It's the anticipated Group Round. The contestants anticipate it with fear, and we viewers can't wait for the drama, the harmonies, and the triumph. But which groups would succumb to the drama and which would prevail?

We started the show with a group known as "Three More Days," which is made up of Hollywood Week veterans David Oliver Willis, Sarina Joi Crowe, and Tony Foster, Jr. Their group should be called "Three More Names" - what's with all of these middle names? They performed Alex Clare's "Too Close" with their own twist, including an a capella ending. They showcased their harmonies and each person had their own time to shine. Judge Jennifer Lopez said the harmony at the end gave it a uniqueness, but the choreography in the middle melted away. She revealed that they would be cutting half of the contestants this round. With that said, it was the end for Tony, but David and Sarina are moving on.

"Backstreet Cowboys" is a great group name for the trio of Ben Briley, Dexter Roberts, and Casey Thrasher, who took the stage in red plaid shirts. They know what it takes to win American Idol...a plaid shirt and a guitar! These three don't look like they'd ever sing a Backstreet Boys song, but they took on "I Want It That Way." Their harmonies sounded even better than their solos, making Jennifer wonder if there has ever been a boy band in country music. If these three don't make it on Idol, they should group up! Keith commended them for making it work. All three are going forward. Watch out, Munfarid - Dexter cradled Casey on the way out of the theater!

A group featuring Neco Starr and George Lovett sounded super smooth and in sync during their performance of "Treasure" by Bruno Mars. The judges treasured this performance.

Omaha auditioners Paula Hunt and Andrina Brogden got it "Done" with their take on The Band Perry's song. We didn't see their initial Hollywood solos or their group rehearsal, so it was nice to see these girls get good news on Group Night.

It looks like MK Nobilette's decision to leave her original group (with Emmanuel, Carmen, and Terrica) wasn't a terrible decision - she sounded great with Lorde's "Royals." MK's group member Briana Oakley really shined, and the last few notes she sang were breathtaking. She had Jennifer Lopez shaking off her goosies, so it was no surprise that Briana and MK and the rest of their group were moving to the next round of Hollywood Week.

In addition to that last two groups of ladies, we learned that Brandy Neelly, Emily Piriz, and Kenzie Hall were moving on in the competition. It was looking good for the ladies. Speaking of looking good, here's Spencer Lloyd. Spencer knew his group song - Gavin DeGraw's "Best I Ever Had" - and didn't want to rehearse with group members Alyssa Siebken and Megan Miller. When the group took the stage, there were some forgotten lyrics from the girls, and their voices sounded rough. It was the end of the road for Alyssa, but Spencer and Megan were continuing on. Did she take a defeated selfie? Also going home were Madisen Walker, Keith London, Austin Precario, Stephanie Petronelli, and Adam Roth.

The lovable Tiquila Wilson bowed out of the competition because she's a gospel singer and feels like she isn't fulfilling her dreams here. The judges encouraged her to follow her heart, but said it's our loss. We'll miss Tiquila's personality! Harry Connick, Jr. pretended to leave the judge panel, but don't worry, he was just messing around.

After his group disintegrated, Matthew Hamel joined "Freedom Breathers," made up of CJ Harris, Tyler Ahlgren, and Caleb Johnson. Tyler forgot the words to "Too Close" and made them up - he sounded pretty good! Caleb backed up Tyler a little as he struggled. Caleb's vocals soared with the song. CJ is a country singer and sounded a little out of place with these rockers, but the group's ending harmonies sounded good. Harry complimented Caleb and said that Tyler and Matthew couldn't measure up, so it's the end of the road for those two.

Collision is the most aesthetically mismatched group, but their cohesive sound on "Too Close" was enough to make the judges - and America - keep the trio in #IdolHollywood.

Team Clarity consisted of Sikenya Thompson, Jena Irene Asciutto, Munfarid Zaidi, and Allie Odom. Sikenya was on vocal rest and didn't practice with her group. Her speaking voice sounds like Fantasia's, but does her singing voice? Oh, and guess what they sang? Yep, "Too Close." Sikenya stumbled with her lyrics and looked like she was going to cry, but the judges encouraged her to keep going. In the end, only Allie was headed home. Sikenya hugged the judges. Stay away! They can't afford to get sick during Hollywood Week. Sikenya offered Allie front row tickets to her concert. Too soon...but awesome Allie was in good spirits.

Savion Wright and John Fox removed their glasses for their group performance of "Royals." John was going home, but Savion, Madelyn Patterson, and Ryan Clark were moving on. Savion was devastated because he and John have become inseparable. Hey Savion, why don't you offer John front row tickets to your concert?

Jessica Meuse found another group after the previous night's drama, but she was experiencing more hardships as she tried to remember her lyrics, keep on top of choreography, and battle a stage mom. On stage, Nica Nashae, Cara Watson, Jessica Meuse, and Stephanie Hanvey all supported each other before taking on "Single Ladies." Although Stephanie's vocals faltered, her mom was rocking out in the balcony. Jessica Meuse forgot her lyrics. Ultimately, only Stephanie was heading home. She kept quiet as her mom railed into Jessica about how she didn't pull her weight. Stephanie tried to give a polite exit interview, but momma scooped her right off the set.

Emmanuel Zidor, Terrica Curry, and Carmen Delgina took on Destiny's Child's "Say My Name." We love that song, but Harry said that song didn't have a melody and didn't showcase their voices. The judges had trouble judging them off that performance, but Harry said Emmanuel is closest to having the whole package, so he's through, but his group members are not.

Group "Loud & Fierce" - comprised of Christina Collins, Olivia Diamond, Queen Bulls, and Malaya Watson - definitely worked on coordinating their outfits and dance moves. The drama we saw them have last night didn't show on stage. Their take on The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" had Jennifer declare to all four of them, "I want YOU back."

Next week, the 77 remaining contestants perform their final solos in Hollywood. Who from this talented group of auditioners will rise to the top? Watch FOX on WED & THU at 8/7c to find out!

It's the anticipated Group Round. The contestants anticipate it with fear, and we viewers can't wait for the drama, the harmonies, and the triumph. But which groups would succumb to the drama and which would prevail?