it is about darkness. A little on the nose, but hey she is a high schooler! He went on to say that though he liked her intensity, he wasn't sure what she was singing about. Keith was most impressed with the "poise" and "confidence" Jena showed on stage.

Trained nurse Kristen O'Connor was the next contestant to earn a spot in the Top 10 girls. We followed Kristen to Randy's workshop where Chris Daughtry gave her some advice on staging her performance and Randy suggested that Kristen needed to focus on emoting outward. Though Kristen's performance of "Turning Tables" started a little shaky, she ended her performance with a bang!

We first met high school senior Jena Irene in Detroit and now she's singing for a spot in the finals. Jena used Randy's workshop to learn how to work the stage and the microphone. Most of Jena's Hollywood Week performances were performed from behind the piano so she needed the practice. Jena must have been an A+ student at Randy's workshop because her performance of "Painted It Black" had the audience and Jennifer Lopez bopping their heads enthusiastically.

Keith loved the clarity in her tone, but felt Briana didn't get into the zone in the song until the very end. Jennifer said Briana has the potential to be a young Whitney Houston, but she'll have to work on her connection to her material and the audience to get any further. Harry had some Olympic themed advice and urged Briana not to get drawn into the trap of using high-notes like figure skaters use the triple axle. It'll get you applause, but that is it.

Briana Oakley's IDOL™ journey began back in Season 12, but she made it past the point of no return when she was chosen to sing for America's vote. Briana used her time at Randy's workshop to work on her "need for perfection" and Randy suggested she could lighten it up a little bit. Briana chose Demi Lovato's "Warrior," and while the professionals at Randy's workshop could hear the emotion in her voice, they could not see it in her face or movement. Briana may be intense by nature, but that only helped her live performance.

Former judge Randy Jackson, "Our Dawg Father" as Ryan aptly called him, got the semi-finalists prepared when they spent time at the Randy Jackson Workshop. Randy wanted to give the kids "more insight" and "the best advantage they've ever had" going into live shows. Randy's camp had a simple objective: to focus on all the feedback the contestants had been given so far, giving them a real chance to succeed once they hit live shows. Randy employed the help of musical directors, vocal coaches, stylists, and movement coaches to cover all parts of a successful performance. Randy even sought the expertise of non-denominational "spiritual advisors" to help guide the contestants through the pressure of this high-stakes competition.

The first live show of the season aired on a special Tuesday night and 15 semi-finalist girls were ready to perform for America's votes. Not all would get that chance though, as Ryan announced that only 10 ladies would be taking the stage. Throughout the show our three superstar judges would go on to reveal, one by one, the contestants who would get a chance to perform live. The five girls not chosen at the end of the night were instantly eliminated.

Randy's workshop gave the contestants all the tools to build a successful IDOL™ performance. The lucky Season XIII semi-finalists even had the advantage of learning from two of the most successful IDOL™ contestants to date: Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry.

Harry started off the critique positively saying Kristen delivered a really "powerful performance." Keith noticed that nerves were affecting Kristen's breathing at the beginning, but praised her "killer range." Jennifer gave Kristen ultimate praise saying that she could hear Kristen recording records tomorrow.

"That's how you're supposed to come out here," exclaimed Jennifer after Majesty's performance. Harry felt "very fortunate" that Majesty set a fantastic tone for the competition. Keith praised her song choice and thought it showed her vocal range. When asked how she felt about being surrounded by fans Majesty announced,"I feel like we're all friends." Will Majesty's friends be able to get her to the next round in the competition? We'll have to wait until Thursday to find out.

With that we said goodbye to five very talented ladies: Kenz, Brandy, Andrina, Jillian and Austin. Tune in Wednesday 8/7c to watch the semi-finalist boys perform for your vote.