The Top 13 girls joined Demi on stage for a performance of "Neon Lights"

Kristen O'Connor and Emily Piriz returned to prepare for the finale.

Emily Piriz and Sam Woolf pose for a selfie backstage.

The judges animatedly discussed Emily's passionate performance, but failed to give her the wild card and the Florida native was sent packing! It's sad to see Emily go, but the competition continues next week WED & THU on FOX!

Emily, Jena and MK nervously waited for Ryan to reveal who received the lowest number of votes. He called Jena and MK safe before revealing that Latina Emily Piriz was the contestant with the least amount of votes and in danger of elimination.

Emily chose to perform "Stars" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals as her "save me" song. She gave an emotional and passionate performance, but would it be enough for the judges to save her?

Ryan called Emily, Sam, Jessica and Ben to the stage for their results. Randy coached each of the Top 12 before their performances and we got to see a little bit of their sessions before the results were revealed. Ryan called Emily's name first and wasted no time in sending her into the bottom three. Sam, Jessica and Ben were safe!

Jennifer was moving her lips and her body along to the music and lyrics for Emily's whole performance and had nothing but praise saying that Emily did a “really good job.” While Harry noted that it took courage to perform the song he did add that the production was “too big” for her. Keith loved the performance and promised Emily that she'd still be in the competition next week.

Young Latino Emily Piriz chose to perform “Let's Get Loud” by our very own Jennifer Lopez! Emily is originally from Miami, but her heritage is Cuban and Jennifer's hit really reminds her of home and family. “Let's Get Loud” would take a diva to pull off and Emily fell just short, but it was a great effort from the young performer.

The finalist ladies were looking lovely backstage.

Emily Piriz was animated in her backstage interview.

Emily Piriz

After Jake's performance C.J., Kristen, Caleb, Jessica and Emily were the last contestants to hear their results. Randy said his piece first noting that C.J. needs to bring his "consistency up so he's great every week," while praising Kristen's "pretty good performance." Randy thought Caleb's Top 13 performance continually shows his authenticity and noted the Emily's effort was good, but failed to show "edge."

Barely legal Emily Piriz chose P!nk's international hit “Glitter In The Air” as her “this is me” song. Randy noted that Emily chose a “big song” and that it'd be important for the young artist to “put her own spin” on the song. Emily's performance was understated, but powerful.

Jennifer was all praise for the young artist. “That's a tough song to take on, but you did it so beautifully.” Harry added that Emily did exactly what she was supposed to do and that he was “proud” of her. While Keith liked Emily's performance he noted that she lacks the “edge” that P!nk brings to her performances.

Emily Piriz

Your Season XIII Top 13 Finalists!

Emily Piriz from Orlando, Florida

Barely legal Emily Piriz was the next contestant chosen to perform. The Orlando native took a risk and chose to perform "Paris (Oh La La)" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals even though Harry has had concerns with racy nature of the song in the past. Emily insisted, however, that she wanted to play into the emotion of the song instead of the exact story line. Emily planned to practice her inner rock chick in the mirror before her performance and it definitely paid off when she rocked that stage like an IDOL™ pro.

Harry opened the critique noting that now that Emily is 18 she can choose whatever song she wants, but urged her to think about if that is really subject matter she wanted to sing about. Keith tried to point out to Emily that artistry is "expression" and it's not about practicing certain moves in front of a mirror. He noted that she has the ability to bare her soul and doesn't have to hide behind acting. Jennifer Lopez took issue with Keith's words saying she loved Emily's performance and the confidence she showed on stage.

Emily Piriz

Emily Piriz doesn't get sweaty palms when she's nervous. She is quiet but confident, and admits to being a bit under the radar. Those were all qualities that Kris Allen had, and that turned out well! Her final solo of Grace Potter's "Stars" on the keyboard exuded maturity, and Jennifer Lopez enjoyed the airy quality of her voice. Keith Urban "whoa"-ed during her performance, and Harry thought she looked like a movie star for the first time. This Cuban teen made the Top 15 girls!

Emily Piriz

The Top 13 girls joined Demi on stage for a performance of "Neon Lights"