It's IDOL's 500th episode! We are also 1 week away from the Season XIII finale. The Top 3 contestants would step to the mic for the last time to try and earn their spot in the final show down.

Fresh off a whirlwind weekend of hometown visits, each contestant returned triumphant heroes. Now they're back and are ready to impress America. Caleb lost his voice over the weekend to bronchitis so he spoke little during the episode.

The Top 3 would each perform 3 songs during the episode: Randy's pick, the judges' pick and a hometown pick.

But first, let's take a selfie! The Chainsmokers, the duo behind the popular single, "#Selfie, took to the stage to pump up the crowd.

The #IdolSelfie has been an important part of the Season XIII live shows and it reached a highpoint in this fun, concert-like experience.

The judges, contestants, Ryan and the crowd all got in on the action taking selfies and posting them to social media.

Caleb Johnson was up first performing "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS. Randy chose the song hoping it would showcase what type of artist Caleb could grow to be.

Despite Caleb's sore throat, the rocker performed admirably scoring a multitude of applause from the crowd. Keith said it was "a great song" for Caleb and Jennifer said "You on your worst night are better than some people on their best night." Harry thought it was an "interesting" song choice and urged Caleb not to hurt himself during the course of his performances.

Randy chose "Pompeii" by Bastille for Alex Preston. Randy chose the song hoping it would be the type of upbeat number he could perform in his own concerts one day. Alex showed a lot of range during his performance and even took a turn on the drums! It was nice to see something different from our intimate performer.

Jennifer loved seeing a different side of Alex. "That was a great performance for me." Harry loved the variety in the performance but thought it was a bit "piecemeal." Keith noticed there were a "few shaky bits," but loved the moments Alex created during the performance.

Randy chose the ever popular "Titanium" by David Guetta for Jena Irene to perform. Randy believed the song would fit the young star perfectly and Jena certainly gave her best effort. Jena handled the challenge well considering it was her most staged performance on IDOL™ to date.

Harry praised Jena's performance saying she did a "great job." Keith was on the same page saying, "Really good job tonight, baby." Jennifer was the only voice of dissent saying the performance "felt a bit stiff."

Caleb started the second round with the judges' pick "Demons" by Imagine Dragons. The modern rock song seemed like a perfect fit for our budding rock star. Caleb delivered the goods as usual, perhaps a little less energetic than in the past.

Keith praised how well Caleb was working through his vocal issues, while Jennifer urged Caleb to sing the emotions of the song and not focus on the notes as much tonight.

The judges picked "Stay" by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko for Alex to perform. The judges may have thought they were throwing Alex for a loop, but our artistic performer was enthused to give his own unique take on the hit. Alex definitely created a moment to remember.

The judges were all praise for Alex's performance. "It was beautiful," said Jennifer Lopez, "and it was all yours." Harry said the effort was "really, really strong."

The Top 13 were in the audience ready for the finale next week! Ryan even gave us a few juicy details of who would be performing during Wednesday's show! He revealed that Darius Rucker, Jennifer Nettles, John Legend and Phillip Phillips would all on the star-studded night!

Jena closed out the judges' pick round performing "Heart Attack" by Demi Lovato. Jena is a huge Demi fan so she was thrilled to perform the hit. Jena rocked the stage like she'd written the tune herself!

Harry praised the performance, but urged Jena to make sure her energy is "100%" from start to finish during the performance. Keith loved the performance and Jennifer thought it was a "great song choice."

The third round consisted of songs chosen for the contestants by their hometowns. All the songs chosen were songs that have been performed previously on the show. Caleb's hometown chose him to reprise his performance of "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zepplin. Caleb nailed the performance earlier in the season and this time as well. At the close of the song the audience broke out into a chant of "Caleb, Caleb, Caleb!"

Keith commented on Caleb's superior vocals amidst vocal problems. "If ever there was a complete moment of miraculous healing that would've been it." Jennifer called the performance and "Idol moment," and Harry called the performance "absolutely fantastic."

Alex's hometown of Mont Vernon chose "Story Of My Life" by One Direction for him to perform again. Alex gave a heartfelt performance that had the crowd on their feet.

Jennifer noted, "America really has their work cut out for them." Harry called the performance "classic" and Keith said that Alex "nailed it."

Jena closed the show reprising her performance of "Creep" by Radiohead. Jena had a lot of success with this particular song when she sang it earlier in the season and she seemed to have outdone herself with this effort.

"Even better than the last time you sang it," exclaimed Harry after Jena's performance of "Creep." Keith remarked on Jena's "mind blowing" progress throughout the season and Jennifer called the performance "brilliant."

It is now entirely up to America to decide who stays and who goes. Tune in Thursday at 9/8c on FOX to find out who did enough to earn a spot in the finale!

It's IDOL's 500th episode! We are also 1 week away from the Season XIII finale. The Top 3 contestants would step to the mic for the last time to try and earn their spot in the final show down.