Alex Preston was also named safe for the evening. His unique arrangements and vocal stylings earned him another week in the competition.

The competitors made their choices! Who will remain in the competition? That would be decided by YOU! Tune in Thursday at 9/8c for a jam-packed results show!

Alex Preston picked Dexter's choice of "A Team" by Ed Sheeran to perform. Dexter picked the song because he felt the song was a perfect fit for Alex who had already performed it during his online audition.

Alex hit the ball out of the park with his rendition of "A Team" by Ed Sheeran. The crowd went absolutely wild for his performance. Jennifer thought it was a "perfect song" and Harry said it was his "favorite performance of the night." Keith praised how Alex is able to take a song and make it completely his own.

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf teamed up to perform a duet they'd worked out on the couch during down time. They updated the arrangement of Passenger's "Let Her Go" and tested it online to great success so they thought they'd do it for the show.

The two guys staged the performance in a faux living room to give the performance some authenticity. The crowd was really jamming with the duo, but Harry thought it was a little "saccharine." Keith thought it was cute, but did say it was hard to critique the duets. Jennifer put the conversation to an end saying, "I think the girls loved it." Demi Lovato thought it had "good energy," but would have liked to see more!

Malaya, Alex and Jena talked the press after the show.

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf took their places on stage during rehearsals.

The Top 8 pose for a photo before the performance show.

Some colorful fans grabbed Alex Preston for a quick selfie before the 80s performances.

Alex Preston

Alex Preston

The Top 7!

The contestants rallied around Malaya to support her after the elimination.

Sam, Malaya, Alex and Jena were called to the stage next for their results.

America must have loved Alex's unique rendition of "Every Breath You Take." He sailed into a spot in the Top 7.

David Cook really worked with Alex Preston on the technicality of the Police classic, "Every Breath You Take." Alex's understated performance of the 80s hit went over really well with the crowd, but sparked some disagreement with our judges.

Harry really liked that Alex put his "own touch" on the track, but added that there is a difference between being a performer and being an entertainer. Harry went on to urge Alex to find ways to make his performances "stage worthy." Keith agreed with Harry while adding that Alex's voice grabbed his attention right from the start. Jennifer disagreed with both the guys saying "I love your voice and I love what you do," even though she missed the melody of the iconic song.

Harry put Sam on the spot by asking him how he felt after last week's save. Sam took the opportunity to thank the judges and said he'd been practicing and focusing a lot more. Keith reached out to Alex saying he liked the way the contestants' voices blended together.

Alex and Sam then hit the stage in what can only be described as a smooth and jazzy vocal battle for a girl with a cover of Michael Jackson's "The Girl Is Mine." These two fellas sure had all the ladies in the audience wishing they were singing about them.

The Top 8 celebrated after the save.

The IDOL™ guys celebrated surviving another week.

Alex Preston was ready to perform!

Jena, Alex and Sam hang out backstage.

Alex Preston

Your Top 8 is Back!

Alex Preston grabbed the last safe spot for the evening.

With strong performances from everyone, some will be safe, but others will be singing for the save! Chris Daughtry also returns for a special performance. It all starts THU 8/7c on FOX!

Alex really showed off his musicality during his performance of "Fairytales." The judges were impressed with his authenticity. "You've stayed true to yourself. You've grown and gotten so comfortable," said Jennifer Lopez. Harry was all praise for Alex as well saying that he really "enjoyed the arrangement" and the vibrato. Keith thought Alex did a "great job" and noted that a lot of people in the audience were singing along to the original song! A "Fairytale" indeed.

Alex Preston's musical ability comes from his father who used to sing. Alex and his family listened to a lot of classical music. Alex's abilities really took off after he convinced his parents to get him violin lessons. Alex performed "Fairytales," an original song that he wrote about a girl. When Alex first wrote the song he was just a heartbroken teenager in his basement and now he's performing an original song for America!

Jena Irene and Alex Preston took the stage next performing the first duet of the evening. Before they got started they took the time to answere a fan question. When asked if it is hard to be friends with someone you're trying to beat in the competition, both Alex and Jena said that it wasn't that hard, especially considering that they're all going on the road together for the upcoming IDOL tour.

Jena and Alex gave an understated performance of "Give Me A Reason" by P!nk and Nate Ruess. The duo really seemed to connect to the emotionality of the song as they sang while seated and staring into each others eyes.

It was back to the start as the Top 8 contestants took on their original audition songs live in front of America. We got a first hand look at how far all these talented performers have grown this season.

The Top 8 posed for a photo together on stage after Majesty Rose's elimination.

The IDOL™ guys rock out behind the scenes.

Alex and Sam had a little fun backstage before the show.

Sam, Majesty and Alex answered questions from reporters after the show.

Alex Preston eagerly took out his earpieces after his performance.

Your Top 8!

Alex Preston

After Janelle Monáe's enthusiastic performance Ryan got right back to results naming Alex Preston as safe for this week.

Alex Preston looks the part of sophisticated performer now, but there was a time that he was spending his summers at a farm stand selling vegetables and writing songs on the side. Alex filled up pages of notebooks working at that farm stand. Now music is his job and he couldn't be happier.

Performing No Doubt's "Don't Speak" in a toned down style, the crowd went wild for Alex, who always puts his own spin on songs, but the judges were only lukewarm about the performance. Keith wanted to see a "little bit of edge" from Alex's vocal delivery, while Jennifer thought the "soft version" of the song "took the energy out." Harry urged Alex to move around more on stage and not have his feet so firmly planted in the center.

Alex Preston rocked the stage in purple.

