Contestants practiced outside the venue at Hollywood Week.

Ryan Seacrest introduces a group of contestants to the airplane hangar where they will be evaluated once more by the judges before Hollywood Week begins. Some contestants never made it past this round and their Hollywood dreams ended early.

Tensions were high as contestants waited to show off their talents in front of our judges.

These Hollywood hopefuls lounged around on equipment containers while they waited to perform.

Friendships were cemented during Hollywood Week.

A crew member captured the chatter of contestants as they watched their fellow auditioners perform.

The Season XIII hopefuls made sure they looked their best when they arrived in Hollywood.

Check out the first guitar spotted in Hollywood Week. We'll definitely be seeing more of them.

A crew member deftly captured a contestant as she chatted with her family members.

There were ample opportunities for photos with your friends and family during Hollywood Week.

This auditioner made sure she was camera ready for her shot in front of the judges.

Contestants had a chance to check out their Hollywood Week look before hitting the stage in front of the judges.

This Hollywood hopeful is in the zone and ready to perform!

There were plenty of makeup mirrors backstage. All the contestants could double check their looks before heading on stage.

Contestants practiced outside the venue at Hollywood Week.