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Some IDOL™ hopefuls in Boston were able to show off their personal styles with umbrellas!

This dapper auditioner was able to match his umbrella to his necktie! Now that's dedication to style.

Now that is one unique IDOL™ sign!

No doubt about it, Boston is a city full of strong people.

Would you brave the rain for a chance to be the next AMERICAN IDOL®?

The Patriots showed off some cheer for AMERICAN IDOL®.

Blue was the color of the day at auditions in Boston.

IDOL™ got the crowd dancing in Boston.

We're lovin' his personal style.

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Peace was a big theme at auditions in Boston.

Check out these IDOL™ XIII hopefuls smiling despite the rain.

Check out the amazing crowd that showed up IDOL™ auditions in Boston.

These auditioners got some extra cheer support from a professional.

Patriot fans showed AMERICAN IDOL® some major love in Boston.

Umbrellas, guitars and smiles were the most popular accessories at Boston auditions.

Many auditioners brought family members to auditions for extra support.

Does the next AMERICAN IDOL® winner hail from Boston?

Dim the lights, here we go! Season XIII has begun.

Now that's the type of cheer we like to see at IDOL™ auditions.

Boston hopefuls showed off their IDOL™ spirit at auditions.

Is this your time? Auditions for Season XIII are now open!

Look who showed up to auditions at Gillette Stadium in Boston!

A yellow sign and pink rain ponchos will get you noticed in the crowd at AMERICAN IDOL® XIII auditions.

So many IDOL™ hopefuls braved the rain for their shot at becoming the next superstar.