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The Best Quotes from the Girls Hollywood Round 1


The Girls Hit Hollywood!

The girls get their chance to show the world what they're made of as the Hollywood Round moves on! With the long hours and lack of rest, some contestants persevered and found ways to wow our judges in group performances. Others were unfortunately not as lucky.

As always, our resourceful judges were around to offer their pearls of wisdom.

Check out the best judges' quotes of the first night of the girls' Hollywood Round.

"Nobody understands what we endure." (Mariah Carey)

"We're looking for so many different things and in turn makes for difficult decisions. With that, this is not easy." (Keith Urban)

"It's tough when they are in a group scenario but the show must go on darling, the show must go on." (Mariah Carey)

"Lot of cowgirl boots up there." (Keith Urban to Raisin' Kane)

"Well, I do have to say ladies...I do declare my, my, my southern belles I think that was a mighty fine job." (Nicki Minaj to Raisin' Kane)

"I've enjoyed you guys messing up the words than I've enjoyed any performance today." (Nicki Minaj to The Dramatics)

"The fact that you don't fit in and the fact you don't feel like you belong; it makes you so endearing." (Nicki Minaj to Janel Stinney of The Dramatics)

"You may think that you were incredible, but the four of us collectively did not feel that." (Randy Jackson to Shira Gavrielov)

"A lot of the girls today have been looking at their hands today and it is kind of disrespectful to us. We're sitting here, wanting you to engage." (Nicki Minaj to the Dolly Chicks)

"You girls got a standing ovation from Nicki! That never happens." (Keith Urban The Misfits)

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