The Top 7 showed off their silly sides backstage at AMERICAN IDOL®.

Jena Irene rocked some pretty amazing bangs at the Top 7 performance show.

Jessica Meuse got her daily supply of blue eyeshadow before the Top 7 performance show.

C.J. Harris practiced with his guitar backstage at IDOL™.

Sam Woolf and Alex Preston hang out backstage.

Even guys like Sam Woolf need a little makeup before nationally televised shows!

Caleb and Jena face off with fake microphones backstage at IDOL™.

The three Alabama natives in the Top 7 posed for a friendly photo.

The Top 7 took a moment for thought before the Top 7 performance show.

Check out the wardrobe rack for live shows!

Caleb Johnson looked fierce while he got his hair done for the big show!

Alex Preston rocked a pretty sweet hat at the Top 7 performance show.

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf wore big smiles on their faces while rehearsing their duet.

Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene really enjoyed their Top 7 duet.

C.J., Jessica and Dexter after their duet.

Demi Lovato hung out with Randy Jackson after her surprise appearance on the show.

C.J. Harris answered questions on the press line after the show.

Jena Irene was all smiles after her performances at the Top 7 show.

The press interviewed Jessica Meuse after the show.

Alex Preston answered questions after his Top 7 performance.

Caleb Johnson was very animated after the Top 7 performance show.

Sam Woolf wore a huge smile on his face after the show.

Dexter, Jena and Caleb rocked the press line together.

Sam, Alex, C.J. and Jessica walked the press line after the show.