Although the difference between the votes cast for Ben and Majesty was only .07%, Ben came out slightly worse and was declared in danger of elimination. He'd have to sing in an attempt to get the judges to use their save.

After several moments of deliberation, Keith announced that the judges had decided to not use their save on the talented singer from Gallatin, TN.

Quickly things were called back to the dramatic when MK Nobilette, Ben Briley, Majesty Rose and Malaya Watson were called to the stage for results. Randy took a moment to share his thoughts on the previous night's performances. Randy thought Majesty's performance was just "OK," but praised Malaya's effort. Randy also thought that MK "delivered," but noted that Ben strayed from who he is as a performer.

Ben chose to perform Grace Potter and the Nocturnal's "Stars," as his save me song. Ben gave the performance his all, but the judges would have to unanimously agree to use their save if Ben were to remain in the competition.

Just as soon as Sam was added to the bottom three, he was removed when Ryan Seacrest declared him safe! That put Ben Briley and Majesty Rose in danger of elimination.

Jessica, Alex and Jena were declared safe and in a surprise twist, young hottie Sam Woolf joined Majesty and Ben in the bottom three! Tween girls across America were in tears.

In an instant Malaya and MK were declared safe. It came down to Ben and Majesty. Who would be in the bottom three and in danger of elimination? It turns out both performers were in the bottom three!

Jen praised Ben's vocal on "Benny And The Jets," but said that the performance confused her because Ben was "so country" last week. Harry felt that it was a "lackadaisical walk through a song," and Keith noted that the performance didn't feel "authentic." Tough luck, Ben.

Ben Briley took a real risk performing "Benny And The Jets" by Elton John featured in the film "27 Dresses." Don't judge Ben for the movie though, he just really loves the song! Ben certainly looked the part of soulful piano man dressed in a green velvet jacket and seated behind the piano onstage. Ben showed the judges and the audience a side of himself we haven't seen before with his performance.

FOX interviewed Ben Briley on the press line.

Ben Briley was deep in thought during the show.

Ben Briley

Your Top 11!

Ryan called Emily, Sam, Jessica and Ben to the stage for their results. Randy coached each of the Top 12 before their performances and we got to see a little bit of their sessions before the results were revealed. Ryan called Emily's name first and wasted no time in sending her into the bottom three. Sam, Jessica and Ben were safe!

Gallatin, TN native Ben Briley chose to perform “Turning Home” by David Nail. What are the things Ben misses most about his Southern hometown? Deviled eggs and pickled beets! His performance sure brought the country vibe to the IDOL™ stage.

Jennifer noted that Ben had some trouble at the beginning of the song, but by the end she was fully invested. Harry didn't connect with the performance at all adding that it felt “shouted.” Keith urged Ben to not focus on the technicality so much that he loses the story of a song.

Just a couple of dudes and their guitars hanging backstage.

The guy finalists posed for a friendly picture backstage.

Ben Briley was serious backstage at IDOL™.

Ben Briley

Ryan called Malaya, Jena, Ben and Alex to the stage for the first round of results. Randy gave us a rundown of their live performances before the placements were revealed. Randy thought Malaya's performance "got the best of her," and said that Jena did "a very good job." Randy thought Ben's performance was a "little too fast," but still thought he was able to put his own spin on the song. Randy had the most praise for Alex saying, "I loved the subtleness of this performance." America agreed with Randy. Alex, Ben and Jena were sent to safety and Malaya was revealed to be in the bottom three. Jennifer was "not happy" with the results.

Fourth up was well-rounded performer, Ben Briley. Ben chose Johnny Cash's “Folsom Prison Blues” saying the song “set the tone” for every gig he's ever had and he hopes it would set the tone for his IDOL™ tenure. Randy thought Ben would be “fine” if he was able to slow the performance down a bit. Ben appeared totally in his element while on stage and if he was nervous you wouldn't have known it.

Keith praised Ben's performance, but urged him to be careful not to “sacrifice artistry” for entertainment's sake. Jennifer didn't have a negative note saying that she liked that Ben “picked up the tempo,” and “loved” the performance. Harry gave the most praise to Ben, saying that his effort was “unquestionably the best performance of the night.”

Ben Briley

Your Season XIII Top 13 Finalists!

Ben Briley from Gallatin, Tennessee

Ben was glowing after his live performance. "You thought you nailed that," Harry noticed. We're not sure exactly what Harry thought, but he did say his favorite thing about the performance was "the size of the knot" in Ben's tie. "The entire Windsor family lives in that knot." Jennifer had more straight forward advice telling Ben that he "came alive" on stage and that was the mark of a "true performer."

Ben Briley already survived one elimination this season and now he's survived two! Ben chose the song “Soul Shine” and managed to convince Chris Daughtry that he could successfully play his electric guitar during the performance! Ben rocked his live performance and as Keith said, he may have given America their first “shredded solo” on IDOL™.

Before the last performance of the night we finally found out the results of last week's vote! Millions of votes came flooding in for Ben Briley and Neco Starr, but only one would make it through to Thursday's live show. Ryan announced that after the nationwide vote the guy who would remain in the competition was Ben Briley!

Ben Briley

The last spot in the Top 30 was either for Ben Briley or Neco Starr. Ben went with "Stars," which was a bit unexpected, but it sounded very good and showed his personality. Neco was sick and had no voice, but this showman worked it out with Beyonce's "Halo." Who would it be?

"Backstreet Cowboys" is a great group name for the trio of Ben Briley, Dexter Roberts, and Casey Thrasher, who took the stage in red plaid shirts. They know what it takes to win American Idol...a plaid shirt and a guitar! These three don't look like they'd ever sing a Backstreet Boys song, but they took on "I Want It That Way." Their harmonies sounded even better than their solos, making Jennifer wonder if there has ever been a boy band in country music. If these three don't make it on Idol, they should group up! Keith commended them for making it work. All three are going forward. Watch out, Munfarid - Dexter cradled Casey on the way out of the theater!

It wasn't all drama on group night. Ben Briley, Dexter Roberts, and Casey Thrasher got along great and might even get some sleep. Is that allowed on group night?! To top it off, they have one of the best group names: Backstreet Cowboys.

Ben Briley

Although the difference between the votes cast for Ben and Majesty was only .07%, Ben came out slightly worse and was declared in danger of elimination. He'd have to sing in an attempt to get the judges to use their save.