Atlanta showed up big to IDOL™ auditions!

Auditioners in Atlanta showed off their IDOL™ excitement.

Sing it out! Can you hit that note?

She's got great style with her blue top and pink guitar.

These two hopefuls brought out their American pride!

AMERICAN IDOL® XIII is bound to be the best yet.

He's showing off some major USA pride at auditions in Atlanta.

How many times have you auditioned? Tell us your IDOL™ story.

The excitement in Atlanta was beyond compare.

This man shows off his best future superstar pose.

This hopeful looks cool and easy as he plays his guitar at IDOL™ auditions in Atlanta.

Get together and show us your best IDOL™ smile!

Look at that crowd in Atlanta!

These two are showing off some serious star style at auditions in Atlanta.

This proud family member shows her support for her IDOL™ hopeful.

Crystal had some major support at auditions in Atlanta.

Season XIII hopefuls waved to the cameras as they swept through the crowds.

These auditioners showed up with hand made shirts.

These two are showing off some serious star style at auditions in Atlanta.

Guitars were abundant in the crowds in Atlanta.

Good Luck on your AMERICAN IDOL® dreams.

We love Ryan too, Atlanta.

Friends and family in Atlanta brought out some amazing signs to show support for their IDOL™ hopefuls.

Get excited, Atlanta!

Now that's one professional sign!

This hopeful took full advantage being allowed to bring her guitar to auditions.

Red pants were really popular in Atlanta.

Now that's the AMERICAN IDOL® spirit!

This hip hopeful took advantage of some down time at IDOL™ auditions.