Interior. A cold chamber. "Life can change in a heartbeat." Enter Marrialle Sellers. A Detroit contestant with a cool look and an even cooler attitude. She put her own spin on Bruno Mars' "Grenade" while playing the guitar. Judge Keith Urban ripped up the golden ticket in front of him and handed Marrialle a third of a ticket to Hollywood. Judges Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. gave Marrialle their thirds, sending Marrialle to Hollywood!

Time to play a fun game. Predict if the auditioner is going to be good or bad before they sing. Enter Troy Durden. He's all about twerking. Prediction? Probably not good at singing. But when Troy opened his mouth and a pretty rendition of "Over The Rainbow" came out, we were as surprised as the judges! Keith suggested Troy twerk while singing, and Troy twerked while singing the Judy Garland classic again. It was enough to give him three quick yeses, but Jennifer told him he needs to take the competition seriously and he needs to-werk on it. Harry said, "It is a long shot, but IT JUST MIGHT TWERK."

Sam Woolf hasn't had the easiest upbringing, but his "agent" grandfather has supported him. He plays Ed Sheeran songs to retired people in Florida, but after a performance of "Lego House" for the judges, you could tell that Sam will have a lot of appeal with the young crowd too. Keith commented, "Good lord, your pitch is incredible...I've never heard 'Lego House' done so fast, like an auction song." Harry joked about this teen having a treble clef tattoo, but the three judges loved him and he's off to Hollywood. Here comes treble! "My daughters are going to go absolutely crazy for that kid," remarked Harry. Keep that adorable, supportive, crying grandpa around, Sam! That will help garner a lot of votes.

Phillip Phillips' clone Ethan Thompson even has the plaid shirt and guitar to complete the look. Lindsey Pedicone has a sultry voice for a young white girl. She didn't wear shoes during her interview and has been wanting to be on Idol since she was five. That'll make you feel old! Jillian Jensen surprised Harry by not only knowing who he was (she's a Will and Grace fan) but she asked for a hug. We'll see more of Ethan, Lindsey, and Jillian in Hollywood!

Stephanie Hanvey is a Jersey girl who is a huge Jennifer Lopez fan. She sang Jessie J's "Pricetag," and the judges were unsure. Keith said yes, and Jennifer couldn't turn down her fan. Harry gave her a yes too, and Stephanie collapsed to the floor in tears and her parents joined her. Just when things were at their emotional peak, Stephanie got a hug from Jennifer! This teen's life has forever been made.

Morgan Deplitch is another Jennifer Lopez fan who doesn't look 15. She said to Harry, "My mother loves you," which got a laugh from the judges. She performed Grace Potter's "Paris (Ooh La La)." Jennifer observed that Morgan had a problem with breath control, but commented on her confidence and talent. Harry couldn't get past a teen singing mature lyrics, to which Jennifer commented, "You're such a dad!" The other dad and mom on the panel gave Morgan a yes, sending her to Hollywood.

James Earl is wearing a flashy top but is snoozing in the hallways. Soon after entering the audition room, Harry called James "the coolest guy I've met in a long time." James is inspired by R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, and Luther Vandross, and when he started singing, you could hear him trying to mimic all three. After his original song, James showed off his comedic chops with this joke: "Why did the dog go in the water? Because he didn't want to be a hot dog." James is funnier when he's not telling jokes! The judges encouraged James to go down the joke-telling path, and gave him three nos. James thought that meant the judges didn't like him, but they kept talking about how they loved him and how cool he was after he left. Love these judges!

Austin Precario is an adorable 17-year-old with a stage mom. When he revealed that little fact to the judges, they invited her into the room. Austin said this would make his mom cry or pee..."whichever comes first." Austin didn't seem nervous, but his mom was swaying, and her sways booked her a gig as HCJ's backup dancer. Keith compared Austin's performance of "Titanium" to "Justin Bieber at 5am," which could mean a variety of racy things, but it was a compliment. The eager mom took Austin's ticket to Hollywood. You could hear her scream in the hallway and Harry exclaimed, "She peed!"

Kaitlyn Jackson performed an original song called "Another Angel," which she wrote about her grandfather who had a heart attack during one of her performances at a fair. He unfortunately passed away the day after she wrote this song, so he never got to hear it. The judges talked about her being smart and having heart, but what we noticed is the speed she had while sprinting down the hall.

Keith London does odd end jobs and is hoping Idol will help him pay off his student loans. "Keith London" sounds like he could be a Keith Urban cover band. He grabbed his guitar and put out a really creative cover of Katy Perry's "Roar." Jennifer liked it better now than the original, Keith U. could tell what kind of artist Keith L. is, and Harry thought it was just okay. Keith got two yeses, which was enough for a ticket to Hollywood.

