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The Best Quotes of Night 2 Of The Girls Hollywood Round


Hollywood Round is in the books and we now have our semi-finalists! 20 guys and 20 girls are now one step further to realizing their dreams as the next American Idol! Our judges had their toughest decision to make yet in deciding who stays and who goes.

Here are the best judges' quotes of the second night of the girls' Hollywood Round:

"We might have a show." (Randy Jackson to Nicki Minaj after Angela Miller's performance)

"If that was recorded right there I would play that in my car." (Keith Urban to Angela Miller)

"It was a classic. Seriously, people are going to be looking at this performance for years to come." (Mariah Carey to Zoanette Johnson)

"I am bowing down at your feet today." (Nicki Minaj to Zoanette Johnson)

"You have such a good light about you and I?ve seen it consistently through all your performances." (Keith Urban to Melinda Ademi)

"There's something that feels genuine about you as a performer." (Mariah Carey to Kree Harrison)

"Oh, he split his pants!" (Randy Jackson to Nicki Minaj after Josh Holiday's performance)

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