As if the 22 hour wait wasn't enough, we picked back up with CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher and endured a long dramatic pause before learning that Casey Thrasher made the Top 30...and so did CJ Harris! Will Alabama produce a third American Idol?

We saw a lot of Marrialle Sellars during hometown auditions, but have heard very little from her during Hollywood Week until now. The judges compared her to Miley Cyrus during her Detroit audition, and Marrialle took on "Wrecking Ball" for her final solo, which included a little band directing. Marrialle had great posture as she sat to face the judges, who said she was inconsistent in Hollywood. However, Marrialle is strong enough to march on to the Top 15 girls. She's so cute, and everything she says - from counting contestants to forgetting to breathe - is always funny, whether that's her intention or not.

Jena Irene Asciutto has probably had to correct people her whole life that it's "Gina not Jenna." It's her parents' fault for spelling her name that way! She performed a beautiful original song on the keyboard called "Unbreakable Me." The judges were fond of Jena, and Harry Connick Jr. nicknamed her "The Sleeper." Now the big question is, will she continue to wear her choker necklaces in Hollywood?

Funny man Caleb Johnson has a big voice and a big personality. His performance of "Radioactive" had Jennifer Lopez bouncing and singing along, and his fellow contestants were standing and swaying. The judges observed that he comes across as a character with his out-dated costume-like attire and over-the-topness. Although a majority of Twitter voters thought Caleb was headed home, the judges sent the returning auditioner to the live shows!

Ethan Harris, aka Ronnie Osmond, is someone else we haven't seen much since his Detroit audition. His final solo of Lonestar's "Amazed" had Harry call him "an interesting cat," but Ethan's idol, Keith, thought it was "a crap song choice." It was good news for Ethan - he's in the Top 15 guys!

Sarina Joi Crowe, Nalani Quintello, and David Oliver Willis are three very talented singers who had strong performances, but all three were turned away due to the talented pool of contestants this season. That's two years in a row for Sarina and David. Heartbreaking.

Singing always seems so effortless for Majesty Rose York, so it was surprising to watch her forget the lyrics to "Stars" by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. We've heard this song more on Idol than we have on the radio! The forgotten lyrics didn't change the judges' minds - they expect big things from her in the Top 30!

Briston Maroney took on Passenger's "Let Her Go" for his final solo, but it was tough to recognize that soft song with his rough and raw treatment. Clutching his guitar as he faced the judges, it was hard to watch Briston's quivering lower lip as Harry talked about how he's so young before revealing the good news. That roller coaster ride had Briston say to Harry, "You are a wicked man!"

Returners Briana Oakley and Brandy Neelly were called to the judges together. They couldn't figure out the elevator, so they physically experienced many highs and lows before stepping in front of the judges. Brandy's cover of "Up To The Mountain" was strong and Briana's take on "My Kind Of Love" was beautiful, so who would go home? Brandy looked like she was going to pass out as the judges stated, "We have to have the best in there, and that's why you both made it." Congrats, ladies!

Kenzie Hall was crying before the judges could speak a word. Harry handed her a box of tissues as the judges talked about her shaky final solo and strong initial Hollywood solo. It's going to be happy tears for Kenzie - she's a Top 15 girl!

Savion Wright has had quite a journey, and we've seen him play a different instrument at every stage, including a ukulele as he faced the judges. Keith said Savion has the ability to connect with an audience, but it's a no. That is one of the biggest shockers of the season so far! The judges told Savion that he has a bright future, and they'd like to see him back at Idol in the future.

We haven't heard much from Sandie Lee before now. She 'cooked' it up with "A Change is Gonna Come," and it sounded quite good! Austin Wolfe sang "Radioactive" again for her final solo, and she was called up to the judges' room with Sandie. With only one spot left in the Top 15 girls, teen Austin Wolfe was the lucky one this time.

The last spot in the Top 30 was either for Ben Briley or Neco Starr. Ben went with "Stars," which was a bit unexpected, but it sounded very good and showed his personality. Neco was sick and had no voice, but this showman worked it out with Beyonce's "Halo." Who would it be?

In an American Idol first, the judges are having America vote on which contestant will round out the Top 30. Will Ben Briley or Neco Starr advance? We'll find out during the first LIVE shows of the season - WED & THU at 8/7c on FOX! Congratulations to the Season XIII semi-finalists!

As if the 22 hour wait wasn't enough, we picked back up with CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher and endured a long dramatic pause before learning that Casey Thrasher made the Top 30...and so did CJ Harris! Will Alabama produce a third American Idol?