MK Nobilette and Emmanuel Zidor split from their group and joined Terrica Curry and Carmen Delgina, but MK and Terrica each disappeared, leaving Emmanuel to roll and cross his eyes while wondering if two people could be a group.

The members of team Loud & Fierce were fiercly loud as a member from their group got mad that the group was having trouble with the lyrics during their limited time with Vocal Coach Michael Orland.

Sikenya Thompson had no voice and ducked out of practice, but her group - Clarity - seemed to have clear heads about the situation.

We'll see how all of the group night drama plays out on the next episode of American Idol. Will Sikenya get her voice back? Will Loud & Fierce remember the lyrics? Will Jessica get along with her group? And will Backstreet Cowboys be anything other than awesome? Tune in to FOX at 8/7c to find out!

It wasn't all drama on group night. Ben Briley, Dexter Roberts, and Casey Thrasher got along great and might even get some sleep. Is that allowed on group night?! To top it off, they have one of the best group names: Backstreet Cowboys.

Jessica Meuse, Matthew Hamel, and Clark King had trouble harmonizing, but their troubles were just beginning. Clark withdrew from the competition due to illness, and Jessica and Matthew decided it would be best to find new groups. The Freedom Breathers group - which includes C.J. Harris and Caleb Johnson - took Matthew in. Jessica joined Sparkles, presenting a new set of problems when Stephanie Hanvey's stage mom tried to direct Jessica.

The singers who made it passed the initial Hollywood solos found out they made it to the wild ride we call Group Night. The contestants scrambled to form groups of three or four on stage. An Austin foursome decided on this group back during hometown auditions. Way to think ahead! Good thing they all made it through. Their speedy formation allowed them to see the vocal coaches first. This year there is even more drama, because the contestants aren't assigned a time with the vocal coaches - they have to wait in line for it.

Malaya Watson can play more than the tuba. She performed "Brand New Me" on the keyboard and her voice sounds much older than she is. Jena Irene Asciutto also showed off her keyboard skills. We question her choker necklace, but we question nothing about her solid performance of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games," which Keith - who tends to know every song - didn't know. Savion Wright's brother passed away 2.5 weeks ago. Somehow, Savion was able to get up on stage and perform an original song that he wrote about his brother. Although we heard at hometown auditions how the guitar saved Savion, he is talented on the keyboard too. His original performance sounded like it could have been off a John Legend record. Savion, Jena, and Malaya are easily moving on to group round.

Who would have guessed that Gas Station Attendant Jesse Cline would take on an Ellie Goulding song? It was a great choice, because Jesse - as well as returner Briana Oakley - were moving on to group night.

Keith London has taken on the biggest females in pop music during his audition process. He sang Katy Perry's "Roar" for his first audition and Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" now. The judges were distracted by Keith's song choice, and the male judges were distracted by Keith's out-of-tune guitar. Keith wanted to send a message with his Beyonce pick, so when asked to sing a second song, he went with "Same Love." It was enough...we'll see more from Keith in Hollywood!

Maurice Townsend and Casey Thrasher are two dads with quite possibly the cutest children on the planet. Maurice went with "Impossible," and Casey sang "He Stopped Loving Her Today" as Keith mouthed the words along with him. Both men made it to group night, as did George Lovett, Tiquila Wilson, Emily Piriz, and Malcolm Allen.

Caleb Johnson's big voice and Hollywood experience were evident during his solo, Stephanie Hanvey showcased another studded hat while singing "Girl On Fire," and Nurse Tech Kristen O'Conner sounded really good with her Jessie J. song, although we were a bit distracted by her mouth shapes. We'll be seeing more from these three on group night!

Emmanuel Zidor is an airlines ramp agent in Atlanta, Georgia. Wait, why did he audition in San Francisco instead of Florida? Perks of working for an airline, perhaps. Although Emmanuel would make a great singing flight attendant, he soared through to the group round.

Rachel Rolleri didn't make funny faces this time with her performance of "Angels From Montgomery," but she did close her eyes quite a bit. We'll see more from Rachel on group night.

After some hilarious speeches from the contestants and quips from the judges, we reunited with Harry's cradle buddy, Munfarid Zaidi. He gave a jazzy version of "Proud Mary" that had Jennifer cracking up. Ethan Thompson, the handsome Phillip Phillips look-a-like, went with an original song. Austin Precario was without his stage mom in Hollywood, but still found success with a Michael Buble cover. All three guys are going through, and Munfarid exited the theater in the arms of his fellow contestants.

Kenzie Hall put her own stamp on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Can't Hold Us," and the rapping/scatting part sounded really smooth for a white teenage girl from Salt Lake City. Quaid Edwards vowed to work hard, but his performance of "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" couldn't move him on to day two in Hollywood. Kenzie, however, is moving to the next round.

"Alex Preston bravely took on and Britney Spears' ""Scream & Shout"" while playing the guitar. We heard from Sydney Arterbridge, Jesse Roach, and Bryan Watt. Early stand-outs Bryan, Sydney, and Jade Lathan are going home, but Alex and Jesse are moving on to group round."

Madelyn Patterson got a "no" from Harry Connick, Jr. after her initial audition, but her Hollywood solo won over the judges and America...Madelyn is staying in #IdolHollywood.

We got more modern songs from Ben Briley with "Stars," Briston Maroney with "Royals," and Dexter Roberts with "Barton Hollow." Dexter asked Keith Urban to play his guitar for him. After Keith shredded, all three of these guitar-slingers moved forward.

Morgan Deplitch took on Sara Bareilles' "Brave" on the keyboard, but her voice was just not strong enough. It must be tough to be a 15-year-old in this high-stress, high-profile environment.

