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The Best Quotes from San Antonio and Long Beach


The final week of auditions is here! Tonight American Idol made two stops on its quest to find the next superstar in San Antonio, TX and Long Beach, CA. With thousands of hopefuls trying their hand at auditioning, our judges had a tough time deciding who was moving on to Hollywood.

Check out this recap of the most memorable quotes of the night:

"I think you can take what you do and fuse it with what you want to do and find your own thing." (Keith Urban to Vincent Powell)

"Your voice is one of those voices that gives people chills." (Nicki Minaj to Vincent Powell)

"Really? Dude, trust me! I'm trying to save your lives here." (Randy Jackson to Derek & David Bacerott)

"I thought you were very strong. Big voice talent, babe." (Mariah Carey to Savannah Votion)

"You have life in your voice. I can hear a lot of life going on." (Keith Urban to Savannah Votion)

"I know you. I get you. I love you." (Mariah Carey to Cristabel Clack)

"Let's vote, I'll start. A billion, Sicilian 'Yes'!" (Nicki Minaj to Papa Peachez)

"Who's idea was it to be on a boat?" (Randy Jackson)

"I believe you a very mature confidence. The voice was really defined. It was really shocking for me. Kudos."(Nicki Minaj to Jesaiah Baer)

"Regardless of height, race, sex, hit me in the heart." (Mariah Carey to Matheus Fernandes)

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