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The Best Quotes From The Audition Cities


As the Idol crew heads to Hollywood to weed out the contenders from the pretenders, we leave behind a spectacular seven-city audition tour. From New York and Chicago, all the way to Long Beach and Oklahoma City, the competition was fast and furious. Thankfully our judges were on hand to help.

Here's a rundown of the best judge's quotes from the audition cities.

"What Nicki is trying to say to you is that the voice is terrible." (Randy Jackson to Ben Gaisey) [New York]

"I wanted to be a bus driver at one point. I wanted to drive busses. I love driving." (Nicki Minaj to Randy Jackson) [New York]

"Just sing all the time." (Keith Urban to Lazaro Arbos) [Chicago]

"I want to skin you and wear you." (Nicki Minaj to Candice Glover) [Charlotte]

"You could turn an atheist." (Keith Urban to Burnell Taylor) [Baton Rouge]

"I know you. I get you. I love you." (Mariah Carey to Cristabel Clack) [San Antonio]

"Who?s idea was it to be on a boat?" (Randy Jackson) [Long Beach]

"Steven, let me say something. Has your chest grown?" (Randy Jackson to Steven "Pepper" Tyler) [Oklahoma City]

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