People who audition for Idol have the coolest names! In Salt Lake City we met everyone from Austin Wolfe to Paisley Van Patten to Dexter Roberts to Casey Thrasher. But what would the three big names - Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr. - think of the Utah talent?

Austin Wolfe is a girl with a name worthy of rock 'n' roll hands from Keith Urban and name envy from Harry Connick, Jr. Jennifer felt that she has the whole package, Harry compared her to Hayley Williams, and Keith kept mumbling "Good Lord!" throughout Austin's performance. With three strong yeses, Austin is going from Utah to California!

Lumberjack Kylee Adamson looks girly, but she can swing an ax and hit a note! Harry couldn't say no to this "intimidating" singer, and so she's off to Hollywood with a ticket and three yeses.

Tessa Norman, Michael Simeon, and Keith Sanders are three very different singers that wowed the judges and had Harry comment, "There's a lot of talented people in this world, and they all come to American Idol." We look forward to seeing more from the girl with the great smile and the two talented guitar players in Hollywood.

We saw some "strange fish" in Salt Lake City. Keith and Harry mentioned in their interviews that they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but they're also not afraid to tell it like it is.

Alex Preston hasn't mastered the drumstick toss, but can he sing? He auditioned with an original song on the guitar, which was more of an instrument to tap a beat on. His voice sounded very current and interesting. Jennifer Lopez couldn't believe that was an original song and could tell he was a comfortable performer based on the way he connected with each judge during his performance. Alex is going to Hollywood with three yeses, and his concerned parents couldn't be more proud.

Samantha Calmes wore a fanny pack to her audition. I guess you can't bring a purse into your audition, so this is a good way to keep your belongings. She performed an original song on her guitar that started off witha scat rap that sounded a bit like Macklemore. Then she took on The Jeffersons theme song with a lot of soul and rhythm. Harry could tell she's from Louisiana and was more impressed with her choices than her voice. Keith also thought her original song sounded a bit like Macklemore. All of the judges liked her originality, and with three yeses, Samantha is moving on up in the competition!

Julie Offill came to Salt Lake City via her Idol bus audition. Lebryant Crew is a flirtatious preacher. Laurel Wright performed an original song. Lebryant and Laurel will be continuing their journey in Hollywood, but we were unsure of Julie's fate.

DJ Bradley's hair and clothing style looks like he just rolled out of bed and landed in front of the judges with a guitar. He took on Adele's "Hometown Glory"...even the contestants who don't look like they'd sing an Adele song choose to cover Adele! Keith mentioned that DJ is part mystery and part disinterested. We were in for some mystery, as we didn't hear how the male judges voted, but DJ got at least two yeses since he exited the chamber with a ticket in hand.

Julie Offill came from the bus auditions in Oxford. Would it be #IdolHollywood or #IdolHome for Julie? Jennifer said yes, Keith said no, and Harry said yes - he's not so harsh afterall! When Julie mentioned that her best friend's mom has second row seats to a HCJ concert, Harry said that concert only has three rows. We'd go to a Harry comedy show!

Kenzie Hall performed John Mayer's "I'm Gonna Find Another You" while playing the guitar. Not only did she get three yeses, Jennifer kept repeating that Kenzie is one of her faves!

Paisley Van Patten lived in Nashville for seven years and had a record contract when she was 15. She became an alcoholic and had to come home to Salt Lake to sober up. She's been sober for 2.5 years and is ready for a second chance. Her fiance said if she went out for American Idol, the relationship is over. We're guessing he's an ex-fiance now. Keith liked her subdued delivery and quiet control as she delivered "When The Lights Go Down" by Faith Hill. After getting a ticket to Hollywood, Paisley impersonated Cher in celebration. It seems as though Paisley believes in "life after love!"

Although Haydn Olsen, Chase Boyle, and "Missy Cyclops" weren't good enough, we heard a little bit from Jocelyn Baker and Blake Branscom, who are off to Hollywood. We look forward to hearing more from them in The Golden State.

CJ Harris has had a tough childhood but grew up listening to Keith Urban and was honored to sing for him. Jennifer said it wasn't perfect, but he liked that voice coming from him. She said the things that were wrong can be fixed. Harry agreed with Jennifer, but the flaws weren't enough to keep CJ from Hollywood! After receiving his ticket, he hugged the judges with tears in his eyes.

Enter the Mod Squad...Jennifer Lopez, looking as gorgeous as ever in a red dress, was flanked by Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban, dressed in all black. That's one talented security team, Jennifer!

