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The Best Quotes of Hollywood Week: Guys Night One


Hollywood Week is here! Tonight, the guys had their opportunity to show our judges what they've got. Group performances were center stage and our judges had the unenviable task of deciding who was going to advance.

Check out the best quotes from our judges on the first night of Hollywood Week!

"I honestly felt that you did a poor job at that song. And I was very, very disgusted by it." (Nicki Minaj to Cortez Shaw)

"You've never heard that song before? What planet are you from? I'm from Australia and I've heard that song." (Keith Urban to Johnny Keyser and Normal Hills)

"Wow. I'm so happy that it ended." (Randy Jackson to The Taylors)

"Aww. Little lamb chops." (Nicki Minaj to DKSK)

"I just can't take it." (Mariah Carey after eliminating half of DKSK)

"How do we even judge this?" (Randy Jackson to Last Minute)

"I have to say Frankie, you fell apart for me." (Nicki Minaj to Frankie Ford)

"We needed that right now today in this moment." (Randy Jackson to The Couch Potatoes)

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