Atlanta only sent one person to the semi-finals during Season 9, and no one to the Top 13, so it was a nice surprise to get 44 Hollywood-bound singers from Atlanta this season, making the current count 163 going to Hollywood. Next, we pack our bags and head to Salt Lake City.

Bria Anai is a 15-year-old girl with a "Momager" (Mom Manager) who is a jackie-of-all-trades. Bria auditioned with Adele's "One and Only," but it didn't sound like the Adele song. It was a completely new song that sounded ready to be recorded! Jennifer was "mmming" during her performance and assigned Bria a heart in her notes. Harry commented on the thickness in her sound, and after some discussion of her purple sparkly lips, the judges sent her straight to Hollywood!

Travis Hunter-Brown, Luin Turner, and Leroy Wells are three singers who won't be going to Hollywood. Do you like how little time is spent on the sub-par auditions this season? It allows us more time to meet more talented singers.

Lauren Ogburn is a tough All-American girl who took on Reba McEntire's "Fancy." Jennifer got goosies and country judge Keith loved the song choice. Getting three yeses was enough to make this girl - who says she never cries - shed tears.

Sam Burchfield is a Phillip Phillips fan from Georgia (like Phillip) and auditioned in a plaid shirt, jeans, flip flops, and played the guitar (all like Phillip's audition) as he gave a unique performance of "I Want To Be Like You" from The Jungle Book. However, Sam has a different sound than Phillip. Although Sam's flipcam footage of him singing along at a Phillip concert was a bit screamy, his performance was easy on the ears. Jennifer loved his fun song choice, and guitar genius Keith complimented Sam on his guitar playing. Harry stated, "You speak normally, and when you sing you have this weird impediment, and I don't buy it." That is something that contestants are constantly doing, although it doesn't tend to bother us. Sam's not going "Home" and he's not "Gone Gone Gone" - Sam Burchfield is going to Hollywood, like Phillip!

Caleb Johnson and Neco Starr are two contestants that made it all the way to Season 11's green mile. It's so hard to make it all the way to the end of the audition process and get cut right before live shows. Caleb and Neco have very different styles, but both guys have big voices that sound ready for the stage. Neco got a no (from Keith) and two yeses, and Caleb got three yeses. Both guys are going back to Hollywood.

Slapout is the name of a town in Alabama that's home to Jessica Meuse. We liked her spirit when she said "I'm either going to be a successful musician or a broke one," because either way she's going to be a musician. Her performance of an original song called "Blue Eyed Lie" gave the judges a Stevie Nicks vibe. We also heard some elements of Heart. Harry called her low maintenance and easy, and Jessica received three yeses and some shoulder shakes from the judges. Just when you thought she could be too cool, she broke down crying upon celebrating with her family. You can tell she really wants this! See ya, Slapout...Jessica is going to Hollywood!

Majesty Rose is a preschool teacher with a unique sense of style. She covered Coldplay's "Violet Hill" on the guitar and showcased great musicality. Harry praised Majesty's quiet elegance and thought her subtle delivery was refreshing. Jennifer admitted to having to work so hard at what she does, so she loves seeing when performing comes effortlessly to others. Majesty also pulled Keith into her performance, so it was three yeses for the girl with a very "Hollywood" name.

Jared Cotton looks like Doctor Octopus, and he was Atlanta's #IdolHollywood or #IdolHome contestant. America's vote was almost too close to call, but the judges sent him home.

Jordan Brisbane is only 15 and he cooks. For Jordan's audition, he crooned Bruno Mars' "If I Was Your Man." Harry talked about how America is going to love Jordan, but that he'll be a much better singer in 10 years. Keith said the center of the song was great and he just needs to round the edges. Although his voice may be better in 10 years, the judges didn't want to wait - they gave him three yeses! Harry said he wants to see Jordan's "perfect, beautiful face" in movies.

Tennessee's Ben Briley sang Amos Lee's "Arms Of A Woman" while holding his guitar, but he wasn't really playing it. Keith said that if he heard Ben on the radio, he'd drive off the road. Those Aussies do drive on the wrong side of the road. Jennifer liked his nasally tone, and Harry compared him to gumbo, and then nicknamed him Gumbo. We'll see what Gumbo stews up in Hollywood!

Nica Nashae sang "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" as Harry and Keith drummed on the table and Jennifer pointed in the air. However, Nica's eyes were closed as she sang, so she might've missed all that greatness! Perhaps she'll see it again soon, because Nica received a ticket to Hollywood.

Kristen O'Connor is a nurse technician with range and control. Although we're not sure about pairing an army jacket with black leather pants, we're sure that the judges made the right decision in sending Kristen to Hollywood!

Wake up, Atlanta! The episode kicked off with footage of parents waking up their auditioners, and Georgia's own Connie Seacrest waking up her boy, Ryan. #thisisntreal...Ryan Seacrest doesn't sleep! Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban switched spots at the judges' table in Atlanta. How long until Keith and Harry request to sit next to each other to kindle their bromance?

Harry Connick, Jr. beatboxed while Jennifer Lopez chanted "energy," but the cameras cut to a snoozing Jesse Cline. He is a gas station attendant who stayed up all night before his audition. Uh oh...this is going to be interesting. With guitar in tow, Jesse performed a Needtobreathe song and we were instantly shocked - he is extremely talented! As Jesse performed, Harry called him "The ultimate Cinderella." The judges all mentioned how Jesse drew them in as soon as he opened his mouth. Jesse Cline, get some rest because you're heading to Hollywood!

Emily Piriz has been watching Idol since she was a very young girl. Translation: we're old! Her performance of Jessie J's "Mama Knows Best" showed maturity, and it earned her a ticket to Hollywood.

Chris Medina auditioned for Idol during Season 11 (but don't confuse him with Season 10's Chris Medina), and this time he returned with his adorable dog. Adele's "Chasing Pavements" was a surprising song choice for a guy who looks like a cowboy. Harry, who was holding the dog while Chris performed, said, "I believed you. I believe that I have a wet spot on my pants." Judging on Idol is a messy job, but it was a clean sweep for Chris, who is off to Hollywood!

Alyson Ragona has pink hair and performed Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" on a ukulele. Although her performance wasn't entertaining, Harry desperately searching for a David Bowie metaphor in regards to her space cat shirt - Major Tom Cat - was entertaining. Her shirt also reminded us of Miley Cyrus' infamous AMA performance backdrop.

Atlanta only sent one person to the semi-finals during Season 9, and no one to the Top 13, so it was a nice surprise to get 44 Hollywood-bound singers from Atlanta this season, making the current count 163 going to Hollywood. Next, we pack our bags and head to Salt Lake City.