Over at the Dolby Theater, Hollywood Week was officially in session. Majesty Rose York kicked off the performances by letting her quiet voice shine with Feist's "1, 2, 3, 4." Still rocking the fanny pack, Samantha Calmes performed Bon Iver's "Flume." Doesn't that fanny pack interfere with her guitar? Worship Leader John Fox went with Needtobreathe's "The Outsiders." For Brandy Neelly's fourth time in Hollywood, she delivered a strong solo of Grace Potter's "Stars." Majesty, John, and Brandy moved on to the next round, but Samantha is packing her...waist purse.

Spencer Lloyd took his time as he performed "Say Something" on the keyboard, and he sounded even stronger in Hollywood than he did during his initial audition. The judges were impressed with his song choice and said it shows that he knows who he is as an artist. "Spencer Lloyd, you're here to stay," Jennifer Lopez announced. Amen!

Austin Wolfe is the 17-year-old girl who sang "Radioactive" in Salt Lake City and took on Adele for her first Hollywood performance. Bria Anai Johnson and her colorful lips put forth Jessie J's "Who U R" in Hollywood, which makes us think of last season's Angie Miller. Selena Moreno was on the Hollywood stage as her twin sister, Sierra, rooted her on from the Dolby balcony. Selena's voice kept cracking as she sang "Right To Be Wrong" - a low song that she was singing awfully high. She kept trying and kept struggling with the same notes. Selena should have picked a less challenging song. Austin Wolfe, Jessica Meuse, Bria Anai Johnson, and Shanon Wilson are moving to the next round, but Selena is going home. We also said goodbye to Lauren Ogburn, who ditched all of her Americana accessories.

Second generation contestant Tristen Langley performed "To Make You Feel My Love," on the guitar. Although his mom - Season 1's Nikki McKibbin - wasn't on stage with him this time, Tristen gave a decent performance. However, Harry Connick, Jr. announced after Tristen's performance, "This is about superstars. Superstars don't get knocked off their track. They don't get knocked off their game." Do you think Tristen was off his game?

Talented grandson Sam Woolf put a subtle spin on John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change." He's so young, but he seems like he's already an artist. We got back-to-back doses of Adele from hometown standouts Keri Lynn Roche and Ayla Stackhouse. C.J. Harris took on Ray LaMontagne's soulful "Trouble" on his guitar and gave a performance that was even stronger than his initial audition. Jennifer Lopez stood up and then said, "That boy can sing," after shuddering off her goosies. In an evil/genius move, the judges had C.J. step forward - and all the people in the front line probably assumed they were safe. The judges then had him step back and announced that the back row is going through. That meant that Kerri Lynn and Sam are also though, but sweet Ayla is heading home...which is just a few blocks away.

Eric Wood performed "She Talks To Angels" on the guitar, and he sounded good and looked confident underneath that baggy outfit. Alyssa Siebken auditioned with Waka Flocka Flame, but covered Demi Lovato this time around. Hollywood veteran Neco Starr had to sing for his life, and he went with Bruno Mars' "Gorilla." All three of these performers seem worthy of a spot on the Hollywood stage.

We weren't able to tell if Khristian D'avis had her "accent" in California, but her take on "Take It All" had the judges comment that she's really into the sound of her own voice.

There were 160 contestants that didn't have to sing for the judges and were off to Hollywood. The 52 that sang for the judges ended up getting split into two groups and loaded onto buses. After a dramatic reveal that one bus is headed to a Hollywood hotel and the other bus is going to LAX airport, there was a lot of speculation on which bus was going where. After the performances we just witnessed, it was pretty clear who you did and did not want to see on your bus! Ultimately, 20 contestants went to Hollywood and 32 people who just landed at LAX were about to leave Los Angeles after one performance and no sign of Hollywood (and no Hollywood sign!).

Johnny Newcomb was the first contestant the judges asked to sing again. He strapped on his guitar for a rendition of Foster The People's "Pumped Up Kicks." The judges weren't wild about it, but the performance had his fellow contestants grooving. We don't know Connor Zwetsch, but we quickly learned that she likes to wear unattractive headgear when she sings. Connor gave a pretty delivery of "Let Her Go." Ali Jane Henderson gave a stripped down version of Britney Spears' "Toxic." Those were some good song choices and versions from the first three contestants!

Sound Healer Adam Roth performed "Radioactive" on the keyboard. Although his voice still seemed a bit "schizophrenic" at times, it also sounded nice during those highs and lows. Keith and Harry were distracted by Adam's poor keyboard playing, but Jennifer thought his vocals were good enough.

Over 200 contestants made it to California...but they didn't necessarily make it to Hollywood. The contestants arrived at an airplane hangar, where the judges announced that some of the contestants will sing right now for a spot at Hollywood Week. In other judge news, who knew a 44-year-old mother of twins could look so good in a midriff?!

We got to see what cheerleader Stephanie Petronelli looked like outside of her cheer uniform as she sang "Whipping Post." After Rich LaFleur's performance of "I Need You," Harry gave a little speech demanding greatness from the auditioners. No pressure...

Caitlin Johnson's performance of "Only Girl (In The World)" was a little cringe-worthy and not nearly as good as her hometown audition, which made Keith Urban wonder what they saw in her initially. With tears streaming down her face Caitlin said, "I'm not gonna cry about it." You already are...

MK Nobilette and Emmanuel Zidor split from their group and joined Terrica Curry and Carmen Delgina, but MK and Terrica each disappeared, leaving Emmanuel to roll and cross his eyes while wondering if two people could be a group.