Getting a little practice in backstage is always a good idea.

C.J. Harris was surrounded by the ladies backstage during Rush Week.

Emily Piriz practiced her superstar look backstage at the makeup table.

She was ready for her moment to shine!

Jena Irene hangs out backstage.

How would you spend your time backstage?

Malaya Watson practiced her piano skills.

Majesty Rose had to spend some of her time backstage studying.

The contestants cheered each other on behind the scenes.

Competing on AMERICAN IDOL® is stressful!

They almost made it to the finals!

Contestants supported each other after being eliminated.

Jessica Meuse looked nervous during Rush Week, but she made it through!

Kristen O'Connor was supported by her fellow contestants when she earned a wild card spot from our judges.

These country boys made fast friends backstage at IDOL™.

It's common to see contestants practice their moves in front of the mirror backstage.

The Top 30 posed backstage for a group shot before their Rush Week performances.

This might not be the best way to project your voice to the back of the audience.

Alex, Sam and Spencer bonded backstage after the Rush Week performances.

Glasses perfect any superstar look!

Caleb Johnson was ready to rock while riding the elevator!

The guys waited and waited to see if their names would be called.

Sometimes waiting for your chance to perform can be taxing.

How would you react if you didn't make it through?

Contestants embrace after their eliminations.

America's Top 13 pose for a photo on stage after the show.

Getting a little practice in backstage is always a good idea.