The Top 13 celebrated on stage after their rehearsal.

Jena Irene was all smiles in the makeup chair backstage.

Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene were looking good through the fisheye lens.

Ben Briley was serious backstage at IDOL™.

Majesty Rose was deep in thought backstage after the show.

Jessica Meuse was captured by the cameras after her performance.

C.J. Harris was just hanging backstage next to the equipment while waiting to perform.

Sam Woolf and Alex Preston posed for a photo during the show.

Dexter Roberts jammed out backstage.

Emily Piriz was animated in her backstage interview.

The guy finalists posed for a friendly picture backstage.

The finalist ladies were looking lovely backstage.

Malaya Watson shined backstage in her interview.

Jessica Meuse was the picture of perfection at the press line after the show.

The contestants stuck together on the press line after the show.

Just a couple of dudes and their guitars hanging backstage.

Alex Preston jammed backstage with Ben Briley.

MK Nobilette found a puppy to play with in the contestants' holding room.

Judges and producers supported Kristen O'Connor after her elimination.

Season 12 winner Candice Glover took time to speak to the press after her guest performance.

Buddies Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson walked the press line together.

Kristen O'Connor and Candice Glover posed for a photo after the elimination.

The Top 13 celebrated on stage after their rehearsal.