Shanon Wilson is an R&B singer who played football as a defensive tackle. Ryan Seacrest was an offensive lineman in high school...we're not kidding! Ryan challenged Shanon to go head-to-head in the holding room. There was no need for Shannon to tackle Ryan -- Ryan was taken out in the groin region by a chair. Hopefully he was wearing a cup! Shanon sang Luke James' "I Want You" in a very high voice that you wouldn't expect. You picture a guy of this size with a deep voice. The judges said to Shannon, "I want you!" And he's off to Hollywood.

Patriots cheerleader Stephanie Petronelli sang Grace Potter's "Paris (Ooh La La)," and it got us wondering if her voice has this rasp normally. Harry was watching her adomen during "Ooh La La" (who wasn't?!) and doesn't think Stephanie's voice will hold up when the competition heats up. Jennifer said yes, Harry said no, and Keith hesitated before giving her a yes. Three other Patriots cheerleaders came running in, and Harry joked that he would have said yes if he knew there were four, and joked about how his high school self would never believe he turned down four cheerleaders! And with that we said fairwell to Boston...

Welcome to Austin! The live music capital of the world. Duran Cree is a teen who took on Idol's own Carrie Underwood with "Cupid's Got A Shotgun." "Durann Cree" is a cool, rockstar name! Harry pegged her as earning the "Most Likely To Be A Singer" superlative in her school. What Harry meant by that is that Duran is a big fish in a little pond in her hometown, but American Idol is the biggest platform in the world. We got a "yes" from Jennifer and a "no" from Harry. It must've been a "no" from Keith because the next thing we saw was a sad Durann exiting the judges' room without a ticket.

Savion Wright has ADHD, and music has been an outlet for him. His mom said that the guitar changed his life. Harry Connick Jr. was surprised to hear that Savion is a big fan and has been listening to HCJ since he was 10. Savion gave a strong performance of his original song. The judges tried to trick him, but none of us fell for it. Savion's mom - a big Jennifer Lopez fan - ran into the room, but she hugged Savion instead of Jennifer. Good mom!

We got to hear quick interviews and performances simultaneously from Terrica Curry, Justin Fira, and Shelby Comey. It was nice hearing backstories with the trios of good singers. In the past we just would hear the quick snippets without learning about them. Ryan picked up Shelby's cowboy dad and dropped him and fell to the ground. We're now averaging once a city that Ryan knocks himself over!

Madelyn Patterson sang "Up To The Mountain" which makes us think of Crystal Bowersox, Jen Hirsh, and Kree Harrison. Although Madelyn's performance might not have been as memorable as those three, she easily got a yes from Keith and a double yes from Jennifer. Harry said, "Some people are easily impressed by runs," and he would have said no. But it's a ticket to Hollywood for Madelyn, who will hear the rest of Harry's advice in Hollywood.

Malcolm Allen brought his air guitar to auditions, but don't mistake him as a joke auditioner...he gave a great rendition of "Superstition" that made Jennifer want to throw a pen at him. He got Jennifer's "triple yes," Which resulted in a ticket to Hollywood. The judges said he was probably the best of the day and he's the singer that made Jennifer feel that this was an awesome day.

Roland Guerrero is a big Jennifer Lopez fan and gave his idol a huge hug as he blubbered and sobbed in her arms and kept repeating her full name. Naturally, Roland chose to sing "Hold It, Don't Drop It" by Jennifer. The judges said "no," but Roland was happy that his dream of meeting Jennifer came true. Dreams even come true for contestants who don't get a ticket to Hollywood!

A lot of auditioners don't know who Harry Connick Jr. is. Really?! He's pretty darn famous. Also, that means you didn't watch the Season 9 or Season 12 episodes of Idol when Harry was a judge. Your loss! Munfarid Zaidi is a big HCJ fan. He's from Sugarland by way of Pakistan. Harry got up from his chair and picked up Munfarid who dangled in the air. Harry said if Munfarid blows him away on the first song, he'll hold him like a baby for his second song. Thank goodness Munfarid's first performance - of Adele's "Crazy For You" - was good, which led to the best moment of the episode. Harry got up on stage and cradled Munfarid, who geniously belted out, "I just want you close..." from Alicia Keys' "No One." Jennifer and Keith were dying of laughter, and a new internet craze was sparked - Cradling! While you wait for the next episode of the awesomely revamped Idol, submit a photo of you cradling someone with #Cradling.

Interior. A cold chamber. "Life can change in a heartbeat." Enter Marrialle Sellers. A Detroit contestant with a cool look and an even cooler attitude. She put her own spin on Bruno Mars' "Grenade" while playing the guitar. Judge Keith Urban ripped up the golden ticket in front of him and handed Marrialle a third of a ticket to Hollywood. Judges Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. gave Marrialle their thirds, sending Marrialle to Hollywood!