These IDOL™ hopefuls are lighting up the crowd.

No audition is complete without selfies.

This New Yorker is ready to chase her dreams.

This cowboy is ready to roundup these auditions!

Many auditioners bring their trusty guitars with them.

Will she be the next superstar?

Don't forget to sing your heart out, New York!

Is this the face of the next AMERICAN® IDOL™ XIV?

Peace signs prove to be a popular pose from this batch of auditioners.

This auditioner tries to look her best before her shining moment in front of the judges.

This hopeful shows her pride by rocking her uniform to auditions.

Many auditioners continue to prepare until right before their big moment.

He's ready to rock out with his guitar.

Line up New York! It's time to show us what you got.

Hopefuls can't wait to get through registration and sing in front of the judges.

It's time to get serious - who will stand out from the crowd?

These fashionistas are camera-ready.

This New Yorker can't wait to share her IDOL™ experience.

He's ready to stand out from the crowd with his violin.

She's showing off her best IDOL™ smile.

Her smile tells it all - she's ready for her big moment.

Bros who audition together, stay together.

She has her game face on!

Put your hands up in the air!

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care, New York!

This auditioner knows the plaid is rad this season.

The crowd is pumped up!

New York sure knows how to party!

The crowd is massive in New York.

These hopefuls couldn't be more excited.

These ladies are shouting to the top of their lungs!

Hopefuls eagerly await their opportunity to shine.

A sea of faces in the crowd at IDOL™ XIV auditions in New York.

These IDOL™ hopefuls are lighting up the crowd.