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The Best Quotes From Chicago


After leaving New York City behind, it's now Chi-town's time to shine! American Idol stopped by The Windy City on Thursday and the thousands of contestants that auditioned did not disappoint. Our judges, as always, were on hand to help decide who was going on to Hollywood!

Here's a recap of the most memorable quotes of the night:

"I just think that there's a star power there that can be honed but your voice is gorgeous." (Mariah Carey to Mackenzie Wasner)

"When you can only hear wows, you know that was pretty freaking pretty." (Nicki Minaj to Kiara Lanier)

"Um, check please!" (Keith Urban to Melissa Bush)

"I like you Curly!" (Nicki Minaj to Gabe Brown)

"I feel like I'm in a damn auction!" (Randy Jackson to Kevin Nabity)

"I can feel the realness in you; that you really are that person." (Mariah Carey to Kez Ban)

"I was going to change my mind and say no again." (Randy Jackson to Ashley Curry after her second, unprompted performance)

"Just sing all the time." (Keith Urban to Lazaro Arbos)

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