Tiquila Wilson sings at a funeral home and said "I sing for the dead," to which a quick Keith added, "Harry does too!" (Sorry, Connick Cougars!). Tequila auditioned with Adele's "Someone Like You," but the best part of her performance was her celebration dance when she received a ticket from the judges.

Male model Chase Thornton is easier on the eyes than he is on the ears. Despite getting three nos, he had a good attitude about his experience. See you on the runway!

Keith Urban got his start as a 16-year-old auditioning on TV who received negative criticism from the judges. Jennifer Lopez got her start on In Living Color when she was 22. Harry Connick, Jr. got his start as a child pianist who was on TV at only 10 years old. Like the American Idol Season 9 motto states, "They all start somewhere." Harry believes "We need American Idol. It is the way that new music gets heard." Preach, Harry!

Emily Rottler took on Amy Winehouse's "Valerie" on her acoustic guitar with a smile on her face throughout her performance. Jennifer thought Emily is a natural, and Harry said listening to her made him think it's going to be a great year on American Idol. With three yeses, Emily had a wildly loud celebration with her family.

Dexter Roberts trains dogs to hunt ducks. He sang a song by American Idol's own Casey James while playing the guitar. Keith could hear the bluegrass elements of his voice, and Harry called Dexter "authentic." With that, Dexter is riding off to Hollywood.

Ally Roundy is from Megan Joy's hometown and auditioned with "At Last." Her performance garnered only one yes, but the judges encouraged her to come back next year.

Briston Maroney's guitar was played by his great grandfather in Nashville, and it has been handed down to each generation. He's only 15, but he seems extremely mature. Briston auditioned with "You Can't Always Get What You Want," and his sound had more grit than you'd expect. Jennifer commented on the uniqueness of his voice, and Keith and Harry are afraid of Briston losing his voice. You can't always get what you want, but Briston got it - in the form of a ticket to Hollywood!

Carson Henline was voted "Most Likely to be on American Idol" when he was in 8th grade, but he still looks that young. Sabrina Lantini is the same age as Carson, but she gave a mature performance. Leia "Fish" Lotulelei has a unique sound and style. Sabrina and Fish are going through, but Carson will have to try again. At least his classmates' prediction came true - Carson was on American Idol.

Johnny Newcomb's got the plaid shirt and guitar thing going on, but Harry thought that Johnny's performance of "Last Kiss" was merely emulating his musical heroes. He asked for another opportunity, and Jennifer allowed him to - which doesn't happen often. Johnny changed Jennifer's mind, but Harry said it still sounded derivative. Jennifer told Keith to crush his dreams or let him through, and Keith wasn't about to crush dreams!

Kimberly Towsky is a former opera singer who took on Heart's "Baracuda." She reached new decibels, but they were a little rough on the ears. The judges were very nice as they put her down, but after she left they were still talking about her performance.

Carmen Delgina's dad is "Wonder Mike" from The Sugarhill Gang. Harry didn't think her vocals were strong enough on "Tainted Love." Keith felt like there was a disconnect, but the judges gave her three yeses and encouraged her to practice. Wonder Mike came in and Jennifer spat some fat rhymes at him. Don't stop rockin'!

Kassandra Castaneda gave Jennifer Lopez her Uncle Jay's phone number. Jennifer is taken, but she also was taken with Kassandra's rendition of "Chasing Pavements." Harry didn't think she was ready and thought her runs were unimpressive. Keith believes that Kassandra will blossom in Hollywood, so Keith and Jennifer sent her on her way. What about Uncle Jay?

Kenneth "Woody" Gaddie took his time with his delivery of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," and it paid off with a ticket to Hollywood. Welcome to HollyWOODY!

Casey Thrasher, a father of a 2.5 year-old boy and a 6-month baby girl, is in between homes right now. He met Keith at the CMAs in Nashville last year, and Keith inspired Casey to audition for Idol. He auditioned on the guitar with "Believe" by Brooks & Dunn. The judges appeared to be a tad emotional during the performance, saying they felt his performance, and they feel that Casey is going to work hard for this big break. Three yeses made this young father emotional. As Keith said, Casey's going "from a chainlink fence at the CMAs to Hollywood."

Thirty contestants from Salt Lake auditions are going to Hollywood - and we saw 27 of them in this episode! With one city left, we have 193 contestants going to Hollywood. We're flying through these auditions!

People who audition for Idol have the coolest names! In Salt Lake City we met everyone from Austin Wolfe to Paisley Van Patten to Dexter Roberts to Casey Thrasher. But what would the three big names - Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr. - think of the Utah talent?