Our judges are back for another season of AMERICAN IDOL!

This will be Ryan's 14th season hosting AMERICAN IDOL. Time flies when you're having fun!

All eyes on Jennifer Lopez.

Harry doesn't always wear his glasses, but when he does he sure looks sharp!

We were too busy staring at this photo to come up with anything witty to say about it. (Swoon)

The cameras love our judges! How can you not?

A look behind the scenes as a cameraman captures a moment with the Judges.

Keith Urban shows some love for the west coast with his wardrobe.

Jennifer and Ryan hug it out.

Is there something in the air in Kansas City? The judges can't stop laughing!

Leave it to Harry to do something crazy at auditions.

It's fun being an IDOL judge, but Keith, Jennifer and Harry take their jobs very seriously.

Ryan likes to get involved in all aspects of the show.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest judge of them all?

What it looks like from behind the Judges Table.

There's nothing better than getting a golden ticket after your audition AND taking a selfie with the judges.

Ryan always helps to comfort friends and family who anxiously wait for the news.

Ryan gets to know an auditioner's story.

One more reason why Jennifer Lopez is a fashion icon.

Harry Connick Jr's smile is contagious.

Ryan shares an emotional moment with this hopeful.

The Kansas City crowd hangs out with Ryan.

If you can take your eyes off of Jennifer Lopez for a moment, you might notice Adam Lambert at the Judges Table!

Ryan gets a little "carried away" sometimes.

Some hopefuls patiently wait with Ryan for their turn to shine in front of the judges.

Harry and Jennifer receive touch ups from the talented IDOL make-up team.

The Judges confer with Executive Producer Per Blankens in between auditions.

Ryan celebrates with Jermaine's friends and family because he got the golden ticket! All the action starts on JAN 7 at 8/7c on FOX!

Our judges are back for another season of AMERICAN IDOL!