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The Best Quotes From Sudden Death Round 3


Three down and one to go.

After three rounds of Sudden Death performances, we now have an ever clearer picture as to who's in the Top 20. Tonight had it's share of shocking eliminations and masterful performances, which made the decision even harder to make for our judges.

Below are the best judges' quotes from the third night of the Sudden Death Round.

"I think you have so much raw talent and so much potential." (Keith Urban to Melinda Ademi)

"Candice, wow. Seemed as if the crowd didn't like it at all." (Keith Urban to Candice Glover)

"I think you were definitely born to do this." (Nicki Minaj to Candice Glover)

"You give us exactly who you are." (Randy Jackson to Juliana Chahayed)

"You are one of the more unique additions to this competition." (Mariah Carey to Jett Hermano)

"I love that soul, croakery, thing in there. I love it." (Keith Urban to Cristabel Clack)

"I think you were on point. I love the rasp." (Randy Jackson to Cristabel Clack)

"If you couldn't sing, you could be a model. You're absolutely stunning." (Nicki Minaj to Aubrey Cleland)

"I think you're limitless." (Mariah Carey to Aubrey Cleland)

"I love your spirit. The way that you sing." (Keith Urban to Rachel Hale)

"Where did this crazy burst of confidence come from?" (Nicki Minaj to Rachel Hale)

"To be completely honest, you and Aubrey should do a group. You're giving me sexy on a stick right now." (Nicki Minaj to Breanna Steer)

"That song was not the right song fro you. And it didn't give you what you naturally bring to your songs." (Janelle Arthur)

"Your voice is so raw and real. And there's not an ounce of pretentiousness in your voice." (Mariah Carey to Janelle Arthur)

"Zoanette. Zoanette, good Lord. Work it, baby." (Keith Urban to Zoanette Johnson)

"Who gonna [sic] check you boo? You just served it." (Nicki Minaj to Zoanette Johnson)

"America, Zoanette just showed you tonight this is the reason why she's here." (Randy Jackson to America and Zoanette Johnson)


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