Guitar? Check. The best outfit? Check! This auditioner is ready to go!

It's always good to see great smiles in the holding room at IDOL™ auditions.

Auditioners brought the heat in Atlanta!

This IDOL™ hopeful is already a winner according to her cheerleading squad!

Best way to audition for AMERICAN IDOL®? With your own cheer squad to back you up.

Talented singers with all types of styles auditioned for AMERICAN IDOL® in Atlanta.

Practice makes perfect at auditions in Detroit.

Auditioning for IDOL™? It's a good idea to bring your best friends along for company.

It was dancing time in the holding room at Atlanta auditions.

A crew member shows off his AMERICAN IDOL® hat in Detroit!

These friends and family supported their superstar with colorful signs!

IDOL™ auditions aren't the same without a few guitars in the crowd.

There were hugs all around at auditions in Detroit.

Family members show their auditioner some extra special support with a beautifully decorated sign.

Singing and taking care of your nails? That's a win-win situation.

These contestants anxiously await their shot at stardom.

Nervous to meet our judges? No way! These two were perfectly at ease.

At the end of the Detroit episode, we checked back in with Marrialle Sellars, who kicked off last week's season premiere. This time, we got her home story about her late, supportive father who taught her how to be a musician, and he even built a home studio for his daughters. The rest of the audition was the same - Marrialle and her torn up gold ticket are still going to Hollywood!

Only seconds after meeting Ayla Stackhouse, it's apparent that she's adorable and sweet. This Detroit native lives in Hollywood, CA. She's motivated by Motown but sang Little Mix's "Wings," which reminds us of our Season 12 girls. With three yeses, this bubbly 17-year-old is heading back Hollywood!

Tony Delbarrio looks a bit like Weird Al Yankovic, but he didn't nail the vocals of "Radioactive," leading to a brief montage of nos. We are loving the judge interviews interspersed throughout the episode, which included this one of Keith saying why it's important for some of these contestants to hear honest responses.

Eric Gordon is a James Dean look-alike in a Members Only jacket who took on John Mayer's lesser known, but awesome track, "Perfectly Lonely." Keith cut him off before his "good part," to give him good news - he's Hollywood-bound!

An impressive 40 contestants from Detroit are off to Hollywood, for a total of 117 Hollywood-bound contestants so far. Next, we turn up in Atlanta and discover some hot talent!

Ryan Nisbett has a unique appearance, and said it's a result of losing a ton of weight. His take on Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" was unexpected. Jennifer said that no one has ever looked like this or sounded like this on Idol. Harry hopes the viewers will vote for Ryan in the context of this competition. All three judges would vote for him, so Ryan got a ticket to Hollywood.

Xavier Calvillo has a big, dark beard and performed CCR's "Have You Ever Seen The Rain." It was three nos for Xavier, who begged for a second chance. Harry had visions of Xavier popping up in unexpected places (The toilet! The shower!) and begging for a second chance.

Brandy Neelly is talented and persistent - this is her fourth time auditioning for American Idol. She has auditioned every year since becoming old enough, and she always makes it to Hollywood. After her performance of Hunter Hayes' "Wanted," Harry mentioned that she has a guttural quality to her voice that he wouldn't try to correct, but Jennifer said she would try to correct it. We'll find out if Brandy chooses to correct it in Hollywood. Do you think she should correct it?

Leah Guerrero, Zach Day, and Symphony Howlett have three completely different music styles and look totally different from one another, but all three are off to Hollywood. This side-by-side-by-side comparison just proves how diverse the Season XIII talent is.

Harry Connick, Jr. gave us a look at the Detroit set and headed to "Confessional," where he admitted to his Idol sins, including stealing Ryan Seacrest's hair products. And this is why we love him and Season XIII!

Rakita & Karlita Gulledge are twins who speak in the same cadence and have a shared love of an eyebrow pencil. They gave a duet of Beyoncé's "Listen." Harry mentioned that the opening line, "Oh, I'm screaming out," is exactly what the twins were doing. We won't be seeing Rakita and Karlita in Hollywood.

When America was asked to vote for Amanda Goff using #IdolHollywood or #IdolHome, the votes were very close. However, the judges didn't feel like Amanda was ready for Hollywood.

Keith Urban complimented Blake Soles on his songwriting, but said his singing isn't quite at the point it needs to be. Blake took the news like a champ and thanked the judges for their feedback. Class act, Blake!

When Ethan Harris entered the audition room, his idol, Keith Urban, called him "The lost Osmond Brother," which Harry coined, "Ronnie Osmond." Ethan drew a great picture of Keith and asked him to autograph it. After singing Keith Urban's "You'll Think Of Me," Harry observed that Ethan's speaking and singing voice sound the same. Jennifer likes his tone, and Ethan said he felt like he was crazy talking to the TV. Now, Ethan will get to feel crazy as he sings for the judges in Hollywood.

Welcome back, David Oliver Willis! After being sent home from the Vegas round of Season 12, David and his adorable wife opened up a coffee shop. This time, David performed Alex Clare's "Too Close" on the guitar. As Keith remembered, "He can sing." And he can play! It seems so effortless when David performs, and it was fun to see Keith drumming along on the table. Keith is always having fun and seems to know every song. Jennifer thought David was great, but Harry wondered how he'd be without the guitar. With three yeses, David Oliver Willis is going back to Hollywood.

Sydney Arterbridge took on Minnie Riperton's very challenging "Lovin' You." Was she going to go for the big notes? Don't cut her off judges! She went for it, and it paid off with three yeses. Try it out where you are right now. It ain't easy.