The Top 10 were pumped up and ready to go backstage before the show.

Alex Preston took the time to get in some good keyboard practice between shows.

Your Top 9!

Alex Preston

Fans and contestants alike were shunted back into reality as Caleb, Majesty and Alex were called the the stage for their results. Randy thought Caleb's performance had been "a little lackluster," but thought that Majesty's effort would "bring her back to the front" of the competition. Alex got the most praise from Randy when he said that his performance was "amazing."

Alex took a huge risk performing One Direction's hugely popular hit, "Story Of Music." During his session on Ryan's radio show Alex said he was "a little scared of the Directioners (One Direction fans, in case you didn't know...)." However, there was no reason to be nervous,as the fans went wild for Alex's unique take on the song.

Keith praised Alex's ability to make the hit his "own" and said it was "really good, brother." Jennifer noted that the "vocal was beautiful," while Harry thought Alex "hit the bulls-eye on the artistry target!"

C.J. Harris, Alex Preston and Sam Woolf answered questions after the show.

Alex Preston got his makeup touched up backstage.

Alex Preston

The Top 10!

Jessica Meuse, Alex Preston, Jena Irene and Sam Woolf were the final contestants to receive their results. Randy thought that Sam did a "good job" of trying to crack his shell, but thought that Jessica Meuse didn't have a "standout performance." Randy had the ultimate praise for Alex saying, "He's everything an artist should really be." Randy was also really "proud" of Jena's performance. What would America think?

Alex Preston put on a sexy white jacket and took to the stage to perform the "Falling Slowly" from the movie "Once" by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova. Alex delivered a romantic performance that the audience loved, but what would the judges think?

Harry was definitely on board with Alex's performance saying, “It's really nice to see something simply stated and elegantly done. Really proud of you." Keith noted that he loved Alex's "authenticity," and thought the performance was “very raw and very fragile.” Jennifer thought "Falling Slowly" was a perfect song choice that Alex sang "beautifully."

Sam, C.J. and Alex posed for a photo backstage.

Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston shared a laugh backstage.

Alex Preston

Your Top 11!

Jena, Dexter, Majesty and Alex were the next contestants called to the stage for results. All the contestants received constructive criticism from the judges, but what did America decide? Dexter, Majesty and Alex were safe, but Jena Irene was headed to the bottom three.

IDOL™'s resident indie musician, Alex Preston, diverged from his normal intimate song choices and picked “I Don't Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw for his Top 12 performance. He also upped his hip factor by sporting a bright blue suit complete with rolled up pants and white kicks. The upbeat performance was a breath of fresh air from the artist.

Jennifer praised Alex's suit saying, “You look official,” but took issue with his vocal effort. Harry urged Alex to go back to his more intimate roots where he believes Alex's wheelhouse lies. Keith applauded his originality, but thought the performance was a bit unstable.

Alex Preston jammed backstage with Ben Briley.

Just a couple of dudes and their guitars hanging backstage.

The guy finalists posed for a friendly picture backstage.

Sam Woolf and Alex Preston posed for a photo during the show.

Alex Preston

Ryan called Malaya, Jena, Ben and Alex to the stage for the first round of results. Randy gave us a rundown of their live performances before the placements were revealed. Randy thought Malaya's performance "got the best of her," and said that Jena did "a very good job." Randy thought Ben's performance was a "little too fast," but still thought he was able to put his own spin on the song. Randy had the most praise for Alex saying, "I loved the subtleness of this performance." America agreed with Randy. Alex, Ben and Jena were sent to safety and Malaya was revealed to be in the bottom three. Jennifer was "not happy" with the results.

Harry thought “A Beautiful Mess” was a good choice for Alex, but urged him to “sing in tune.” Harry added that the he didn't feel the performance because it was too “introspective.” Keith had the opposite reaction saying that Alex's introspection pulled him into the emotion of the performance. Jennifer agreed with Keith noting that she got “caught up in the mood” that Alex created.

Alex Preston, the self-described “hopeless romantic,” took the stage next with a hauntingly romantic rendition of Jason Mraz's “A Beautiful Mess.” Randy hoped the performance wouldn't turn out “sleepy” and if the audience's reaction is any indication, it certainly did not.

Alex Preston

Your Season XIII Top 13 Finalists!

Alex Preston from Mount Vernon, New Hampshire

The 7th spot of the evening went to the true musician, Alex Preston. Alex began playing the violin at the age of 5 and now can play an impressive 11 instruments. Alex was sure about his musical ability, but wanted to work on his stage prescene! As he put it, "I'm so freaking awkward." He worked with Randy and Chris Daughtry on maintaining eye contact. Practice definitely made perfect for Alex when he nailed his performance of "Volcano" by Damien Rice.

Keith was impressed with Alex, telling him that he had “the best song choice of the night.” Jennifer told Alex he was really in his “own lane” artistically and thought he could go far in the competition. Harry was more impressed with Alex's guitar playing, noting that he ended the song on an uncommon note.

Alex Preston

Alex Preston continued to showcase his unique voice and guitar playing with an original song called "Fairytales." It's not just a fairy tale for Alex...he is moving on in the competition!

"Alex Preston bravely took on and Britney Spears' ""Scream & Shout"" while playing the guitar. We heard from Sydney Arterbridge, Jesse Roach, and Bryan Watt. Early stand-outs Bryan, Sydney, and Jade Lathan are going home, but Alex and Jesse are moving on to group round."

Alex Preston

Alex Preston was also named safe for the evening. His unique arrangements and vocal stylings earned him another week in the competition.