The remaining singers in Hollywood capped off the week with a final solo. Some singers were sent home right then and there, but the rest will walk "the green mile" and met with the judges to find out if they're one of the lucky Top 30.

Emily Piriz doesn't get sweaty palms when she's nervous. She is quiet but confident, and admits to being a bit under the radar. Those were all qualities that Kris Allen had, and that turned out well! Her final solo of Grace Potter's "Stars" on the keyboard exuded maturity, and Jennifer Lopez enjoyed the airy quality of her voice. Keith Urban "whoa"-ed during her performance, and Harry thought she looked like a movie star for the first time. This Cuban teen made the Top 15 girls!

"Say Something" really worked for Spencer Lloyd's first Hollywood solo, but the judges weren't as in love with his final solo - an original song on the guitar. That didn't keep him from making the Top 15 guys.

Jillian Jensen looks scared in the holding room. Her shirt matches Jennifer's dress, and her shoes are JLo-worthy too! Jillian's final solo was an original song on the guitar that she introduced with a solid speech about the importance of being an artist in order to make it in the music industry. Harry's delivery of the news was drawn out and made a nervous Jillian tear up. It was hard to watch her wait...but it's good news! We'll see Jillian in the Top 15 girls.

Through the smiles and tears, Madelyn Patterson made it to the Top 48, but would she make it to the Top 30? She had a strong final solo with "Up To The Mountain," but it was the end of the road for this southern sweetie. Also going home were Michael Simeon, Lebryant Crew, and Sabrina Lentini. We barely knew you!

We were wondering who was singing this cover of "I Won't Give Up" throughout the eliminations just now, but it was none other than Top 30 contestant George Lovett. Keith and Jennifer stood up for George's moving solo.

We got quick clips of Shelby Ann Marie Miller, hat fan Connor Zwetsch, and attractive Ethan Thompson before checking in with Sam Woolf. He played his guitar for an original song called "I Tried." He tried, alright - and it paid off with a seat in the Top 30. Jennifer got emotional after Sam left the room and she said "I'm really excited for him."

After a few rejections of some girls we haven't seen much from, we checked in with Keri Lynn Roche. She ditched the guitar and black duds for a little white dress as she sang "I'd Rather Go Blind." Jennifer told her, "It was so close," but her final solo wasn't strong enough to keep her.

Malaya Watson has been a strong competitor throughout the audition process...until her final solo. Harry stopped her mid-performance to regroup with the band and get the key correct for Fantasia's "I Believe." She pulled it together and got Keith and Jennifer on their feet. Malaya, pronounced Muh-LYE-uh, means freedom and her celebration dance embodies just that! Everybody do the Malaya.

Maurice Townsend came in like a wrecking ball with his adapted version of the Miley Cyrus song. His version had the judges talking about how smart he is, and that brilliance got him to the Top 30. Maurice can't wait to share the good news with his babies, and we hope there will be a camera with him to capture the moment!

Yo, dawg! Randy Jackson was on set, and Harry Connick Jr. auditioned for him with "Fire Water" and Keith Urban stood by his side. These dudes are in it to win it!

Bria Anai had a whole monologue she spewed as she walked the green mile. She seemed less nervous than the other finalists, and with good reason. Her final solo of "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" was unique and marvelous. Bria Anai, you're part of the Top 15 girls!

Drama follows Jessica Meuse wherever she goes, and that sure was the case with her Top 30 results! She was called up to see the judges along with Jesse Roach. There's room for only one rockin' Jess in the Top 15 girls, so the judges asked the girls to perform on the spot. Harry said, "There's a limited number of seats on the bus..." There's a bus again? Jessica took on "Simple Man," while Jesse reprised her hometown audition of "Do Ya." The judges had high praise for both girls and said this is the hardest decision in the competition, but Jessica Meuse made it through.

Dexter Roberts performed an original song called "Farmer's Grandson." He's more than just a farmer's grandson...Dexter is a proud member of Season XIII's Top 30!

Emmanuel Zidor held nothing back during his performance of "I'm Goin' Down." Harry immitated Emmanuel's sound effect and wants to see Emmanuel and Jennifer have a walk-off. Jennifer agreed and even agreed to buying Emmanuel's heels. His solo was so good, but would it be enough? He walked in timidly and started crying before the verdict. He explained why he was crying, but his answer was so high pitched we're not quite sure what he said. But it's good news - Jennifer is bringing Emmanuel some shoes for his Top 30 debut!

MK Nobilette's "A Team" gave Jennifer goosebumps...she didn't say "goosies!" The judges and MK talked about her place in the competition, and she said she's "very obviously gay" and knows that not everyone is accepting of that, but she feels like lately America has changed and is continuing to change, and she's ready for it. The judges are ready for it too...MK is in the Top 30!

Kristen O'Connor sang Katy Perry's "Unconditionally," and the prognosis is #IdolTop30 for our nurse tech.

Jordan Brisbane shined with "Halo" for his final solo, so it was good news for him on his 16th birthday...and Jordan's driving all the way to the Top 30.

Casey McQuillen and Nica Nashae stood out during their hometown auditions, but the judges had to turn them both down for Season XIII of Idol.

Leah Guerrero and Andrina Brogden were called up to the judges together. For Leah's final solo, she performed "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James, while Andrina Brogden went with Ellie Gouldings' "Burn." These two girls were neck-and-neck, but a spot in the Top 15 girls was given to Andrina. The rejection made Leah fall to the floor sobbing, and Jennifer was in tears back in the judgement room.

We haven't seen much from Malcolm Allen since his hometown audition. He also took on the super sexy Mary J. Blige song, "I'm Goin' Down." Although Harry isn't sure how to market Malcolm, Jennifer said that she always remembers him. Ultimately, Malcolm scored a seat in the Top 30!

Alex Preston continued to showcase his unique voice and guitar playing with an original song called "Fairytales." It's not just a fairy tale for Alex...he is moving on in the competition!

CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher both auditioned for the bus in Alabama and for the judges in Salt Lake City. They're both rocking pinkish shirts, and apparently they're both dads - how come we didn't know that about you, CJ?! These talented country singers were asked to sing head-to-head. CJ went with "Whipping Post" and Casey went with "Don't Ya." The judges asked the men to stand by the elevator, where they were just out of earshot, but within sight. As we sat on the edge of our seats waiting for a verdict, the episode ended! WHAT?!! We have to wait 24 hours?!

The rest of the Top 30 will be formed on Thursday at 8/7c. Will Casey or CJ be one of the Top 15 boys? What will become of the other early stand-outs? Tune in to find out!

The remaining singers in Hollywood capped off the week with a final solo. Some singers were sent home right then and there, but the rest will walk "the green mile" and met with the judges to find out if they're one of the lucky Top 30.