Maurice Townsend is a 26-year-old student and Minister of Music with four children. As he auditioned with John Legend's "So High," Keith sat back and enjoyed the show. When the judges learned about Maurice's family, they had him bring them in to the audition room. Harry gave high fives to the "most stylish family he's ever seen in his life," while Jennifer held Maurice's baby girl. The judges had Maurice's oldest son say, "Dad, you're going to Hollywood!" How is his wife going to wrangle three boys and a baby girl while he's in Hollywood?!

We got just a little taste of Jared White, who sang John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change" (with a gold ticket already in his hand), while Keith Urban accompanied Jared on his guitar.

Sarah Scherb auditioned with Ariana Grande's "The Way," which Season 6 Idol Jordin Sparks co-wrote. The best moment of the audition wasn't Sarah's pure, crisp voice, but what ensued after. Sarah mentioned that her dad works for Delta airlines, which led to a reveal that Harry rides on Greyhounds and flies coach on Delta, while Jennifer and Keith are zipping around on their private jets and tour buses.

Jade Lathan took on Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good." Harry called her all the things we were thinking: adorable, fresh, sweet, nice, and unexpected. Jennifer liked the whistly thing in the back of Jade's voice and thought the whole package is right. With two "absolutely yes" votes and one "100% yes," Jade's going to Hollywood!

When Jennifer Lopez stepped out of the room for a minute, Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban killed some time with a hilarious "nervous contestant" bit. Harry did a spot on impression of a starstruck Keith Urban fan. He auditioned with "The Star-Spangled Banner," and the producers listed his on-screen age as "29*." Although Harry flattered Keith by calling him beautiful, it was a no for Harry. The piano player didn't leave empty-handed...he received a Keith Urban autograph on his calf!

Melanie Porras looks like Season 10's Haley Reinhart. Her speaking voice is like Haley's, she comes from a musical family (like Haley), and she gave a jazzy performance (also, like Haley) of Peggy Lee's "Fever" on the guitar. Jennifer thought it was too safe and wanted to hear something else. Melanie shifted gears and put her twist on Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive." Keith liked that she played "Fever" on the guitar, yet sang Bon Jovi a capella - opposite of what most people would do. Melanie received three "yeps," which means a ticket to Hollywood.

Khristian D'avis was born in Chicago, raised in Detroit, and has an Italian accent. She's beyond gorgeous and sang Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love." Keith thought her performance was inconsistent, and Harry observed that her accent was inconsistent. When Khristian pleaded for a ticket to Hollywood, she suddenly lost her Italian accent. The judges gave her some criticism, but Jennifer said yes, Keith said no, and, surprisingly, Harry The Hatchet said yes. Do you think Khristian is authentic?

Liam Newberry is a Harry Connick, Jr. fan who sang Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight." HCJ advised Liam to forget everything he learned from musical theater because it's affecting his delivery. The judges didn't think it was sexy or strong enough for Hollywood.

We took a quick look at the less authentic auditioners in Detroit, which included "The Singing Manicurist." Punny judge Harry said, "He's really going to nail it," to which Keith replied, "File that away."

Jena Irene Asciutto (pronounced "Gina") is a high school senior who writes her own music but took on the popular Season 11 audition song, "Rolling In The Deep." Jennifer liked that Jena sang a song everyone knows, but it didn't sound the same. Harry observed that she closes off her voice with her tongue when she sings, but Keith liked the way she shapes her mouth when she sings. It doesn't really matter what good or bad habits Jena does with her mouth, because it earned this teen a ticket to Hollywood!

Malaya Watson is a tuba playing teen with braces and glasses, and she's wearing lounge-around-the-house clothes. She takes time with her delivery of "Ain't No Way," allowing the song to breathe and take on life. Malaya is marching off to Hollywood. She's going to be like the girls in the romantic comedies of the '90s where you remove the ponytail and glasses, "revealing" what we already know - she's beautiful!

Julian Miller's style is interesting in an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sort of way. He's wearing a bow tie and dress shirt, but then he has an open denim shirt over it. He tops it off with a beanie and is wearing pink pants. Julian's style didn't distract the judges - Keith says he sounds like an artist on the move. With that, Julian is moving on to Hollywood Week!

Bryan Watt is 29 years old, so this is his last chance to be an American Idol contestant. He's a young-looking 29, and mighty handsome! He performed Carrie Underwood's "So Small" on the guitar, and it seemed very current. His "confident, patient, easy performance" made Jennifer Lopez melt. Harry thinks Bryan looks like a superhero. Move over, Captain America - here's Captain American Idol! Keith talked about Bryan's slinky groove on the guitar and encouraged him to bring more ache - but Harry said bring the cape - to Hollywood. Even though Bryan's 29, his mom is going to accompany him to Hollywood. he single?!

Detroit fun fact: Fragels are fried bagels. Just as we wrapped our mind around cronuts, they come up with fragels?! Keri Lynn Roche is a cool chick who took on Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" while playing the acoustic guitar. When the judges wanted to hear something else, she went with "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James. Her performance pleased the judges, and Keri Lynn Roche is off to Hollywood. Just try not to confuse her with last episode's first singer, Jesse Roach, who is another cool, tattooed, brunette, guitar-slinging singer.

Samantha Furtwengler, Olivia Diamond, and Paris Primeau have great names, and pretty strong voices, but it was the end of the road for Samantha. Did anyone else catch her family member rip the poster from her sister's hands that says "Congrats Samantha!"?

Detroit, Michigan is known for its hit songs, Motown music, and cars. But would it become the home of the next American Idol? We won't know until May, but we do know that Harry Connick, Jr. thinks chewing gum is hot...on Jennifer Lopez, at least! We think the flannel and tousled bed head is working for her too.

Marrialle Sellars

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Guitar? Check. The best outfit? Check! This auditioner is ready to go!